#HASHtag Amsterdam

Honestly I thought I was being so so clever with that title, so I hope you take a moment to appreciate it.  But in all actuality if you never been to Amsterdam, than make it a priority to do so.  I know what you hear and the very typical stereotypes of Amsterdam about the weed and partying and the naked women and X rated risque business and I ain’t about to tell you that that isn’t all true, but there is so much more to see and do in this beautiful city.  But those definitely do keep it exciting.

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Grammy Predictions 2018

Only a few nights away!!  The biggest night in music is coming this Sunday and I am so excited!!! This is genuinely one of my favourite nights of the year and easily one of my favourite television events.  Cant wait for all the amazing performances!  Catch me live-tweeting the whole thing @Kingcal_6.  I am making picks for some of the categories that I know a little something about and picking my winners!!!  Feel free to comment on the bottom your choices or what you think of mine!!

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New Music Friday (January 5 & 12)

Lets kick off 2018 in the right way!  With some all new tunes, and I mean some hella good ones too!  Some real bops on this list from some major names including Justin Timberlake & Bruno Mars and from some of music hottest names as well like Dua Lipa, Camila Cabello, and Charlie Puth.  So with 2018 being our year (the year of hitting your career, relationship, fitness goals or whatever else you got going on) youre gonna need the freshest hit to help you out!  And yes I know I am a week behind here.

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New Music Friday (Dec 22 & 29)

ITS CHRISTMAS!!!!  It is time to welcome Santa and all of his reindeer and spread joy and warmth through this magical time of year!  I am wishing all of you a very happy new year and merry christmas and hope that the holidays are filled with lots and lots of love! This time of year is typically quiet for music as people are snuggled up on the couch with the Mariah Carey or Michael Buble Christmas albums on and could care less about their radio dials.  But their are still a few tunes dropped, so without further ado.

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New Music Friday (Dec 1 & 8 & 15)

DECEMBER!!!  The holidays are here.  And that only means parties, food, drinks, and so much music!  Christmas tunes or not you’ll have your ears ringing from the holiday carols, or just all the mall bops.  The snow is bound to fall soon, and parties are gonna start shaking, so be ready to show off your holiday readiness with these fresh new gifts!

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Eurotrip: Berlin

I for one am not a history buff.  If anything it was probably one of my least favourites subjects in school.  The only time I was ever interested in it, was when they discussed WWI and WWII.  So I will not be ranting on about how I went to Berlin to learn all about its impact during this time and so on.  I went to Berlin because of how highly loved and recommended it was.

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New Music Friday (Nov 10 & 17 & 24)

I recognize that this post has come extremely late and realize that many of these songs have already come and gone along with it!  But I need to keep up to date and keep the hits coming!  Its the only way I can keep my own library and playlists set with the hottest tunes.  There are some major names here like Eminem and Beyonce and some of the tracks below are perfect for the not so Holiday/Christmas party that you might be planning soon!  Enjoy!

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