New Music Friday (April 7)

I know the weekend has already come and gone, but there wasn’t too much excitement this week.  Even with boy band star Harry Styles, its relatively quiet.  The tracks from last week are gaining strong momentum, so hop on those bandwagons first.  However this week we did get The Chainsmokers all new and first official studio album “Memories…Do Not Open”, so there are sure to be some tunes in there!  But for now just begin to prep your easter weekend playlists!

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New Music Friday (March 24 & 31)

I know most people would probably disagree when I say there wasn’t too much going on with regards to new music last week (hence why I didn’t post) but most peoples music tastes seem to revolve solely around Drake.  And as you know, he surprisingly dropped his new ‘playlist’ “More Life” last week.  But I will agree that there are some tracks on there that are so great, so def take a listen.

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New Music Friday (March 17)

Happy St. Partys day everyone!  What a day!  The perfect excuse to get together with friends, pretend that its spring, and drink an excess amount of green dyed booze!!!  I definitely took part in the festivities, hence why this post is coming late – so I apologize, cause some of these new tunes would have been great for a festive playlist yesterday.  But its still the weekend, so it doesn’t mean you cant continue the party!  But there isn’t too much here, so you weren’t missing out all that much.

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New Music Friday (March 10)

March Break bitches!!!!  And unless your a teacher, or have kids, it essentially means nothing in the adult world.  Except its a terrible time to travel cause it so expensive.  But if you are planning on travelling this week or just looking to get your St Pattys playlist ready than look no further than the new tunes below!  Sadly there aren’t too many bangers here for a party playlist, but nonetheless!

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New Music Friday (March 4)

Move over winter (I really hope) because March is here!  It time for the snow to go, and flowers to bloom.  The first week of March doesn’t bring us all too much, but exactly what we want and need!  A new album from Ed Sheeran dropped today (believe me I am restraining from putting the whole album on the list) and we got a brand new single from Lorde!  So this week were all about quality over quantity.

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Ski Saint Sauveur

What a perfect weekend!!  With the weather being so drab this past week from all the rain and heat, ski, skate, and basically just winter seem to be finished.  But I wouldn’t count on it just yet, as we do typically get some kind of snowstorm in March and April.  However, before the rain washed away all the snow, the Family Day long weekend was amazing.

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