New Music Friday (July 14)

The summer finally feels like its kicking off!  The sun is starting to make some wonderful appearances, and the festivals are going!  Plus the race for Summer Song is well underway, and while Despacito is an easy leader right now you never know who is gonna come out swinging with a real banger.  Maybe a disney starlet like Selena or Demi, or an all new face like Lauv!

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New Music Friday (June 16 & 23 & 30)

HAPPY CANADA DAY!  I hope everyone had a terrific long weekend and spent it with tons of family and friends celebrating the big 150!  And lets not forget our friends south of border who will also be celebrating the 4th of July this week!  So I am way behind on this post and have smooshed 3 weeks together, so some of the tunes may already be at the top of your playlists…but for those that are new, than its time to update your summer playlists and keep the long weekend going!!

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New Music Friday (June 9)

Summer is here!  The sun is out, the swim trunks are begging to be used, and the patio drinks are flowing.  And what better way to get the summer vibez than with all new bangers to keep the party going, and those car windows rolled down!  We’ve got a huge album release from Katy Perry, and tons of all new singles!  So turn the volume up and bust out the lawn chairs!

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New Music Friday (June 2)

I know its June and all but damn all this rain is making me feel like we stuck in April.  But I am hoping that t least some new tunes well bring us into that summer vibe that we all need.  We gotta bust out our dancing shoes and call for that sun to shine.  Outdoor concerts, and festivals are happening now, and while I have a very cute poncho thats ready for the rain, Id rally prefer not too use it.  So hopefully some of the tracks below can help push the rain away and bring out the sun!

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New Music Friday (May 12 & 19 & 26)

Most of this music is out and climbing the charts already and you’ve probably already heard most of them by now.  But I was prepping for my vaca and then I was gone for the following two Fridays!  So a lot of this is all new music to me so I am trying to keep current and up with all the new hits.  So I wont bore you up here with all the lead in, just enjoy all the number of absolute hits down below!  Because there are 3 weeks worth!  I also apologize if the write ups below are shorter than usual, there is just a lot to get through.  Especially since tomorrow is another all new music Friday!

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New Music Friday (May 5)

We’ve got a Brit takeover here!  And more so a One Direction takeover.  2 of the gents from the lovable boy band are back with all new tracks. And than thats followed up with an all new vid from our fav Brit, Ed.  And maybe all this British influence is transpiring into our weather as well because its been gloomy rain non stop.  Still waiting for all of these May flowers, but still feels like were stuck in April.  So while we wait for the sun to shine, and the country tunes to come up strumming enjoy the wonderful accents and more.

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