Peru (Pt. 5 – Rainbow Mountain)

More HIKING!!!!  My absolute favourite…jk.  All I kept saying was that my calves better look damn good after all this walking.  But the views were absolutely worth it.  And it’s very clear as to why they call this Rainbow Mountain.  The colour bursts along this mountain are so unique and cool and unlike anything else in the world.  Its something that you’ve got to see!

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Peru (Pt. 4 – Machu Picchu)

Excursion time!  If you weren’t already aware, Peru is all about the hiking.  You are coming here so that you can climb some serious hills and check out some breathtaking views.  By no means do you need to be an avid hiker, or even need the boots and all, but just expect some long ass walks, that just go up and up.  And than expect to walk right back down afterwards.  So maybe hit the stairmaster a few times before you trip!  I know I did ~ cant hurt right!

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Peru (Pt. 3 – Cusco)

Back to the city.  But this time we goin’ up!  To Cusco (not the Emperors New Groove), a city full of cobblestone streets, orange clay roofs, and surrounded by mountains.  Cusco is also the city where you get all the warnings about altitude and the effects it can have on your body so it was certainly intimidating when we arrived that we would all be out for a day or two because of altitude sickness.

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Peru (Pt. 2 – Huacachina)

We journeyed out into the desert!  From Lima to Ica and than to Huacachina, a tiny little desert oasis.  It just a dinky resort spot (can’t really call it a town).  It has a pretty gross and green lake and surrounded by restaurants and hotels/hostels, but that doesn’t really do it justice because it was a super cool part of the city and a very unique area to stay in.

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Peru (Pt. 1 – Lima)

Vaca Time!  Recently (2 months ago) myself, my boo, his best friend, and her boo set off for PERU!!!  And the best place to start in Peru is Lima, the capital of one of the most beautiful countries that I have a had the pleasure to see.  The sights, people, and food, and everything in between made for an incredible destination to visit.  And one that you seriously need to consider when thinking about your next trip.

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Ski Saint Sauveur

What a perfect weekend!!  With the weather being so drab this past week from all the rain and heat, ski, skate, and basically just winter seem to be finished.  But I wouldn’t count on it just yet, as we do typically get some kind of snowstorm in March and April.  However, before the rain washed away all the snow, the Family Day long weekend was amazing.

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