New Music Friday (July 21 & 28 & August 4)

With 3 weeks having flown by, were sure to have a whole stack of all new tunes.  But I will be fair in saying that I didn’t see any too major of releases so I did skip a week so as to build a better list for you.  But with what feels like the final month of summer kicking off, we need to keep those vibes going as long as possible.  So update them playlists and keep pouring them drinks, cause we still got 2 long weekends left, and a whole lot of sunshine!

Back To You – Louis Tomlinson ft Bebe Rexha & Digital Farm Animals

Honestly, I found this to be a very cool collab.  Not one that I really expected to happen but one that I am very into.  I will admit that this song took a few listens to really love it, but I def do.  I dont think these two are necessarily the strongest vocalists, but they do have some major star power that commands the screen.  I really like the laidback style of the track and hope that it does well for him.  Since I am so late on this, we know that this became Louis first solo Top 40 hit, but sadly the only 1D member who has yet to reach the Top 20.  But the video is racking up views and the 2 are out and about making some appearances, so hopefully he can see some more success with it.


Loyalty – Kendrick Lamar ft.Rihanna

The level cool between these two is just limitless. Like its just unfair.  The track alone is already pretty dope, but that you throw in this video starring the both of them and its just a hit.  I have always loved the both of them and this is just securing those feelings.  I don’t have too much to say other than that this is fantastic.  Just enjoy the collab and continue to envy these guys and wishing you could be there with them.


Havana – Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug

New Camila!  With Crying in the Club on its way out of the charts, its time to bust out with all new tunes.  Introducing Havana and OMG (below).  With her still recent departure from Fifth Harmony, Camila is looking to make a big splash on the charts on her own.  And is it just me or is it a little awkward that they both seem to be releasing an album very close together, just seems like more drama than needed, but than again I love drama, so carry on.  As for the track it seems a little lackluster.  There just doesn’t seem to be enough of an umph!  Just kind of falls flat for what I was expecting to be a funky cuban tune.  Not even Young Thug throws in enough spice for this tune.  If I were Camila, I would be taking advantage of her latin side to drop a trendy spanglish tune.


Unforgettable – Thomas Rhett

Thomas back with another adorable song about his beautiful and pregnant wife.  This man just loves her so much and it clearly shows based on the tunes he drops.  And this one came out pretty strong too, as it debuted at 68 on the Hot 100 and 13 on the Hot Country Songs.  So needless to say people are all about Rhett and his cute love songs.  Plus it helps that this one is very catchy and even more cute as it talks about one of the first times he meets his now wife.  Carry on, Thomas, cause I love it.


Boys – Charli XCX

Who isn’t always just thinking about boys, boys, boys, and more boys.  Charli XCX nailed this one on the head.  And the video for this track was trending forever, mainly because of the million cameos of music stars, and internet sensations.  Plus the screengrab for the song is a of very hot Cameron Dallas.  So I obviously clicked on this track very fast.  And I think what really caught peoples attention was more the video than the song itself.  The song isn’t that bad, but it no chart toppper.  Its not a song that has a very strong lasting power, more so just a trend for a minute.  I still enjoy the tune and love seeing some of my fav boys in the video, but its really just decent.


Either Way – Snakehips ft. Anne-Marie & Joey Bada$$

If you dont know these guys than you quickly need to educate yourself.  This British duo is dropping some killer collabs that deserve way more attention.  Most likely you would know their song “All My Friends” which features Tinashe and Chance and is dope.  And so is the track here.  Its got a very cool r&b vibe to it that is so catchy.  Plus Anne-Marie and Joey Bada$$ kill it here.  They aren’t trying harder than they need to, and they created a really awesome track.  I think its just a fun track to bop and drive to, so hop on it.


Poor Me – Shania Twain

I just want to love everything that Shania does and releases.  But sadly this just isnt one that I can.  Its really just not a good song.  And it seems kind of like an awkward mix between pop and country that went wrong.  Plus its just a weird move after such a fun and upbeat debut of “Life’s About To Get Good” yah know.  Now were all sad and pity me.  I want big anthems Shania!  Ones that I know you can bust out, and this just isn’t it.  I just hope she has more to come that are better and have me shaking my booty at every wedding like she used to.


Learn To Let Go – Kesha

So much Kesha!  She is going hard with this comeback releasing song after song.  Her new album is about to hit the shelves and she also introduced her first solo tour for the first time in 4 years.  She is ready to be back in the spotlight and move past this terrible ordeals or her messy legal battle with Dr.Luke.  And from what it seems like she is also gonna be quick to get past the next 2 albums so that he can stop cashing in on her success.  The track above is a beautiful piece about moving on and acknowledging the past and moving onto bigger and better.  Its a terrific track from Kesha and one that I really enjoy!  I am here for Kesha and I hope others are too


OMG – Camila Cabello ft. Quavo

Promo track numero 2 on the list.  And with another rap collab, but this time with the man of the hour, Quavo.  Now this tune has some umph to it.  She pulls out a quick and heavy back beat that gets you grooving to it a little more.  But this one seems a little forced.  It seems like Camila is trying to hard here to fit in with the current rap/hiphop trend.  The track itself is alright, but nothing special or something that I imagine will stick as a single.  But its an interesting add to her album, which kind of seems a little all over the place.



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