Peru (Pt. 1 – Lima)

Vaca Time!  Recently (2 months ago) myself, my boo, his best friend, and her boo set off for PERU!!!  And the best place to start in Peru is Lima, the capital of one of the most beautiful countries that I have a had the pleasure to see.  The sights, people, and food, and everything in between made for an incredible destination to visit.  And one that you seriously need to consider when thinking about your next trip.

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And I understand that a trip to South America can be intimidating due to prices and the distance, as well as the travel advisories and safety concerns, but I promise you that you have nothing to worry about!

We did this trip very cheap and reasonable!  Our round trip flight alone cost us just over $500!  We fly AeroMexico and it was a delight.  It was two 5.5 hour flights with a layover in Mexico City and it was perfect.  The planes had a tv behind each seat, free bar service (YA FOR REAL!), and to top it off, several seats left empty, so the 4 of us shared a whole row to ourselves!

We arrive in Lima and instantly were bombarded by cabbies outside of the airport looking to drive you into the city! But as an Uber employee, it made much more sense, and just genuinely safer to book that.  And TBH its what we did the whole trip and for great reason (story to come), but mainly cause of safety, reliability, price, and well discount (shh!).

We landed in Lima at close to midnight and the traffic was outrageous!  Like genuinely didn’t expect that.  Also its best just to close your eyes and pray when in a car, because the driving is wild.  All the lines, lights, signs, and road rules are optional there.  The honking of horns is 10x worse than NYC and people just go when they want.  Lets just say I am very happy that we didn’t rent a car, cause there is no way we would have survived on those streets.

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The place to stay is Miraflores.  Its the hip, trendy, and best bet for a nice hotel in Lima. We splurged and treated ourselves to a night at the Courtyard Marriot.  From there we walked and Ubered everywhere.  Most often the the coast, which are pictured above.  The coastline in Lima is incredible.  The city sits up high on top of the cliffs and as you edge closer to the water the city suddenly drops off and its just a highway, beach, and ocean.  Its incredible.  We spent most of our time walking along the cliff and checking out restaurants and shops, and then ventured down to the water and put our feet in the Pacific Ocean!  We set our base as Larcomar shopping centre.  An outdoor mall with fabulous cliffside restaurants, trendy shops, and just the perfect view.  It was the best place to sit and share a meal or drink.  Which is exactly what we did.  We spent our final night eating here at a restaurant called Mango’s and it was fabulous.  Its def more of a touristy area, but for a good reason.

We strolled through the city and just became wandering tourists, taking in the sights, admiring the walk up McDonalds ice cream & coffee bar and finding somewhere that offered free wifi so we could book an uber.  We crossed over into Parque Del Amor (Lovers Park) and just chilled.  Was a cute spot to hang out and take in the views, as well as watch all the daredevils run off the cliff and spend some time floating over the coast, paragliding.

When we weren’t sitting at the park or sipping on Coronas, we headed to the beach.  Stuck our toes in the water and just inhaled the salty, fresh seaside air.  The rocky beach was unfortunately not one for tanning and relaxing, but it was the place to surf!  The beach had stands on stands for lessons and schools and the water was packed with tourists and locals riding the waves.  If we had more time I would have loved to spend an afternoon learning, but sadly we had too much to do and not enough time.

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When we werent cliff side, we were walking through streets of Lima.  We headed over to Lima District to check out the old city and all the beautiful old architecture and culture.  We started in Plaza San Martin and worked our way up to Plaza Mayor.  Its suggested to walk along Jirón de la Unión as its littered with shops, restaurants, and tons of tourist sights. This street was chaotic ok.  Like so many people everywhere!  It was crazy, like I cant imagine why anyone local would ever even bother taking that as a route, but it was an experience nonetheless.

Ok so above, I said I would share a little story about the taxis in Lima.  And basically why we only took them when necessary.  One day in Lima we were sitting having a lovely lunch in Plaza San Martin, but the wifi at the restaurant would not work and we didn’t have enough time to find a nearby place to book an uber, so we opted to hail a cab.  But we than quickly learned after getting our first one that only certain cabbies could head to the airport.  So the server at the restaurant told us he would call a friend right over and not to worry.  And damn should we have worried.  This guy whips up in the most run down car I have ever seen.  This thing would never pass any safety inspection, hell as we were driving all the doors were shaking and ready to fall off.  And Im not even exaggerating this, because the front passenger door literally was hanging on by hinges!  So not only was the car a metal death trap, the driver also charged us double what an Uber would have cost.  But we didn’t have time to argue so we agreed.  But what we didn’t know was that our driver was also the worst driver out there!  Like swerving all over the place, and we literally almost got hit twice. Between our race to the airport and the driving, it was probably the most anxious cab ride of my life.  The end.  Take my advice and splurge for the Uber Black.  Its literally not expensive, and so so much more worth it.

Otherwise, Lima was splendid!

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Where we stayed:
Marriot Lima Miraflores Courtyard
Apart Hotel Petit Palace

Top Eats:
Mangos Restaurante
Homemade…Hecho en casa

Off to Huacachina! ————–>


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