New Music Friday (July 14)

The summer finally feels like its kicking off!  The sun is starting to make some wonderful appearances, and the festivals are going!  Plus the race for Summer Song is well underway, and while Despacito is an easy leader right now you never know who is gonna come out swinging with a real banger.  Maybe a disney starlet like Selena or Demi, or an all new face like Lauv!

Fetish – Selena Gomez

Some new sultry and dreamy pop magic from our Instagram goddess, Selena.  Im getting serious “Good For You” vibes here. Its soft, sexy, and the rap feature is a very familiar game for the star.  Selena is changing up her sound a bit and stepping away from the big pop blockbuster and massive dance tunes.  She chilling out her vibe and finding a sound that is very cool and unique.  Between this and “Bad Liar” it’s shaping up to be quite an interesting album.  Keep the tunes coming Selener, cause they are making for a great weekend chill playlist!


Sorry Not Sorry – Demi Lovato

Sticking with the disney queens, and (used-to-be best friends) Demi comes out with a new track.  And well, she’s sticking to what she know.  Throwing her massive voice out on a catchy dance hook.  And you’ll get no complaints from me.  I think Demi has massive star power, but her songs just seem to struggle on the chart and I am skeptical about how well this will do.  I actually think its really good and I am vibing hard to it.  Sure there are parts where the lyrics seem a little weak and lazy, but Ill still jam anyways.  Just another disney pop tune but with some more edge and fierceness.


Miracles – Coldplay & Big Sean

How cool is Coldplay.  Like they are honestly so amazing.  And then they go ahead a throw Big Sean in, like come on.  I am obviously gonna like it.  We’ve got the familiar voice of Chris Martin and the cool beats and instrumentation from the gang behind him and instantly Im hooked.  The track is simple with meaningful lyrics, and a catchy beat that calls for a lazy Sunday afternoon.  And I mean, hello, Big Sean!  This guy is fire always.  Great collab guys.  Nailed it as always.


Rain – The Script

Hey this guy!  I know this guy.  At least the name is very familiar.  If you’re like me than you do know the Script, just not as easy to recognize as the Biebs or Selener.  But the script has had great success in the UK with 3 Number 1’s and many of which crossed over and did quite well here including “Breakeven”, “For The First Time”, and “Hall of Fame”.  But its been about 2 years since we’ve seen new music from him.  And therefore we get “Rain”.  And yep its terrific.  Its hella catchy, and really escalates from sorrowful love song, to bopping dance tune.  This track really reminds me of Charlie Puth’s “Attention” for some reason.  Regardless its a solid track and I hope that it catches over in NA.


Woman – Kesha

Blessed with Kesha 2 weeks in a row!?  How did we deserve that?  And this track starts out amazing.  Fierce, terrific horns, and just overall fun and empowering!  But than it starts to get kinda sloppy (like whats with the weird laughing bit around 1:25).  Right?  Super weird no?  And than out of nowhere the flow and momentum just stops and it just seems to go all over the place.  Does Kesha even have a weave?  Lets just say its no “Praying”.  It seems like she is trying to regain that sleaze (which I greatly appreciate) but I don’t think this is the track that will do it.  Sorry girl, try again.


Rich Love – One Republic & Seeb

These guys just cant stick.  All of their recent attempts are failing to make any major appearances and I am so confused, cause they have all been pretty great.  They are pop gold, but maybe thats just not in anymore, considering most tunes in the top 10 are rap & hip-hop.  But the track above has an awesome beat, fun lyrics and really is pop platinum! Its tropical and summery and perfect time for a tune like this.


Goodbye – Echosmith

The cool kids are back.  The indie pop band who found massive success back in 2013 with their tune “Cool Kids” and follow-up “Bright” and here with all new guitar strums and a set of FU lyrics.  Sydney’s very dreamy and angelic voice make for a sweet serenade thats perfect for the summer vibe.  Its an interesting acoustic set and deserves to get as much attention as “Cool Kids” did.  If you need me, you can find me swaying to this in my backyard, under the sun and sipping on with a peach snapple.


I Like Me Better – Lauv

So the above song isn’t new from this week, but its only been out for about a month and its new to me so Ive included it.  Also because I LOVE IT!  Lauv is a new musician and I just want everyone to know about this song, because its fab!  Its different, unique, and well super sweet!  I am very exited to see what else this guy will release cause I may have an all new fav!  So expect me to be sining this to my boo for the time being cause its my new obsession


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