New Music Friday (July 7)

Happy 4th of July to all them ‘Mericans!  Heres to keeping the party going, and to the everlasting ’17 summer!  Some big releases this weekend including Jay-Z new album and a comeback single from Kesha.  The summer is heating up and its time for some all new bops to keep those BBQs grillin’!  Time to turn the heat up!

Praying – Kesha

SHE IS BACK!  I think it is best said by a youtube comment I saw for this song which said “ITS BEEN 84 YEARS”. And honestly it feels like a lifetime.  Ke$ha who seems to have sadly ditched the $ was at the height of it all just a few years ago.  With 10 top 10 hits, and 2 killer albums Kesha was set for an incredible pop music career.  But sadly she got caught up in one hell of a legal struggle with Dr. Luke and she stopped making music.  But now she’s here to stay.  With everything she’s been through its so nice to see her release a very powerful and meaningful song.  And even better is that it acts as a big FU to Dr.Luke.  Kesha comes out huge here and I think people are loving it.  She’s still holding true to her glam and sleaze, but with much more respect.  We all want to see Kesha rise up and move past the last few years and I for one cant wait for ‘Rainbow” and what she has to come!


Get Low – Zedd & Liam Payne

The caption for the above song says: “I think it’s one of the catchiest songs I’ve ever written. It’s the soundtrack to my summer!!!”  This was said by Zedd himself and I don’t really disagree with him at all.  This track is fire.  Liam came out with a real bop just a little while ago and now they two are teaming up for summer vibes.  And I love it.  Together they pieced together a tune thats gonna have people shaking their booties and dropping to the floor.  I think its fun flirty, and everything summer should be.  Props to these guys for a terrific tune.


Glorious – Macklemore ft. Skylar Grey

STOP EVERYTHING NOW AND WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!  It is actually the cutest video in the entire world!  And I really hope thats his real grandma.  She deserves to be a star in her own right.  Literally the cutest woman and now I just wanna take my granny around town on the best day ever!  As for the song, which I had to listen without the video because I got way to distracted, is really quite good.  Skylar’s chorus is so catchy and makes you want to get up and sing along.  And Mack is back spitting line after line that keeps the tune going.  Its a little sad that Ryan Lewis isn’t with him here, however Im still diggin’ the tune.  The song is such a motivator for summer to just go and live the best day everyday and enjoy each day and that I LOVE!


New Rules – Dua Lipa

Dua.  The not so new, new girl on the block.  Not a chart topper here in the NA, but killing it overseas with the Brits.  And she’s one of the many thats taking full advantage of over-saturating the market with track after track.  The new single is all about girl power and trying not to fall for the boy and his tricks, and the video clearly shows the girl power.  The song itself has a very catchy beat and gets the feet moving, but lyric wise I think it could be better.  But Dua has come out with terrific singles before this, and the song is still very strong on its own, but its the album as a whole which will be fantastic.


Real Life – Duke Dumont x Gorgon City

2 big British DJs teaming up.  I really like both of these guys so I am hoping for great things here.  But sadly I am left a little disappointed.  Its not nearly a big of  bop as it could be.  These guys have huge potential and this tune just falls right in the middle of their library, left to be unheard.  Also the video is weird AF.  Like this chick just throws up all over the girls with emojis.  Kinda gross.  Was hoping for more, but I guess can still be a good background party tune.


The Story of O.J. – Jay-Z

Brand new Jay!  A whole new album which is finally making its way off Tidal (pffft) and becoming widely available.  Now I wont say much here as I don’t have a ton of love or even knowledge on what makes for a great rap record unless its got a pop crossover to it.  And the tunes here don’t have much of that.  So Ill say best of luck to Jay, I was really just wishing I would here some more collabs with Bey which sounds like “Crazy In Love”.  Guess not here.



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