New Music Friday (June 16 & 23 & 30)

HAPPY CANADA DAY!  I hope everyone had a terrific long weekend and spent it with tons of family and friends celebrating the big 150!  And lets not forget our friends south of border who will also be celebrating the 4th of July this week!  So I am way behind on this post and have smooshed 3 weeks together, so some of the tunes may already be at the top of your playlists…but for those that are new, than its time to update your summer playlists and keep the long weekend going!!

Wild Thoughts – DJ Khaled ft. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller

So by now this tune is already in your head all day, and your jamming every single minute.  We can all agree that Rihanna is just a goddess and the reason that this song is such a masterpiece.  DJ Khaled is pulling out all of the stops on this recent album and he is coming out with bop after bop.  The sample of Santana’s “Maria Maria” is such a cool and hip addition that was very unexpected with this record, and it works so well.  Even Carlos Santana himself praised the use of the melody and said that DJ Khaled nailed it. And while Rihanna mainly dominates here, Bryson Tiller comes through with a stellar verse and it pumps up as he embarks on his own new album.  This is one of the best song of the summer!


Feels – Calvin Harris ft. Pharrell, Katy Perry, Big Sean

YEP!  All the summer vibes here, and this track is superb!  The mix of 4 stellar artists, is no doubt why this song is such a powerhouse hit.  The song is still new to the charts, but I have no doubt that this will be very successful, at least it should be.  Pharrells lead on the funky and smooth beat is terrific, and Katy catchy chorus hooks us and leaves hanging until the end.  But its no surprise that the coolest bit of the track is Big Sean.  He drops a very slick verse that adds another level of funk to the tune.  Calvin went big here and together the 4 of them aced it.  Fire tune that just screams summer!


Sun Comes Up – Rudimental ft. James Arthur

If you’re familiar with British music, than you would def know of Rudimental.  But if you’re not too sure than you’ll probably remember them from their tune “Lay It All On Me” which featured Ed Sheeran.  The drum and bass group has seen a ton of success in the UK with their powerhouse collaborations.  And keep suit, they added James Arthur on the tune above.  Im not sure its the hit they need to make the major crossover to North America, but I think it will do alright in the UK.  Its still fun and an awesome summer track, one that should be featured on your playlists.  James vocals are perfection as per usual and Rudimental’s library is perfect for any outdoor party.


Don’t Matter Now – George Ezra

I have been waiting for this man to drop a new song!  So I am so excited that this is here.  Much like everyone else, I fell in love with voice and music when he came out with “Blame It On Me”.  His album ‘Wanted on Voyage’ was so perfect, and had amazing tracks.  So I am hoping for some real gold here.  The beat on this tune is fun and the lyrics convey exactly the summer breezy vibe, but I am just a little disappointed here.  I had higher expectations for his first single, and I just feel like this tune is trying to conform to much to cookie cutter pop, rather than his very cool indy style.  But I think this will grow on me – just wish it was better.


Life’s About To Get Good – Shania Twain

She is back!  After a long hiatus she is finally releasing an all new album!  And we have waited forever for this.  This lady here is a country queen and her songs are and forever will be absolute bops.  So here is hoping that Shania can find the same success that she used to have, cause she is a gem and deserves it.  As for the song, well its pretty good.  She’s preaching what she wants, and I love all of the positivity here.  I wouldnt really say its a hit though.  Its catchy and has some potential, but I just know how much better she can be.  We need a massive tune and this one is just alright.  Just seems a little simple and safe.  Go big Shania, cause we will love it, I promise!


Rescue – Hunter Hayes

All new Hunter!  He is one of my absolute favs!  And I love everything he does, and I just want him to be massively successful.  He was riding such a high with the success of his debut album ‘Hunter Hayes’, but since than he hasn’t been able to pick up speed.  And he is dropping song after song, and most of them are really great, but they just don’t have enough power to run up the charts and stick around.  So heres hoping that this one will be able to gain some traction, but Ill admit that I am not sure it will.  I do like it and think its a sweet song, but I just don’t think its country gold like “21” should have been.


Disconnect – Clean Bandit & Marina

The powerhouse pop group is out with an all new tune from their upcoming album.  With the outrageous success of their debut “Rockabye” and their awesome follow-up “Symphony”, these guys are bound to do as well as their first attempt.  The collab here with Marina is different and unlike what were used to it.  The house elements and beats are all still there, its just not as upbeat and fun as the others.  Its got a more sombre tone to it, thats makes it quite interesting.  Marina is very very underrated, so I hope this introduces her to all new fans.  As a song, its alright.  Got cool moments that I am into, but as a whole its just ok.  Not an instant love for like most of their tracks are.


Little Of Your Love – Haim

These girls are so so unique.  They are like the pop/indie stars that just have the biggest niche following and fan base.  And it doesn’t hurt that they are besties with T Swift.  But these girls are actually very cool.  There sound is so different and the instrumentation and lyrics they release are awesome.  I am a growing fan of theirs.  Each new song I like more and more.  I hope they are able to gain some more commercial momentum because they deserve it!  Between this and “Want You Back” their album is really shaping up!




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