New Music Friday (June 9)

Summer is here!  The sun is out, the swim trunks are begging to be used, and the patio drinks are flowing.  And what better way to get the summer vibez than with all new bangers to keep the party going, and those car windows rolled down!  We’ve got a huge album release from Katy Perry, and tons of all new singles!  So turn the volume up and bust out the lawn chairs!

2U – David Guetta ft. Justin Bieber

Another Biebs assisted house tune.  But honestly all of them are bangers.  He is really finding his groove and I am loving it.  Its hit after hit, and he is killing it out there.  Both on the charts, and in the public he’s doing so so much better.  This collab with David is fierce.  The build up with Justin’s vocals are terrific and then that drop doe.  Everything in here is just so nicely put together!  And how could we forget about the lovely ladies above.  It does not hurt to have the ladies of Victoria Secret debut your track.  When it comes 2U Bieber, we’ve all got a soft spot.


Legends – Kelsea Ballerini

The new country princess herself is moving fast and not stopping.  After a wildly successful debut album including 4 country top 10s, she’s back with an all new single.  The slow, melodic tune takes quite the turn from the fun and flirty songs that were used to from Kelsea (with the exception of “Peter Pan”).  While I am excited about all new Kelsea tunes, this one really isn’t anything worth getting excited about.  Lyrically and vocally its very nice, but its just got no umph.  Im still a fan and will download though.


Witness – Katy Perry

Her album has arrived!!!  Katy did not take her time.  With the industry releasing so much music at once, instead of trying to make a single last as long as possible, Katy is trying to keep up.  She released several singles week after week and now the whole album is here.  And while I haven’t listened to it all yet, based on the several tracks I have heard, I know I will be a fan.  If anyone can throw out tune after tune its Katy.  She’s a pop queen and the ‘Witness’ album and single are no different.  The chorus has a great beat and catchy af lyrics.  So you go girl, don’t worry about T-Swift releasing all her tunes to Spotify.  The album is still a standout.


Inspired – Miley Cyrus

No, its not a second single.  Just a promotional/charity release after the incredible One Love benefit concert with Ariana Grande.  Miley performed this song live at the show and has now released the studio version as a charity track for her Happy Hippie Foundation.  I am not sure whether this is an album addition or not, but its a very meaningful and uplifting track.  Not a chart topper, but just a great way to spread positivity and create a great opportunity for her charity.


Sober – Lorde

The album is coming!  So naturally all the promotional singles are out.  But this sounds like debut Lorde.  Its a terrific mix of her “Royals” days and her modern day sounds.  I honestly love Lorde’s darker and more dramatic side, so this is super refreshing.  Especially after hearing that she was heading more towards a very pop sound.  I genuinely think this track is awesome and I am super excited to hear the rest of the new album.  If its much more of this, you know Ill be buying tickets for her tour asap, and Ill be dancing with her!


To The Max – DJ Khaled ft. Drake

DJ Khaled is enjoying his recent entry at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with “I’m The One” and is prepping for his album release.  Just last week he shared the track list and damn this thing is stacked.  Its got all of the artist hip hop artists featured on it, including Rihanna, Quavo, Future, Nicki Minaj, and the man above, Drake.  Im not necessarily the best critic here as Im not a massive hip hop connoisseur, or even that big a fan of DJ Khaled, so my review can be taken with a grain of salt.  I just find the tune ok.  Nothing special about it, and doesn’t really break out as a bop to me.  The beat is dope though, and Drake is always fire, so Im sure its much better than I am aware of.


Give Love – Andy Grammar ft. Lunch Money Lewis

Now most people didn’t know this guys name until summer of 2015 when his smash hit “Honey, Im Good” reached the top 10 on the Hot 100.  And since then he’s been trying to regain that kind of attention and praise.  The singer-songwriter is so underrated, at least in my opinion.  He has made some terrific albums and some of the tracks he has put out are cute, catchy, and frankly pop gold.  So heres hoping that his new single gets some love, and starts to introduce him to all new heights.  He’s even added on Lunch Money Lewis to help catch the attention of some hip hop fans.  You go Andy!


Came Here For Love – Sigala & Ella Eyre

If you don’t know who either of the names above are than you are seriously missing out. For some ridiculous reason, neither of these artists have been able to breakthrough to the US market.  But they kill it in the UK.  Sigala is an amazing DJ and puts out bops left, right, and centre!  Seriously I am a huge fan!  And Ella is still just trying to find that perfect single that pushes her into stardom.  She is fierce, and has an amazing voice.  Together its a perfect match up.  Just utter British perfection here.  So get your dancing shoes on and just be here for love!


Yellow Light – Pharrell

Its for the new Despicable Me 3 movie!!  So I am obviously hella excited!  Especially since last time Pharrell was involved he came out with “Happy” it was a massive, happy hit!  But other than the minions in this video, there is nothing good about it.  Its actually so terrible.  Like horrendous.  I didn’t even want to listen to the whole thing.  I am super disappointed.  I am also really not sure what the heck is up with his pink timbalands.  Everything about this is whack.  Just avoid.


Welcome To My Life – Chris Brown ft. Cal Scruby

This man has been quite the whirlwind.  He’s has crazy success and some of the highest highs, but also had the biggest blows and the lowest lows.  He used to love by so many, and threw out hit after hit, but than it was scandal, after scandal and arrest after arrest.  And now he’s showing it all off.  Chris is about to release a documentary about his life called “Welcome To My Life”.  And so the single above is to introduce the small screen flick which was released June 8.  But its true that he can put together some sick beats and tunes.  And the track above seems to be a little more sympathetic, but still attempts to hit that hard R&B attitude.  I was into it with the addition of Cal.


I’ll Find You – Lecrae ft. Tori Kelly

Anything with Tori Kelly in it, Im sold.  Her voice is so beautiful and powerful and this girl deserves to be a massive star!  But thats also true for Lecrae.  He is an awesome artist  and needs so much more recognition.  But that is because he is a gospel hip hop artists, and sure when listening to this it becomes a little more clear, but he does have some sweet tracks.  Personal fav is “All I Need Is You” (listen to it).  So his collab above is perfect.  A nice uplifting song to get through the tough times.  I am all for it.



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