New Music Friday (June 2)

I know its June and all but damn all this rain is making me feel like we stuck in April.  But I am hoping that t least some new tunes well bring us into that summer vibe that we all need.  We gotta bust out our dancing shoes and call for that sun to shine.  Outdoor concerts, and festivals are happening now, and while I have a very cute poncho thats ready for the rain, Id rally prefer not too use it.  So hopefully some of the tracks below can help push the rain away and bring out the sun!

Down – Fifth Harmony 

The girls are back!  Now that Camila is off on her own, “Down” serves as the girls first official release as a foursome.  And just a week after Camilas first solo release.  Not sure if that was intentional but wouldn’t mind of bit of dramz.  Well maybe not, I actually just hope they support each other and all do well.  The girls def have a catchy song on their hands, but its almost too simple and repetitive.  Its not nearly a “Work From Home” which I feel like they were going for, especially with the addition of Gucci Mane, which should have been a hell naw.  But anyways, its a good tune, just nothing special.  Will chart, but I can’t imagine all that well.






Know No Better – Major Lazer

Major Lazer getting it going.  I am really feeling all the vibes they are throwing out right now.  This songs starts right off the better with a catchy hook, beat, and sweet flowing lyrics from Travis Scott.  And than Camila comes in for the hook lead in and chorus, and than it drops and its wonderful.  The songs is very cool and Im hooked ;).  Its a killer track and one that makes you want to stop and do the running man challenge.  Quavo is decent in here, but I do think that he is a lil overrated.  But Im all for him riding the high that he is on.  Killin’ it in the feature game.







Perfect Places – Lorde

Lorde claimed that this was the massive summer banger that we all needed, so naturally I had big expectations for this tune.  And well I am a little disappointed.  But for Lorde it is actually a big tune.  I think I was just more expecting some pop and house power.  But again, for Lorde its actually not the worst description.  Its more upbeat mix with her typical style.  The chorus adds another level to the song to gives it a little more oomph, but still lacking that bangers status.  Still a good tune though.





The Way I Are – Bebe Rexha ft. Lil Wayne

Since when did Kylie Jenner start singing!?  JK its Bebe.  Still think she is like her physical duplicate.  Now as for the song.  I am kinda digging it.  I think what makes me like it more is just how much fun Bebe looks like she is having in the video.  You can tell she is genuinely excited about the track and wants others to enjoy it as much as her.  The song is fun and flirty, and exactly what summer should be all about.  And Im not mad about the Lil Wayne feature either.  He’s back on the up, so he makes for a great addition here.








Uh Huh – Julia Michaels

The new girl on the block.  Well to listeners at least.  She been quite the sought after songwriter for quite some time now.  But she off to the races with her own solo career.  And she made quite the splash with her first hit “Issues” which is currently sitting at #11 on the Hot 100 and still climbing.  So while she getting buzz she has released her second single above, “Uh Huh”.  And while its not my favourite song, its very different from “Issues” and I really like that.  She is showing more than just one voice and style here, and showing off why she is one of the best writers in the biz.  Not the most standout, but still kind of fun.




Another Love Song – Ne-Yo

Where in the world has this guy been!  We haven’t heard or seen from Ne-Yo since his sweet collab with Pitbull “Time Of Out Lives” back in 2014!  That was ages ago.  And apparently the song above isn’t even the first official single.  There was another called “Earn Your Love”, but I couldn’t find it, so Im using “Another Love Song” instead.  And well its pretty good.  Its summery, poppy, and fun!  But there isn’t really anything here thats pulling me in and making me want it all the time.  There is also zero publicity about this little comeback!  He used to be huge and threw out bops left, right, and centre.  So this needs more attention cause its still a great track!



Sway – Danielle Bradbery

I will admit that I am kind of a sucker for this country cutie.  She won me over back on The Voice in 2013 (Season 4).  They are currently about to start Season 13!  Anyways, she hasn’t taken off as much as she should, but she is in no rush to release her second album.  She is waiting to find that perfect single that leads to its terrific introduction.  The song is cute, and catchy and a good win after the flop of “Friend Zone” back in 2015, but still not a smash hit for the youngster.  But heres hoping that it starts to create a little buzz she needs to release some all new tunes.  Either way I like it, and will know all the words before you know it.




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