New Music Friday (May 12 & 19 & 26)

Most of this music is out and climbing the charts already and you’ve probably already heard most of them by now.  But I was prepping for my vaca and then I was gone for the following two Fridays!  So a lot of this is all new music to me so I am trying to keep current and up with all the new hits.  So I wont bore you up here with all the lead in, just enjoy all the number of absolute hits down below!  Because there are 3 weeks worth!  I also apologize if the write ups below are shorter than usual, there is just a lot to get through.  Especially since tomorrow is another all new music Friday!

Malibu – Miley Cyrus

New Miley!!  Been waiting a long long time for this and wow did she ever not disappoint. I love this song so much.  She wasn’t kidding when she said she was changing her sound back to her roots, and I think her fans will really love it.  Its definitely a very drastic change from the songs on her ‘Bangerz’ album, but a great change.  Miley is throwing around her country roots in the above track and its really quite refreshing.  Now that she proven herself as not just a disney starlet, and no longer a twerking teenager, Miley is showing off why we fell in love with her in the first place.  She real, simple, and sweet – much like “Malibu” is.


Bad Liar – Selena Gomez

SELENER ALERT!!!  After dropping a banger with Kygo “It Ain’t Me” fans were stoked knowing that Selena was back in the studio recording.  And now its solo time.  Releasing her first of many, “Bad Liar” is quickly becoming a new fav of many and potential runner for song of the summer.  This song is oh so unique.  At first listen its hardly the most rhythmically pleasing tune.  After all, the lyrics don’t fall evenly on the beats and she’s sounds likes she speaking more than she is sining.  But does this song ever grow on you.  The different sound that this tune offers from much of what is on the radio right now is terrific.  It stands out so much and hence why I think it will do so well.  Its catchy and the lyrics are simple enough to remember and become an earworm for even the unlikeliest of fans.


Crying In The Club – Camila Cabello

The first truly solo endeavour by Camila.  The former Fifth Harmony member has done her fair share of side gigs with folks like Pitbull and Shawn Mendes, but now that she is officially on her own, she is working on solo album numero uno.  And voila “Crying In The Club” is born.  I am actually very into it.  I don’t think its a massive hit but a strong debut.  I will say that I think she should have stayed with 5H for one more album, and then she would have been much better off, but to each her own.  The video above also has a surprise in it too!  Another song!  The first minute and a half is actually a song called “Questions” and will be a part of her solo album, but “Crying In The Club” doesnt actually start until about 1:40.  The song is fun and very catchy and one that was a quick download for me.  Im very excited to see what she can do on her own, and how 5H will cope without her unique vocals.


Whatever It Takes – Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons are coming out big!  They are dropping tune after tune. And real solid tunes at that.  “Believer” & “Thunder” before this were terrific and this is equally as great.  These guys have had some amazing success and they are showing again why they deserve it.  The new music that they are coming out with are all hits and they are crossing the boundaries of rock and pop so nicely.  With all these tracks speeding out I am quickly putting these guys on my list to go and see live.  While its not usually a show I would attend, I think it would be such a lively and energetic show the whole time.  The track above is full of energy and keeps you pulled in and entertained the entire time.  Keep going boys, cause this album is pure gold so far.


There For You – Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan

If I can base this off of the last few collab tracks that Martin has released with Bebe Rexha and Dua Lipa than I know its going to be amazing.  Plus I love Troye so much so naturally I am a little bias here.  And I am not wrong.  The song is just wonderful.  Troye mashes up so well with Garrix and the song offers a nice mix of lyrical components and melodic drops and beats.  The song is fun, honest, and overall a great addition to any library.  While I don’t think its a chart topper, I hope it gets a ton of recognition and airtime, cause it really is a good song.


Swish Swish – Katy Perry ft. Nicki Minaj

Katy is jumping right in.  We’ve seen some great success recently with flooding the market with new music and Katy must be feeling it.  She is dropping tune and after tune rather than allowing for each single to run its course.  Im also surprised because I thought that “Bon Appetit” was just picking up steam, but maybe I was wrong. But the above track has a massive beat to it.  But what do you expect when you see Nicki is involved.  The duo is certainly dynamic here and the song is bumping.  A very cool and hip track that demands your attention so swiftly.  Its very fierce but at the same time very smooth.  But the song comes on strong and you can get down to this beat.  Will for sure be a dance/club fav and that perfect for summer.


Strip That Down – Liam Payne ft. Quavo

The fifth and final member of One Direction has finally released his first solo single. While I am very surprised it came this quick considering he did just have a baby, Im glad its here.  Cause its terrific.  Its fun, sexy, and cool.  Liam matching up with Zayns R&B vibes on this track and giving him a run for his money.  Teaming up with the hottest rap star at the moment Quavo adds a vibrant mix with the British lad to create a real bop. Between the two of them they have a real hit, and one that I hop has a little more staying power than some of the other 1D members.  My only bit of critique for this song is that it instantly reminded me of the song “Shake That Ass” by Eminem.  Not sure if it was the lyrics or the melody, but something made it too similar.  But still like it, just saying is all.


Your Song – Rita Ora

Finally!  It has been way way way too long.  This girl I swear.  She hasn’t released a song since 2015.  Which is when she released a slew of singles, but then took them no where. And they were good songs too!  “I Will Never Let You Down”, “Poison”, and “Body On Me” were all straight up hits but fizzled out when Rita bailed on releasing an album.  So Im really hoping that this is the start to a new album (because on that front its been almost 5 years).  But I guess she also helped reboot Americas Next Top Model just recently, so she’s been a little busy.  Its hard to have any doubts that the song would be anything but great when you see that our fav Brit, Ed Sheeran was a co writer on it.  And as I would assume, its quite good.  Its not as good as she has been or can be, but its a nice entrance back into the music world for her.  I just know that it wont translate well on the US charts.  Will do decent in the UK, but just not enough hit power to crossover unfortunately.  But Im still a fan!


The Long Way – Brett Eldredge

Earlier in the summer Brett released a jazzy, upbeat country tune called “Something Im Good At” but it wasn’t a fav.  It sounded to forced and it was really kind of cheesy.  So I am glad to hear that he is redeeming himself a little with this slower track.  The romantic country track brings the small town to life and asks for you to sing along with your SO. Not much else to say about the simple country tune, its just a nice pleasing track.  Enjoy.


Losing Sleep – Chris Young

The first official single off of his new upcoming album, Chris releases a new sexy tune for all those country fans out there.  The beat is fun and funky, but keeps the tone mellow and relaxed.  The song itself is very discreetly sexy, as it talks about staying up late and losing sheets while wrapped up in sheets.  Its a very sweet song to a significant other.  But I am a little disappointed because this guy has such a huge voice, and I wishing he would put it all on display in a song, but guess this isn’t the one.  But this was another quick download for me.  I really love it.


OK – Robin Schulz

Definitely an interesting pairing.  Robin is so so underrated.  He throws out some massive tunes that are yet to top the pop charts, but deserve it so much.  Its a very cool collab with James Blunt.  He has such a unique voice, and the beats and mix that Robin throw in alongside make for a great tune.  The song offers lyrics that are easy and fun to sing along to, and beats that will keep any party going.  A great new tune from these guys!


Switch – Iggy Azalea

I think we can all agree that Iggy was kind of just a phase that we all had a few summers back.  She came out with some huge tunes, but than her live performances, and constant body headlines drove us all tired of her.  But she’s still out swinging and trying to land some more hits, but she is falling kind of flat.  Her last tune “Mo Bounce” was kind of a mess but still a solid gym bop for sure.  Just not a radio friendly song that would take her to the top.  And well neither is this one.  There is nothing really all that special going on here.  Even her introduction of the brazilian star Anitta is bleak at best.  Sorry Igs, just a no from me.


I’m Stuck – Noah Cyrus

Noah was not kidding when she said that this album has a mix of everything.  She may be placed in the pop genre but she’s going all over the map with her tunes.  We’ve a pop rock song, an acoustic mellow hit, and now a country crossover.  The twangy tune above offers a very different sound to the other track before and its very refreshing.  Its nice to have something unexpected come from a new artist.  Now I’m sure most people aren’t as excited about Noah as I am, I really think she is creating a wonderful first album.  Its fun, its interesting, and she is doing whatever she feels like.  They clearly are letting her have some free reign over her music.  And the song above is fun and sweet, and I am a sucker for a bit of twang.


Cut To The Feeling – Carly Rae Jepsen

We cant fail this girl again.  We constantly let her down and she is one of the best pop stars out there.  Carly Slay Jepsen, pumps out bop after bop and her last album was true pop gold!  So this may not be an official single for her, but rather a soundtrack tune for the film “The Leap”, it still has her prowess all over it.  Its cute, fun, and persuades you to get up and dance!  Even John Mayer tweeted about it, which was perfect! “I will come to your party, play “Cut to the Feeling” exactly twice, establish a connection with your pets and then run”.  So basically the song is awesome and Carly is perfect and everyone should buy and download this song.  Carly deserves our support!  Especially here in Canada!


Remember I Told You – Nick Jonas ft. Anne-Marie & Mike Posner

I have a little soft spot for Nick.  Im all about his sexy, bro attitude.  And I love everything he puts out.  The song here is no exception.  I think its got a great and catchy beat and the addition of Anne-Marie is terrific.  While Im not too stoked about Mike Posner in the song, I still think it has some great pop potential.  I think Nick is very underrated as a pop artist and deserves some more recognition for the bops he releases.  But this song has undergone zero promotion, so I hope is planning something big or exciting to get it heard much more than it currently is.


Im A Fan – Pia Mia ft. Jeremih

I wouldn’t be surprised if not too many of you didn’t know who this was.  The upcoming songstress had a big summer tune in 2015 with “Do It Again” which featured Chris Brown and Tyga.  Now shes back again dropping another fresh R&B track alongside Jeremih.  The short lived tune is very catchy.  She pulls back on the similar sound of her previous hit and its working.  I think Pia is still working to find her massive breakout hit, but this is still a bop.  Its short and simple and hits all the right spots.  So hop on this track and download this girls library cause she will be big, especially if the Kardashians have anything to do with it, after all she is BFFs with Kylie.



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