New Music Friday (May 5)

We’ve got a Brit takeover here!  And more so a One Direction takeover.  2 of the gents from the lovable boy band are back with all new tracks. And than thats followed up with an all new vid from our fav Brit, Ed.  And maybe all this British influence is transpiring into our weather as well because its been gloomy rain non stop.  Still waiting for all of these May flowers, but still feels like were stuck in April.  So while we wait for the sun to shine, and the country tunes to come up strumming enjoy the wonderful accents and more.

Slow Hands – Niall Horan

MMmmmmmm!  Yes NIALL!  This is fire.  This is like a terrific sexy mix that you’d expect from Nick Jonas, so kudos to you for laying this one down.  Its such a great track and a really great introduction into your solo career.  I really didn’t think a song like this would come from the cute little Irish boy from 1D.  Especially after “This Town”.  But I really love it.  Its new and something unexpected.  A surprise tune like this is perfect for the takeoff of his debut solo album and I expect this song to be huge.


Sweet Creature – Harry Styles

Thats right.  Another 1D member.  Id like to think that they are complementing each other here, rather than against.  But while they come from the same tree, they are totally unique branches.  They have such different sounds.  This acoustic, melodic piece from Harry is very different.  And its so nice and peaceful.  Not a massive hit or chart topper, but a nice addition to his upcoming album.  The promotional single here is definitely appreciated and just a nice song to sing along to.


Galway Girl – Ed Sheeran

If you’re like a lot of people that you probably already know all the words to this song.  And every time it comes on, you get up and jig!  While its no official single (not yet at least) the new video leads us to believe that they know how much potential this song has, and how well its been received by fans.  Not to mention the video is super cute.  All the little Irish dancers and Saoirse Ronan (That girl from the amazing movie Brooklyn).  The song itself is terrific and will no doubt be all over our radio later this summer.  So if you haven’t already, please educate yourself on the new album ‘Divide’ and get your tickets to his tour, if you can (Im still trying).


Want You Back – Haim

I may have been mistaken last week when I said that they’re video for “Right Now” was their first single.  When its actually this guy here.  “Want You Back” is the girls official first single off their upcoming album and Im so glad it is.  While I wasn’t too much of a fan of last weeks, I really like this one.  This sister act is really interesting to me.  I find them so different and unique, both sound and aesthetics wise.  This song is very pleasing to the ear and so simple.  So maybe they are roping in a new fan here, and I hope others feel the same.  Maybe I am starting to see what T Swift has seen in them all along.


Eyes Closed – Halsey

Another track from Halsey.  Much like some of the above, its a promotional release for her new album ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’.  But the stuff that I heard and loved from her first album and songs like “New Americana” and “Hold Me Down” are missing here.  She’s got these large back beats that are similar, but these songs (including “Now or Never”) just aren’t resinating with me.  Now Im sure the ladder will grow on me the more I hear it, but that being said Im still not jumping to hear what else she’s got to release for the new album.  I think I had higher expectations because of her collab with The Chainsmokers which is different.


Mama – Jonas Blue

Don’t you just hate previews on youtube.  Like just release the full thing yah know.  That being said, I am stoked about a new Jonas Blue track.  And by the sounds of the preview its terrific.  Got a wonderful singer on it, and equally fresh and cool beats.  This guy has been growing like crazy ever since his cover of “Fast Car” and its so well deserved.  He really needs that breakout tune here in North America, but he’s absolutely killing it in Aussie and UK.  But hoping that the full version is released ASAP cause it sounds so awesome and a track that I cant wait to dance around my house to this summer.


Hurt By You – Emily Warren

Some of you may have zero clue who this girl is.  But you have heard her so much.  Both her songs and her voice on tracks.  At the moment she is kind of a huge muse for The Chainsmokers.  She is the female vocalists on their songs “Until You Were Gone” and “The One” and also helped write “Dont Let Me Down”.  You may also have heard her on the song “Capsize” with Frenship.  On that note, she is very sought after as a songwriter and has worked with Shawn Mendes, Fifth Harmony, Little Mix and more.  And now shes releasing a track all on her own.  And well, its pretty good.  Its got a lot of potential.  She already got a terrific career, so heres hoping she can find the same success on her.




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