New Music Friday (April 28)

With April at its quits, students finishing up their exams, summer is oh so close!  May flowers are about to sprout and artists and coming out swinging attempting to gain massive following for songs of the summer.  We want bumping tunes to jam along to on our windows down roadtrips, and sunny poolside days.  Time to turn up the volume to ma, mix up a pitcher of sangria and soak up the sun rays!  And some of these new tunes do all that!  There is so much from today so take a gulp and get downloading (or buying)!

Most Girls – Hailee Steinfeld

This blockbuster queen is now becoming a ver familiar name in the world of pop music and all things pop culture.  She s quickly becoming a household name and one that we definitely need to keep our eye on.  Her new release (which came with the help of Ryan Tedder) comes just after her massive hit Starving.  And the lead single ain’t so bad.  It got that pop base and beat that Ryan Tedder is so good at creating.  Its very catchy and the lyrics are simple enough to instantly have memorized after just a few listens.  While its not my fav its an easy download.


Bon Appetit – Katy Perry

My first question, before we even get into the song, is what in the world did she do to her hair.  The short blonde was fine, but now she looks like Jessie J’s twin.  And not in a good way.  Now onto the follow up single from the slowly falling “Chained To The Rhythm”.  Im just hungry, yah know.  The beat is grooving but it just sounds way too busy.  I also am not too sure about the Migos feature here.  Im not a big fan of them in the first place, so they just turned me a little off the tune.  But it is Katy the beat is still good so I am sure that this will eventually work its way into my ear and have me dancing along.  Ill give it a chance.


Im The One – DJ Khaled ft. Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, Quavo, Lil Wayne

LOL DJ KHALED!!!  But for real he rallied quite the popular group right here.  Everyone involved is so hot in the pop culture and music scene so this will be big for sure.  Its first day isn’t even over yet and its already racked up over 5 million views on youtube.  But this track is fresh.  I can finally agree with Khaled about his We The Best Music.  You can’t go wrong with the Biebs yah know, and than add Chance in there too, well damn Im shook.  Dont yah know girl, this is the one!  Expect big things from this.


First Time – Kygo Ft. Ellie Goulding

If we can predict this will be anything like his latest hit “It Aint Me” with Selener, than this will no doubt be a smash.  And guess what!  It sure is!  Ellies breathy vocals and so unique and angelic to me.  I love this girl and still think she deserves to be a way bigger star, but I know she is doing just fine.  But this new collab is wonderful.  Kygos style of Tropical house is my favourite and I would love to see this guy live.  Especially after he drops the new album.  The tune above is very similar in feel and breakdown as his current hit with Selener though, so don’t expect anything wildly new or different.  Just another nice tune to add to your library.


Right Now – HAIM

Hmmm….I know they are Taylor’s bestie and all, but Im really not sure what all the hype about these girls is.  I just don’t vibe it.  Really not for me unfortunately.  Just off the start its not very aesthetically pleasing to me.  Just sounds missed and off.  It does pick up at the chorus and I do appreciate the attempt at being very different and off kilter, but it just doesn’t stick with me.  Just too much going on here, and not enough to pull me in as a fan of the tune.  But the leads voice is very nice.  So they definitely have potential to bust some barriers here and have some cool crossover hits in alternative and rock genres.


Thunder – Imagine Dragons

The rock, pop crossover kings back at it.  Introducing there new follow up tune from the underrated latest, “Believer”.  I will say that this one is a little less heavy and head strong, and much more geared to the pop radio listener.  But they also say the word thunder like a million times.  At least it feels like it.  But something about this clicks with me.  Im ok with the over repitition, as its over done, and just makes you feel the music even more.  Allows me to get into it and focus more on the music behind the lyrics.  So Im all for it boys.  I just hope these guys find as much success as their debut album.


Another Life – Afrojack & David Guetta ft. Ester Dean

A little DJ duo here.  And then add on one of pop musics biggest writers.  Should be good right.  And it is.  In a very EDM stream sense.  Not so much the most commercially pop style, but still good.  Nothing that will be a chart topper, but a very festival friendly, dance all night kind of tune.  I feel like its almost trying too hard to be a very summery song, as well as kind of like every other house tune.  You’ve got the well liked female vocals, over top of the heavy beats and bass, and it comes with the signature drop.  Just kind of basic.


Doing It For The Money – Foster The People

Remember these guys.  They had a huge hit back in 2010 (which seems ages ago!).  They dropped “Pumped Up Kicks” out of nowhere and it became one of the years biggest songs.  And then it seemed like they almost disappeared.  They then released a second album back in 2014, but didn’t have any popular singles like that listed above, so it went consumed only by their main fans.  But they are back with a new EP, and they just released 3 brand new songs.  So I randomly selected one, and am taking a listen.  And you what I kind of like it.  Not usually something Im very into, but I like it.  Its cool, different, and changes up the music that I am so used to hearing.


No Vacancy – One Republic

Writer and smash producer Ryan Tedder leads with his own group this time.  He recently did a few interviews and wrote a heartfelt post about why his group went on a sudden hiatus after releasing an all new album last October.  Ryan says that he was some serious mental health issues, and almost had a full onbreakdowl which almost led to a group  break up. But I am so glad that he is much better now and took the time to heal, because now he was able to release this track, and claims that many more are coming.  The track here is very fun and poppy.  Nice and cool vibe from these guys and I really like it.  Im also excited that they can finally start to promote all their new music, but just wish some of their previous album hits would have received more positive commercial success.


Quit – Cashmere Cat ft. Ariana Grande

Obviously you know by now that this my girl.  All is good when Ari drops new tunes.  This is the second time that these two have teamed up.  First for the single “Adore”, and now here.  Not to mention Ari held a spot as an opener for Cashmere on her My Everything Tour.  But this track is so dreamy.  Like you just throw this on, sit back and vibe.  Aris vocals are flawless as always, and all of the backbeat and structure brought on by Cashmere is perfect.  The 2 are a terrific team and this track is an instant download for me.  I can’t quit you Ariana.


Torches – X Ambassadors

Running off of the success of their latest album ‘VHS’ and the killer singles “Renegades” and most recently “Unsteady” these boys are ready to keep bringing it.  With the release of their new tune, the X Ambassadors have you remembering why you loved Unsteady so much.  While the songs are very similar sounding, the lyrics to them are quite different.  Torches makes you feel uplifted and has you pounding your chest, asking you to show your strength and carry your flame.  The song is very much them and one that I like.  Its not as catchy as I was hoping, but still very a strong intro for their new album.


Middle of the Night – The Vamps & Martin Jensen

The UK boy band is seeking a huge breakout across the pond.  These guys have seen quite the success for a young group, but are really trying to get their name out there.  Hoping to relive the success of their debut album ‘Meet The Vamps’ which had 5 top 10 singles in the UK, they have released their second single of their upcoming album.  Brining in DJ Martin Jensen (Look up Solo Dance – its a banger) to help push things along, he boys become even more pop gold.  And with 1D officially off on their own, they seem to be cornering the market.  While its a good song, and probably something youd expect for me to be all over its more of a spotify track for me.  As in just a playlist tune that Ill listen to if it comes on.  Not one that I will download.  Unless it starts to get more airplay over here and stuck in my head.


Body – Sean Paul ft. Migos

Someone needs to tell me.  WHAT. IS. HE. SAYING.  I will never know.  Im not saying he doesn’t make music that get my booty moving, but thats about it.  Except here doe.  Im just not down for this tune.  I think Migos is just hot right now but will fade out as well, but Im not a rap pro in any means so maybe there hella good.  Anyways, this track is just not good.  No bumping back beat or smooth lyrics.  Just kinda trash.  Sorry boys.  This is a no go.



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