New Music Friday (April 14 & 21)

I know, I know.  I skipped a week and I am still late on posting this.  But I wont bore you with much, but I will say that it was a very busy past weekend, and there was very little time to write it up.  But I have jammed 2 weeks worth of hits here!  So prep your playlists for all new music because there is a lot here.  Not to mention all new albums from Kendrick Lamar and Brad Paisley!  And then we see names like Gaga, The Biebs, Shawn Mendes, and even an appearance from Vanessa Hudgens!

The Cure – Lady Gaga

All new Gaga!?  Did we not just get a new album not too long ago.  While ‘Joanne’ wasn’t necessarily the most commercially successful album, I was sure that Gaga would run with it as long as possible.  But I do know that the album was lacking some serious single power, so Im sure this is to make up for that.  And since she dropped it after headlining weekend 1 of Coachella, and again this past weekend its sure to gain some momentum and bullet up the charts for a few weeks.  I would say its back more to her earlier days of the typical pop sounds that were so used to.  I don’t think its her best yet, or even all that amazing, but fans are certainly loving it.  Its very poppy and catchy and Im sure will quite well.  Just not sure how much staying power it has.  Similar to her singles from ‘Joanne’, Im just not sure it will stick around all that long.

There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back – Shawn Mendes

YES YES YES!  Shawn over here just killin’ it!  His voice is maturing so nicely and its really shows on this track.  This single also moves nicely away from his slowed down single “Mercy” and into some funky more poppy perfection.  I think this single is so strong and will do very well for him.  Part of me thinks that this would have been a very nice debut single for his album ‘Illumination’, but Im happy its coming now.  Its really just a great song, and one that I hop everyone else can start to enjoy.

Kissing Strangers – DNCE

Just straight disappointed.  I saw these two names together and I thought, heck yes this gon be a smash!  And boy was I wrong.  I agree with my friend when she said that it almost seems like they are trying to hard to be popular, cool, and in.  And while their debut album was alright and “Cake By The Ocean” is a great tune, this one just doesn’t do it.  Not even a verse with Nicki can pull this one back up.  When I compare this to their last single “Body Moves” (which was so underrated by the way), it just seems, well not good.  Sorry DNCE, try again.

Stay Together – Noah Cyrus

Sounding so much like Miley here.  The whole vibe of the tune is so much like her, that its no wonder the constant comparisons come in.  While Im a fan of Noah and actually dont mind it all, Ive heard much of the opposite from friends.  That it sounds very campy.  Like by the camp fire sing along LOL.  Which isn;t the worst thing I don’t think.  Its easy to remember and sing along with, so not a terrible trait in a pop song.  But I do agree that its not the best follow up single from her debut “Make Me (Cry)”.  Just not as unique and powerful as that.  But Im still digging it.

Lust For Life – Lana Del Rey ft. The Weekend

Teasing for her new album this Coachella queen dropped an all new video with The Weekend.  A very interesting and intriguing duo.  But the track above comes out very sultry and sexy.  Between Lana’s soft vocals and The Weekends falsetto, its almost a perfect match.  Its no smash hit or anything, but its very much Lana style and she is staying very true to her musical genius.  It is a great song and a great duet, simple sweet and sexy.

Attention – Charlie Puth

Yay!  I have been waiting for more Charlie and he came out to play.  Dropping this all new tune, and I swear you need to listen to at least the chorus because the beat just gets so good.  Its so rhymthically smart and adds a terrific layer to the song, and then again really picks up at the second verse.  Its a great debut after a very strong start for this young lad.  Question though.  Does anyone think this could be about Bella Thorne?  I know they were only together for a hot second, but like thats my guess.  The title is very fitting for her at least.

Broken Halos – Chris Stapleton

The country crooner is back. After creating a smashing and immensely successful first album ‘Traveller’, he’s back again with the debut for his upcoming album ‘From a Room: Volume 1’.  Much like the Chris we know, its not typical country pop tune that is instantly infectious, but rather musically great and lyrically perfect.  He sticks to what he knows here and introduces another song that you wanna learn the words to and sing along.  Im just not sure its all the strong of a kick off for the new record.  Just doesn’t seem to really stick out.

Despacito – Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Bieber

Straight up banger!  Like literally such a huge tune.  This track originally without the Biebs is such a smash.  Theres a reason why its been sitting at #1 for so long on the Latin Charts and has racked up over 1 BILLION views on youtube!  And then you go ahead and add the Biebs to this massive track….well than damn.  The music world just exploded.  Its only been 1 week and the remix above already has close to 80 million views.  But this track is straight fire.  Its funky, fresh, and so sexy.  The latin charm is so real here, so hop on this ASAP!

Rosie – John Mayer

With the above release comes the final wave of John Mayers session, and officially completes the album!  A terrific album I must say.  This man can really do no wrong, and he has some amazing tracks here.  Much like I had before, I picked the most popular tune from this wave to feature.  But this one isn’t as strong as the 2 I displayed before.  Just a simple ode to another one of many girls that fawns over this man.  But its overall a nice piece to the album and highlights his musical abilities.  Most specifically the guitar.

Nights With You – MØ

I do have a soft spot for this chick.  I think because I know she deserve so much more commercial success than she gets.  And I don’t think I am the only one, or she wouldn’t be releasing track after track.  She’s been a feature on some of the biggest tracks, yet can’t seem to do the same for her solo career.  But sadly, I don’t think this is it.  Her singles before hand had much more spunk and power, but this is still catchy.  Still keeps us hooked to her familiar and unique sound.  Just not the best.  But Im still a fan and I hope other will start to search out some of her newer stuff, because it really is terrific.

Lost In Your Light – Dua Lipa ft. Miguel

Much like homegirl above, Dua is my girl.  She is on the rise and needs to explode way more than she is.  And heres hoping that this funky tune with Miguel can help that.  But this song is no lead single.  Just a sweet album addition with the angelic Miguel.  Together I think the song is so flawless and I love it.  There voices mesh so well together and I think its just a really cool track.  One that I will for sure know all of the words too real soon.  Miguel and Dua just get me.  Their music is just chicken soup for my soul!

Hard Times – Paramore

Woah!  These guys!  I remember them.  They had the fun, poppy single a little while back called ‘Aint It Fun’.  And then we didn’t hear much, but now there back with brand new music.  And its walks the line of very poppy and even resembles the track listed earlier so much, and on their older rock stuff.  But its still very pop oriented.  The musical chorus break resembles that their pushing for more commercial success than critical.  Its alright, not something that I am totally into, but a good tune for the most part.  Never been a huge fan of these guys all that much, but I know how good Haley is doe.

Reminding Me – Shawn Hook ft. Vanessa Hudgens

YES you read that correctly!  Vanessa Hudgens!  The core voice of my childhood.  Her High School Musical days are always welcome in my company!  Now if you’re not Canadian than you probably haven’t even heard of Shawn Hook.  But over here, he has had a couple radio friendly hits, and ones that many would recognize.  But I am all for this collab and hope it gets him a little more noticed south of the border, as he really does make some great pop tunes.  Ill let this track alone serve as proof, cause I really do like it.  Get it, and pray that Vanessa starts to release her own solo music real soon!


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