Hunt for Cookies

Happy Easter Loooooooooong Weekend everyone!!  Bask in the spring sunshine, the sprouting flowers, and all the chocolates and candy!  And instead of roaming around the house looking for chocolates and little eggs, why not just make these cookies instead!

These deliciously moist (yah deal with it) and little colourful bundles are delicious!  They are the perfect treat for this weekend cause they mix this holiday fav – MINI EGGS with cookies!  I stumbled across a recipe on Facebook and they looked too good to resist.  So I had to make them.  Only problem was that I was hoping they would last until this weekend, but obviously they did not.  But when they are this colourful and yummy its hard to resist and keep enough for your family to enjoy.


But fair warning before you decide you want to make these!!  The recipe asks to cut up each mini egg in half as they are pretty big on their own.  And yes this was kind of a bitch to do.  And being that making a mess in the kitchen while cooking or baking is my speciality, this one was no different.  They hard shells fling everywhere, and trying to cut these tiny things in half is no easy task.  Many of them slipped away and rolled all over the floor.  So just prepare yourself for a solid 10-15 minutes of frustration, and mess!  But other than that its quite an easy process.


Ill link the recipe for these bad boys at the bottom so that you can do it yourself at home as well!  Basically its a classic cookie dough mix of a whole lot of butter and sugar and than a touch or vanilla, salt, and baking soda!

Nothing extra or special here, just simple cookie dough and then throw the half mini eggs into the bowl and mix away.   Whats great about these cookies is that the chocolate in the eggs doesn’t melt and leak all over the place, but rather just soften and makes for an even more dessert experience.  And if I wanted to be real extra, which I typically never am (slash) chopping these eggs in half was my extra, I would add a little food colouring to make these even more festive for the time of year!

Now I may a mixed up something or not have added enough of an ingredient here, as my cookies didn’t flatten out as much as expected, but they tasted great regardless!  So whatever.  Maybe if your nice this weekend, the easter bunny will hides these around the house for you instead of little plastic eggs.

Enjoy these little misters for this beautiful long weekend!



Recipe BELOW!


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