Worlds Worst Shepherds Pie

Yes you read that right!  It is the worlds worst shepherds pie.  But Im not saying that because of my cooking skills (which are sub par at best), but because its actually not a shepherds pie at all!

If you’re french than you’re probably aware based on only seeing corn here that its actually Pâté Chinois.  And this crazy dish which translates to Chinese pie (which makes absolutely zero sense) is just a robbery of the traditional British shepherds pie (which is the absolute best thing in the world).  Now your probably asking why in the world I would make this considering how blasphemous it already seems, but thats because I am a wonderful boyfriend to my french mister, and also cause we had a can of corn already at home.

But don’t worry.  I didn’t take part in the complete french experience because get this…..and maybe just have a bucket or garbage pail nearby, or better yet, just hang by the toilet cause you may barf!  The crazy frenchsters eat this delicacy (only if prepared the British way) with KETCHUP!!!  Yes you read that right.  Ketchup.  How disgusting is that.  This gorgeous piece of food should only be smothered in thick gravy!  Prepared with guinness beer if possible, but even I cant do that.  Which you can tell from the original image which is what I did. And even my little french hunny agrees, that gravy is the way to go here.


Now other than using gravy, there are 2 distinct difference betweens these dishes.  First being that instead of just including corn, you also add peas and carrots!  And instead of just adding it as a separate layer, you blend all the veggies and beef together.  Trust me when I say its much better this way.

But other than taking a little longer than normal to cook dinner, its really quiet easy!

Start by peeling and chopping up the potatoes and throwing them in a pot of water. I would suggest 4 nicely sized potatoes.  Ones that would be good baked potatoes.  That kinda size.  I boil the water and throw them in, but Justin prefers to throw them in cold, and than boiling the water.  Whatever works really.  You’re really just trying to get them to the mashed state, so you do you.  Once ready, throw in some milk and butter and mash these bad boys to be as smooth and creamy as possible.  And expert tip! If you’re lactose than you can sub the milk out for chicken broth!  It works equally as well and the potatoes are just as yummy!

While those are happening cook up the ground beef.  Once drained than you can add the spice mix and let simmer.  I cheat and just buy the pre made mix, cause I ain’t got no time to mix my own spices up. But if you’re extra than go for it.  Let the beef simmer with the spices and water and than throw in the veggies to mix with!  Or if doing the terrible french edition than make one layer of beef, and than another of corn (as depicted below).


Lastly, throw those mashed taters on top.  But brush them up with a fork. Why, I got no clue.  But make it look kinda messy on top.  Trust me.  If you wanna be extra again, you can add cheese on top of the potatoes, before you bake!  When ready throw in the oven for about 40 minutes on 350.

Than voila!  You’ve got your very own Chinese pie!  Now load up with gravy (packets) and enjoy!


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