New Music Friday (April 7)

I know the weekend has already come and gone, but there wasn’t too much excitement this week.  Even with boy band star Harry Styles, its relatively quiet.  The tracks from last week are gaining strong momentum, so hop on those bandwagons first.  However this week we did get The Chainsmokers all new and first official studio album “Memories…Do Not Open”, so there are sure to be some tunes in there!  But for now just begin to prep your easter weekend playlists!

Sign Of The Time – Harry Styles

Its finally here!  The 4th of 5 members of One Direction have released their first official single.  We are only waiting on Liam Payne now (except that he just had a baby, so I think we may be waiting a while), so for now we will enjoy Mr. Harry Styles.  The longly awaited single features, the man who was most associated as the front man of the group. His first solo track brings full force of the piano and slowed down melody.  Stepping away from the cookie cutter pop tunes that were very used to from 1D, Harry brings out his songwriting abilities on this ballad.  But in my opinion Im not sure its all that amazing.  I was excited to hear what he would bring and I know that he can write some tunes, but this one just is too long, and not enough umph!  But Im sure in the next few days Ill have every word memorized.  Just wish there was more here.

Now or Never – Halsey

Halsey first official single since her very successful and acclaimed album “Badlands” and her successful feature with The Chainsmokers.  But unfortunately, this kinda falls flat.  Really nothing outstanding here, and really even sounds so familiar to another tune that I just can’t put my finger on. But after such a huge start and more experience in the pop world, I thought she would have released something bigger is all.  Just know that this girl has so much potential and that she deserves to hit the top spots without the help of The Chainsmokers.

Die With You – Beyonce

Not sure what up here, because I saw an official release for this song in the Australian and British iTunes store, but not anywhere in North America.  So I am not sure what Bey is up to, but if this is an official single, than girl needs to give it to us!  If you remember she released a little video clip of herself singing this song a while back. She was playing the piano in a studio, and Jay and Blue were also there and it was basically the cutest thing in the entire world.  And the song itself is beautiful!  Anyways the full version has been released and is available on Tidal.  It was released to celebrate her wedding anniversary with Jay and its such a gorgeous piece of work.  Bey can obvi do no wrong.

Fiyah –

Still waiting for dat Black Eyed Peas comeback doe.  But I guess Will.I.Am on his own is ok for now.  He drop an unreal solo album back in 2013.  Yah know, he did ‘Scream & Shout’ with Britney, and than ‘That Power’ with the Biebs.  So maybe in store for more bops like those.  But based more on his recent tracks, than not so much.  He did ‘Boys & Girls’ with Pia Mia, which wasn’t that great and now this.  Its decent, but nothing compared to his collab with Britney Bitch!  Its def a little catchy but won’t stand out against some of the bigger tracks out right now.

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