New Music Friday (March 24 & 31)

I know most people would probably disagree when I say there wasn’t too much going on with regards to new music last week (hence why I didn’t post) but most peoples music tastes seem to revolve solely around Drake.  And as you know, he surprisingly dropped his new ‘playlist’ “More Life” last week.  But I will agree that there are some tracks on there that are so great, so def take a listen.

However, were not all about Drake here (even if he is a TO native).  So I saved up 2 weeks worth of brand new hits!  And there are plenty! So get your spring playlist ready, and maybe some killer tunes for the upcoming Bunny Hop pub crawl….or your easter weekend?  Long weekend right, so maybe your gonna get turnt!

Light My Body Up – David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne

When Nicki and David team up we usually get a great bop!  And with the way that this starts off and leads up it is!  Now I’m not the biggest fan of the drop, but I am predicting that it will really grow on me.  I am all about Nicki’s lyrics and even Lil Wayne comes in hot.  I can see this getting stuck in my head for sure and being a lot better than Im first expecting.  TBH the more and more I listen to it, the more I love it….the same goes for the tune below as well.

Mo Bounce – Iggy Azalea

BOUNCE baby!  Something about this gets me.  Like I think its actually pretty terrible and I think that most people would probably agree with me there, but something about it makes you wanna just bounce and drop dat booty down low!  Iggy is slowly trying to work on a come back into the limelight, but isn’t having the best success.  But its hard to when she is releasing junk like this.  Nothing about this tune works for mainstream radio and pop success.  But this is an absolute jam if you’re at the gym or getting ready for a night out.  I swear it will get you moving!

Still Got Time – Zayn ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR

Zayn is back!  The former 1D member is tearing off with the release of his first single for his second solo album.  His first was huge.  He made a big impact when he left 1D and released an absolute fire album in my opinion.  Plus ‘Pillowtalk’ went straight to No. 1 on the Billboard charts, a feat which 1D never accomplished.  However, this is no pillowtalk.  Zayn with the help of PARTYNEXTDOOR and moved more towards R&B swing here and away from his cookie cutter pop days.  However, I am digging this track.  Way more swag and gucci on this tune and think it will do alright.  A step away from the pop side of things, and I like it.

Speak To A Girl – Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

These two are like the Rayna James and Deacon Claybounre (Nashville) of the real world!  Well Im not sure about all of the drama but music wise!  And they are going on tour together!  So cute!  And the song is super cute for a husband wife duo.  And first Faith takes it and its a little slow and kinda boring, but then Tim comes in and wow.  He sounds so great.  Together they sound flawless and I can only imagine what the tour will be like.  The song is very true.  Make sure you respect the hell out of your mama!  Make sure you call her today and tell her you love her and thank her for everything she does for you.  So excuse while I call Linda, and probably Kris Jenner too!

The One – The Chainsmokers

These guys could care less about any rules regarding single release, or being worried about over saturating the market with all new tunes.  They are releasing everything and everyone is loving it.  The above tune is the first new single off their anticipated album ‘Memories….Do Not Open’ and its quite different then the upbeat party tracks that were used to.  They still over killer beats and great lyrics, so again they are striking gold.  I think this tune will fall a little flatter than their others but I still really like it, and Im sure the rest of the album will be exactly like this and there others.  Simply amazing.

No Promises – Cheat Codes ft. Demi Lovato

I feel like I heard about this collab coming so long ago.  I feel like Demi was hyping it up so much.  And she was right too.  Its actually really good.  And lord know this girl deserves way more chart attention for her music, so heres hoping were off to a good start.  While I have no idea Cheat Codes are this is definitely a great way to be introduced.  Doing a huge track with Demi!  The beat to this tune is really nice and easy to jam along to.  This for sure will be heard and get some much deserved air and chart time.  This will be summer and festival banger for sure!

Craving You – Thomas Rhett ft. Maren Morris

When I saw these names together I had a mini freakout.  Cause I love them both so much and this just seems to perfect.  And to be honest, this probably could be the worst song ever and I would still love it.  But luckily its not, and its actually wonderful!  These 2 are both so hot right now after clenching some Grammy noms, and even hardware for Maren, so it makes perfect sense to collab and release this golden tune.  Marens voice is so angelic here, and I only wish she had a bigger part in the track.  But Im so stoked about it, and cant wait to roll my windows down and sing this driving down the highway!

Heatstroke – Calvin Harris ft. Ariana Grande, Pharrell, Young Thug

So Calvin is the worst and just like he did with ‘Slide’, he only has a preview of the song released on youtube.  And while Im sure I can find a full version no problem online, its just too much work…but not really cause Ari is in it, so Ill do whatever it takes!  But I think Calvin put it best with his recent tweet: “My music vision for this year is feel good + inclusive thank u to everyone for having an open mind and embracing it I appreciate u so much”.  He is experimenting and offering a whole new sound and I love it so much.  Its so fresh and cool and makes him a way more unique artist.  Both slide and Heatstroke and rhythmically on point, and the featured guests and fantastic.  I think he is doing everything right here.  The track isn’t the biggest banger in the world, but Im really into what he’s doing now.

Only You – Selena Gomez

Is Selener back!?  Kind of…but not in the way we all wish.  There is no album here, no official single, but its new music regardless.  Unless you live under a rock or just ignore Selena Gomez, which is nearly impossible given that she’s the most followed person on Instagram with 115 MILLION followers, and is the new beau to The Weekend, she also produced and largely spearheaded the new Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why.  The show was just released on the 31st and she’s been hard at work promoting it.  And with the new show comes an all new track.  And one that Im sure makes much more sense when connected to the show and what its about.  But its nice to know that she’s been in studio and potentially working on some other new stuff of her own.  Anyway the track is alright, nothing spectacular, just a nice touch for a new passion project of hers.

No More Sad Songs – Little Mix ft. Machine Gun Kelly

These are the worlds most underrated group ever.  These girls are straight fire and deserve to be reaching the peak of every pop chart out there.  With their last album they have been throwing out hit after hit, and this one is no different!  And they added even more star power to the hit by adding the up and coming hitmaker Machine Gun Kelly.  Everyone in the world needs to wake up and realize these girls star power.  Move over Fifth Harmony, cause Little Mix is here to takeover!  The song featured offers catchy beats, and hooks and that will have you putting this song on repeat!

Humble – Kendrick Lamar

Im not really much of a rap fan, really at all unless they are features in pop songs, or with Ariana Grande, in which case I love it.  But I am a big fan of Kendrick and respect his music so much.  I think this guy is incredible!  So I wont really critique to much cause I am in no sense an expert here.  But this track is fire.  There is nothing to critique…I mean its Kendrick.  This man is genius and knows it.  The song is just so true and real that he wins even more brownie points.  Everything about it is terrific.  Bravo Kendrick, you still killing it.

Don’t Take The Money – Bleachers

I mentioned this guy not to along go, on Lorde’s ‘Green Light’ review.  This man was a big part of her new album as well as Taylor Swifts “1989”.  And now he is back working on his second solo album.  The new song above came out on Antoff’s birthday!  So HBD to him and heres hoping his new music finds many new fans.  I think his last album flew way under the radar, and Im hoping that this new one is equally as great.  However single wise, its not the most powerful, memorable, or intriguing.  I don’t think he is going to garnering too much attention for this one, but its still good.  Just a little disappointed, and I know he can do better.

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