New Music Friday (March 17)

Happy St. Partys day everyone!  What a day!  The perfect excuse to get together with friends, pretend that its spring, and drink an excess amount of green dyed booze!!!  I definitely took part in the festivities, hence why this post is coming late – so I apologize, cause some of these new tunes would have been great for a festive playlist yesterday.  But its still the weekend, so it doesn’t mean you cant continue the party!  But there isn’t too much here, so you weren’t missing out all that much.

Symphony – Clean Bandit ft. Zara Larsson

Just a perfect collab in my mind.  These 2 are both massive in the UK, so naturally they joined forces for what will likely hit the top spot on the Official Charts.  While I don’t think it will be as big on our side of the fence, I do think its quite flawless.  Zara sounds spectacular on this track and clean bandit offer unique and absolute monster beats.  I am definitely loving this one and will have it on repeat!  I can’t wait for  new clean bandit and album and only hope they tour North America!  I love its gentleness throughout and the smooth transition into the huge chorus.  Job well done here Clean Bandit.  They really never disappoint.

At My Best – Machine Gun Kelly

With the massive success from his first single “Bad Thing” with Camila Cabello, MGK is hoping that the formula will continue to work here.  Partnering up with up and comer Hailee Steinfeld, they introduce his fresh new single.  While its not as simple and catchy as the ladder is does work the same way.  Reasonably easy to follow lines from MGK, and a very memorable chorus from the female counterpart.  I don’t think it will be as successful as Bad Things, but MGK is for sure running with commercial value of pop stars and I don’t blame him.  As long as they keep making good songs, Im happy.

Heaven South – Brad Paisley

Not sure if this is the second single, or more so just a promotional single for his new album, but you can never go wrong with Brad!  The man that never seems to ever take a break.  He’s either writing and releasing a new album, or touring.  Like I go to a lot of concerts, but I have seen this guy 3 times on 3 different tours in the last few years.  Anyways, the song itself is a very familiar, classic Paisley track.  Nothing too new here, just some country love.  An easy country tune to sing along to ono his next tour.  Its simple, sweet, and just oh so Bradley.

Tinashe – Flame

I seem to have a soft spot for Tinashe.  She not really all that popular and she is trying to throw out hit after hot, but nothing seems to stick all the much.  But she deserves so much more than she is getting.  Ever since my roommate introduced to me to “2 On”, I have really liked her.  This single has potential, but I don’t think its the hit that will bring her up the charts.  Its a cool track and offering very chill pop vibes, but its not her best.  But I actually really like it.  Think its worth watching this girl.  She is super fun, and will eventually breakout!

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