New Music Friday (March 10)

March Break bitches!!!!  And unless your a teacher, or have kids, it essentially means nothing in the adult world.  Except its a terrible time to travel cause it so expensive.  But if you are planning on travelling this week or just looking to get your St Pattys playlist ready than look no further than the new tunes below!  Sadly there aren’t too many bangers here for a party playlist, but nonetheless!

Liability – Lorde

Second week in a row for some all new Lorde!  And I love it!  I think this girl is so talented and I can’t wait for the new album.  This track was released due to her performance appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend.  Which sounded so good by the way.  She sounds exactly like she does on the studio version (which is so refreshing).  I love how simple this track is.  Stripped back to just her voice and the piano.  And there is no wonder that I like as it was produced and written alongside Jack Antonoff (one of the members of Fun.) as was her lead single “Green Light”.  He was also instrumental part of Taylor Swifts album ‘1989’.  Needless to say I really like the track and I can’t wait for more.

Wild Love – Elle King

If you’re a fan of Estee Lauder makeup or follow Kendall Jenner on any social media (obi I do, and you should no doubt too) than you would have heard or seen a snippet of this song.  While Im not sure if this is the lead single of a new upcoming album (thinking she could do a little better) the song is a perfect fit for an ad. But that being said I think its more appropriate there than as a lead.  We know how fierce she can be and I wanted a big opener to come from this girl and I don’t think this it.  Its still an ok track, but not super catchy like ‘Exs & Ohs’ was.  But I’m happy with any new Elle King, especially if its country!

Real Thing – Zac Brown Band

Another new track form these guys!  Any fan of country music is a fan of these guys.  They are so good and the blend of all the voices is so harmonious.  They really do nail it each time.  While I wasn’t a big fan of their current single “My Old Man”, I really like this one.  At first listen it seems to be a little lackluster, but than the chorus comes out of nowhere and Im sunk.  I fall right into it and love it.  The layers in the chorus just sound so nice and make the song all that much bigger!

Hey Ma – J Balvin ft. Pitbull & Camilla Cabello

So far we only have the Spanish version (and I’m not sure if an English one is coming as there isn’t one on the album), but naturally its so fun and makes you want to salsa.  The track above acts as the lead single for the new Fast & Furious movie.  Definitely a different take here than the previous movie with “Ill See You Again”.  But even though I have no clue what they are saying, I am loving it.  Typical Pitbull here, so whatever (at this point we just accept him) but a nice addition with Camilla!  She’s really taking on this solo thing with all of her features (I’m not complaining).  You can catch me dancing to this song in the car every morning now, and don’t be surprised if I learn of the Spanish in this song, just so I can sing along and pull out a new party trick!  Also just saying that if they had an english version, I think it would be really big….just saying.

How Does A Moment Last Forever – Celine Dion

This movie though.  I am so excited to go and see it!  They make it look so perfect.  The original animated version is so cute, and fun and I only hope they nail the live version.  And they couldn’t possible do a new Beauty and the Beast without yours truly, Celine Dion.  Her version of the original “Beauty and the Beast”is so flawless and unforgettable so there was no way she couldn’t be a part of this.  And with a brand new original.  Its such a cute song.  Her voice truly is incredible.  While this song is nothing gigantic and spectacular it fit the film so nicely.  Bravo Celine, we still love you.

3 am (Pullup) – Charli XCX ft. MØ

This girl is so underrated.  And I know she is trying so hard to make it back to where she was when “Fancy” and “Boom Boom Clap” were all over the radio.  And in the track above she also featured with another underrated beauty, MØ.  Together they could make something real good, but this just isn’t that.  She tries to be very unique and outside the box, but I think she’s swinging and missing.  There just isn’t anything that great here.  I like these 2 gals, but the song above, and the rest of her new album just seems a little weak.

Waterfall – Stargate ft. P!nk & Sia

Pink and Sia!  Quite the dynamic duo!  I must saying I was expecting something a little bigger and better here, but I am still digging it.  If you are wondering who the heck Stargate is, than don’t worry cause me too.  They are a writer and producer duo who have worked with Ne-Yo, Beyonce, and Rihanna.  They have worked on some massive bangers like “Irreplaceable” and “Only Girl In The World”. While Im excited for all new Pink cause its been forever, Im just not sure this is the best. I honestly thought this song was for a soundtrack for some movie, but thats not the case.  The song is ok…not amazing doe.

Hoping – X Ambassadors

I was lucky to see these guys perform live last summer and can vouch that they are terrific, live or studio.  And this song just proves it a little more.  All the proceeds for this song are going to the ACLU foundation.  Which makes me think that this isn’t a lead single for them, its nice to have a new track from them.  The song is very empowering and some much needed positive reinforcement for those in hard situations.  I stand for this song and hope it can be heard in a large capacity cause it deserves to be.  I think the song is great, and these guys are even greater!

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