New Music Friday (March 4)

Move over winter (I really hope) because March is here!  It time for the snow to go, and flowers to bloom.  The first week of March doesn’t bring us all too much, but exactly what we want and need!  A new album from Ed Sheeran dropped today (believe me I am restraining from putting the whole album on the list) and we got a brand new single from Lorde!  So this week were all about quality over quantity.

Green Light – Lorde

I have been waiting for Lorde to splash back onto the scene for so long!! And she did not disappoint.  With a 4 year gap since her first album ‘Pure Heroine’, its going to be quite the comeback for Ella.  She had huge momentum after that album and with the success of her #1 hit “Royals”.  Not to mention her 2 Grammy wins at the age of 17.  Anyways, onto the track above.  Well I love it!!!  So so much!  I loved everything about Lorde 4 years ago, and I don’t intend on anything changing.  She is so unique and refreshing in the world of pop music.  The song is fun, fierce, and the perfect welcome back for Lorde.  I hope this song blows up as much as Royals did.

Hypnotised – Coldplay

Coldplay has blessed us with 2 new songs just like that.  One with The Chainsmokers, and now there own official single off their upcoming EP ‘Kaleidoscope’.  The very mellow and relaxing track offers a very familiar Coldplay sound.  Chris Martins lullaby voice for sure has me hypnotized with this tune.  Its no chart topper or banger, but its a nice background track.  Its not anything amazing or spectacular, but its a nice song.  Its ok.

Perfect – Ed Sheeran

As said above, Ed dropped his new album ‘Divide’ today!  And thank goodness he did.  I just wish he was like Future and would drop another one next week.  But one is still great.  So with the release of the album, he put all (or maybe most) tracks on youtube.  This one above seems to be the most popular and viewed out of the new ones available to us, and no doubt why.  Its beautiful, and wonderful, and well perfect.  Its such a cute song, and brings us in just as much as “Thinking Out Loud” did.  The rest of the album is flawless as you can imagine.  So let Ed just whisk you away and spend the weekend with his album on repeat.

Lea Michele – Love Is Alive

Remember her?  Lea was the lead powerhouse in Glee!  Well back in 2014 she released her first album.  And it was very pop, and felt very manufactured.  So naturally it didn’t do all that well.  But she is back and ready to try again, and this time she said its all her, and she couldn’t care less if no one listened to this one.  She is stripping back down to why people love her so much and thats her voice.  She has a massive voice and wants to put it on full display as you can tell by the teaser above.  The lead single may not be very pop oriented, or even seem to be any kind of charting single, but its what she wants to do, so you go Lea!


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