Ski Saint Sauveur

What a perfect weekend!!  With the weather being so drab this past week from all the rain and heat, ski, skate, and basically just winter seem to be finished.  But I wouldn’t count on it just yet, as we do typically get some kind of snowstorm in March and April.  However, before the rain washed away all the snow, the Family Day long weekend was amazing.

After getting heaps and heaps of snow in Ottawa, it made the setting for our upcoming ski weekend in Quebec all the more appealing.  As if we weren’t already excited enough just to be off on Monday, the snowfall from the week and the weekends weather forecast of 7 degrees made us ecstatic.


With an Air bnb booked for a group of 14 of us we set out on Saturday morning to what we would soon discover was our gorgeous home for the next 2 days.  Set just outside (10 mins) the main village and ski resort area, we pulled up to our spectacular 4 bedroom and cabin-esque wooden loft!  This place had high ceilings, massive front window, a home gym, and even a hot tub!  So naturally we were quite comfortable there!

So as soon as we unpacked, said our hellos to the the Thibault clan (most of which were staying with us) and then it was off to the slopes!  This being my second time on the hills this season, I was super excited to get a full night in, and follow it up with a hot tub sesh and several cold beers.

It was such a perfect night.  The hills were practically empty and the conditions were great.  Plus it was so warm that I had all pant and jacket vents open, it made it feel like spring skiing (at least what I thought, until Monday when we went during the day).  Needless to say we tracked the whole mountain going from slope to slope.  It really made me want to kick myself for making more time to ski throughout December and January.  But we made the most of the night and boarded from 330 till 10!  So I was definitely ready for some acres ski!  The night was low-key.  A relaxing hot tub and drink with bae and the Thibault fam as we put our feet up and enjoyed a nice beer.


Sunday was lazy day.  After a full night on the hills, I could how sore my feet and legs were. So we opted to enjoy some of my favourite past time….shopping!!!  We strolled out to the little ski village strip mall and peeked into Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Aldo, and more.  But sadly I came up empty handed 😦 – I had convinced myself that it was because I am trying to save up for my trip, so it was really ok.  But I did however see these super cute Toms on sale for $45, but they didn’t have my size.  They were just half a size too small.  So Ill just buy them online for full price I guess.

After being ditched by Justin so he could hit the hills for another 2 hours, I slummed it real hard and napped. Afterwards it was drinking time.  The cooks filled the kitchen with delicious grub, the Thibault clan grew even larger, and the drinks were flowing.  We started with several rounds of Catchphrase, a popular favourite from the year before, and then switched to a drinking game WTF!  Plus the game is listed as the raunchy version and this was only the first time I had played it, so Ill def be needing to pull this out again with friends.

Before we knew it, it was Monday.  With the sun shining and temps reaching close to 10, we were so ready for another full day of skiing.  And nothing beats spring skiing.  So we organized our stuff to head home straight after skiing, only to find out that all the parents rallied together to request an extra nights stay at the cottage.  Sadly I had to work the next day, but meant that we didn’t have to pack than and there.  So we hit the slopes.  Wearing even less layers than the day before we made the most of what we had.  While the conditions weren’t great, the day was just too good.  The patio was filled with people eating lunch and sipping pitchers of beer and just enjoying what felt like the perfect ski day.


We boarded the day away, criss crossing all over the mountain and practicing our carving and skills.  I even went off a make shift jump and caught a solid foot of air (thats impressive for me, so don’t hate).  We stopped for a beer part way through the day and really just relished on the day.  Like the Saturday before, we boarded from 11am right until 6pm.  Exhausted but stoked knowing we just had such an awesome weekend, we packed away our gear and set out to the only place you’d want after a long day, St Hubert (its no Swiss Chalet, but when in Quebec).  We stopped by the condo to find all of the parents cozied up after a hard day of relaxing in the hot tub, scarfed down our food and hit the road.  After all, we did have about 2 hour to drive back home.  Ill admit, Im very happy that it wasn’t men stuck behind the wheel.

It really was the best way to spend the family day long weekend.  Well I guess it could have been improved had my own family been there as well, but next time.



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