New Music Friday (Feb 10 & 17)

I know that I am super late on this one, and it probably would have been more ideal to have all new tunes on the long weekend, but sadly there was just too much going on to update it before than.  However, its here now, and with so much too!  I did not hold out on tracks this week so enjoy.  I also included the last two Fridays, as the 10th didn’t have too many updates (other than Katy Perry) so voila!  Enjoy all new earworms from Selener, Lana, and Ed!

Chained To The Rhythm – Katy Perry

By now, Im sure this track isn’t all that new to you.  With a killer performance during the Grammys, Katy’s comeback single is making quite the stride and sure to make quite the debut on the charts.  While skeptical at first, I am slowly starting to really like the song.  The song definitely grows on you, and with all the radio play it will get, you will not only know all the words, but grow to love it as well.  Katy is always one for cool promo, and this time she was no different.  She placed disco balls all over the world with a pair of headphones that played her song.  There was one in TO and I wish I was around to stumble upon it.  But at least now everyone gets to hear the new single from the queen of pop!

It Aint Me – Kygo ft. Selena Gomez

So many YES’s!  I love this!  It helps that I love Selena and Kygo, and so together they are just flawless.  I expansion and overlap in Selena’s voice part way into the song is so killer and the chorus is amazing.  Its so easy to sing along to and I only wish that the song is directed right at the Biebs.  My only bit of criticism is that Im much more a fan of the drop after the second verse that I am the first.  I am not sure what is being said and it just throws the song off its track a little.  But overall Im happy and glad that Selena is back in the biz.

Shining – DJ Khaled ft. Beyonce & Jay Z

Im not usually a fan of DJ Khaled, but than you see Beyonces name so obviously I have to listen.  But its only available on Tidal (ugh!) so I am having a hard time finding it somewhere so I can just listen to the whole track, so Im basing my judgement off of a preview.  And that is well, Im just not sure.  I get a snippet of Yonce which is ok, but nothing from Khaled or Jay.  So for now Ill just keep searching and maybe download a copy somewhere.  Let me know if you think its any good.

Cold – Maroon 5 ft. Future

These boys!  I told you before, and Ill tell you again that they can do no wrong in my books.  I am loving the new breakup single.  The digs at the past relationship and the lyrics are so great.  I really love the back beat in this track and the collab with Future is also so solid.  While Future isn’t here to hype up the song in its final verse, it keeps the flow going so nicely.  I have yet to watch the video above, but here is hoping that its much much better than ‘Dont Wanna Know’ is.  Either way, def download this cause its great!

Love – Lana Del Rey

This girl has quite the following.  Its either people hardcore love this chick, or just don’t care for her.  There isn’t really an in between, even though thats where I consider myself.  But with the new release of her first single since 2015, she has got people buzzin.  The video is #2 on Youtube trending and the track is getting major press, especially on social media.  But for the right reasons too.  Its actually really good.  The song is very much Lana style and offers the same familiarity that we love about her.  The very teenage dreamers track is sweet and innocent and is making me fall in love with Lana.  Check it out, cause you wont be disappointed.  It will take you back to the days of your first loves and life as a teenager.

It Takes Two – Carly Rae Jepsen & Lil Yachty

Ok judge me all you want, but I actually loved this!  It was so fun just to watch and the new modern jazz up of such an 80s classic was so cool.  The song is already the biggest earworm and so naturally after watching that, the song is stuck in my head, but I am very ok with that.  The above tune was used as an ad for Target, and it actually aired during the Grammys!  Carly and Lil Y nailed it, and made the track  all new again!  Love it!

Love Incredible – Cashmere Cat ft. Camilla Cabello

One of Camillas first solo endeavour since her iconic split from the all girl group Fifth Harmony.  From my point of view was a huge mistake but hopefully it will all work out for her.  Based on this track, its not a bad start.  For a feature its very cool.  I am really digging Cashmere Cat right now, and it doesn’t hurt when he gets assistant from Camilla or Selena.  But this track def has potential and Camilla’s unique voice give it so much.  The verses are decent but the they nail the chorus. Its all great until about the last 20 seconds and than its a hot mess.

How Would You Feel – Ed Sheeran

Ed tweeted this tune the other day, saying that while its not a new single, but rather just promotional before his album ‘Divide’ drops March 3, he did say that it is one of his favs!  The slower and stripped back track is quite nice.  Nothing show stopping, or spectacular about it, just an artist doing his things.  It is a really cute song and if Ed told me he loved than I would feel pretty great.  The lyrics are really nice, and the instrumentation is simple and makes for an overall terrific acoustic sound for his new album.

Rich Boy – Galantis

Their request for some sweet sweet love is being accepted.  The house track from the electronic newbies is fun and fresh.  Not as big and explosive as their previous single ‘No Money’ but equally as exciting.  The simple house tune adds a little it of fun and spunk into your next party playlist, especially as we head into springtime!!  Also feel free to explore all of Galantis library cause they have some real bangerz in there.

Options – Pitbull

Yuck. Im usually not one to even get involved, but this song is just so misogynistic.  I know Pitbull is pretty sleazy, but sometimes he comes out with some real bangerz.  But this definitely isn’t one of them.  His collab with Stephen Marley is really just asking me to stay away.  It had potential because it is catchy and the lyrics are very easy to remember, but its just not good.  The lyrics are just too slimy and greasy.  The whole mix here is sleazy and Im not about that….unless its a Kesha kind of sleazy.

In The Arms of the Stranger – Mike Posner

Mikey boy!  We all knew Mike way way back when we came out with ‘Cooler Than Me’, and than most recently he had that bop ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza’ which brought him back to the spotlight and even got him a grammy nod.  Well he’s released yet another remix for his song ‘In The Arms of a Stranger’ and its really quite good.  His album was kind of lackluster, because the jam we all loved was a remix, so much of his own stuff was kinda merp.  So with the help of Grey, he hopes to illuminate his new single and gain as much attention as his previous.

Bom Bidi Bom – Nick Jonas & Nicki Minaj

All the ughs for this movie franchise, but the soundtracks are always just so on point.  And this tune is no exception.  The collab with Nick and Nicki is so sexy and cool.  Such a perfect track for the movie.  Between Nicki’s booty and Nick flawless bod, the duo make me wishing this would be the next single for the film, even though their typically aren’t continued singles for a soundtrack.  But heres hoping this will be one.

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