S(NO)W Day!

Ok so yesterday as I am sure you’re all aware (if you live in Ottawa or Toronto) we got quite the snow storm!  Literally it snowed from 11am-11pm (for certain)!  Up to 15cm!  I was shovelling in the morning (I know, so unlike me right) and after I finished it looked as if I had done nothing at all.

But with a snowfall its hard to resist at least some pictures.  It was such a pretty day!  So even though I felt like doing nothing but watching the Kardashians and sipping tomato soup (both of which I did) I made sure Justin set aside some time to help snap a few pics.

Sadly we moved from our cozy downtown condo to a little more of suburbia. So we took to our NEW STREET and snapped away!


I kept the look very Sunday!  You all know what that means.  Slippers and blankie on. Real lazy and lax.  I put on my oversized tribal sweater from American Eagle.  Its perfect for cozy day in or a winter filled day out in the snow.  In winter were so quick to retract our style and fashion for warmth (which I completely agree on) but it also typically means that we head for more neutral colours like black, beige, grey and darker tones.  We also stay away from prints and patterns for some reason.  So I wanted to bring out something both cozy and fun and emote the day perfectly!

I also decided to match the look with my Hudson’s Bay Canada gear!  Both the matching gloves and toque.  Felt it was very much being in the Canadian element with the snow storm in full effect and they are ultimately the best winter accessory.


Normally I would have gone with black pants to match, but as it was Sunday, and I had just been through a move, my beige khakis were gonna have to do.  Still aiming for simple and comfortable, these American Eagle flex fit are amazing!  I was skeptical at first, and thought were too tight, but they are turning out the be the comfiest pants I own!  The bend with you at the knee and are so flexible 😉

I think a lot of the time, people get lazy in the winter.  Slap on their sweats and stay warm. But you don’t need to sacrifice warmth for style!  There is plenty out there that allow you to do both!  The outfit here is so simple, as most of mine.  And whats even better is that I do them at a reasonable price.  The sweater and pants (both from American Eagle) were purchased on sale and for no more than $40.  So don’t be afraid to throw around some colour this winter!  All the white around you will make your outfit pop.  Plus anything away from the drab winter blues is a great touch!



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