New Music Friday (Feb 3)

Well if the groundhog ain’t a legit source of information that I don’t know that to believe anymore.  When this little furry creature tellin’ me that were gonna have an early spring well than you best believe Im gonna agree with him.  So you heard it here that spring is coming real soon.  And what better way to break out that news than this weekend with all new tunes.  And so many fresh country tracks (the perfect summer genre ~ especially when Sam Hunt is included).

Body Like A Back Road – Sam Hunt

YES!  I am so excited about this!  Sam’s debut album ‘Montevallo’ was such a hit, and made him take off so quick.  It also doesn’t help that he is the best looking guy in all of country music (its a shame he’s engaged now).  But ever since the announcement of his 15 in a 30 tour it was inevitable that this was coming.  And its so catchy!  I love the laidback, summer vibes this tunes gives off.  Its a short and sweet introduction to some new Sam and its perfect.  It is definitely crossing the boundaries much more between pop and country, but its fun, and very much reminiscent of the Sam Hunt that everyone loves!

Beauty and the Beast – Ariana Grande & John Legend

Such a beautiful take on a classic.  Based on the trailer, the movie looks incredible and I cant wait to go and see it! And anytime I see Ariana Grande’s name behind a project Im all in!  But the rendition of this song is amazing.  I see so many online hating on it and its ridiculous.  Obviously there is no way to replace the Celine Dion version, but the remake of the classic film calls for a new audience and one which looks up to recent stars.  Back when the original movie came out, Celine Dion was a megastar, just as Ariana and John are!  Plus if it helps, Celine will also be featured on the films soundtrack with an all new original tune!  So everyone just stop hating, and rejoice that this film is receiving a live version with Emma Watson and buy your tickets!

Believer – Imagine Dragons

Damn!  Where have these guys been!  I swear its been forever!  But happy to see that they are coming out with some new stuff!  I wouldn’t say this is as great as ‘Radioactive’ or ‘Demons’, but it definitely has potential.  I do like it and did download it myself so I am sure that Ill get much more into it than I am now.  The new single comes out swinging and really packs a punch!  I hope it can give them the momentum that they once had!  Cause it is a really cool single and deserves to be as big as their previous work!

Happy People – Little Big Town

I love love love Little Big Town.  So when ‘Better Man’ came out I downloaded it in a second!  And with their new album ‘The Breaker’ prepped and ready to be released on Feb 27, I am so excited to get all the new tunes!  I am assuming this is more of a promotional single than an official one, but either way its so cute.  The simple, upbeat track puts a smile on your face and has you tapping along to the simple melody.  Its not a big hit, but its fun a cute addition to the album!

Everyday – Ariana Grande ft. Future

YES, YES, YES!  I am already a big fan of this song from her ‘Dangerous Woman’ album, and I am stoked that she chose it as her single.  I mean I would really be happy with any song, but this cool R&B track and while its not the most lyrically complex it is flirty and very fun!  Plus Ari’s dance move in the lyric video above are just so cute.  I mean how can you not love her!  Plus the addition of future adds to her cool factor and hopefully introduces her to some new audiences!  Hop on this track now, cause its a jam!

Digital Love – Digital Farm Animals ft. Hailed Seinfeld

Certainly an interesting track.  TBH I only clicked on it because Hailee is featured on it, but I actually kind of like it!  The newbie to the pop/house blend introduces a very real, but also fad of a message.  Swiping right and double tapping your way into someones heart is certainly something that I can relate to!  I dont think this is a big hit or will even make it onto the Hot 100, but its got a fun drop and I love Hailee so Im behind it!  Its just so real for our time!


Stay In The Dark – The Band Perry

The family trio! Back again!  I feel like they keep trying to release first singles.  A while back they released their very pop powerhouse track ‘Live Forever’, but than it was a long while later until they released ‘Comeback Kid’.  And now its been another long while and now we have the song above.  Much like those listed, none of them really had hitmaker potential.  They are seem to be kind of just ok.  While the twang and familiar sound of the Band Perry is much more noticeable here, its just not what were waiting to hear.  Hopefully they’ve got some more on the way that can help shift the spotlight back to them.

My Old Man – Zac Brown Band

The boys are back with a slow and touching tune.  An ode to your old man, pops, daddio!  There is no computer enhancements, no electronic elements.  They kept it really simple with this stripped down single.  Relying solely on the instruments and the talented voices, the group.  It does have all the feels though, whether or not your father is still around, and if he is it makes you wanna give him a call and say thanks! While I’m not sure about its single potential and how well it will do, compared to some of their previous, but I am regardless excited for a new album and hopefully a tour.  My brother saw them a while back and said they were incredible live, so they have quickly earned a spot on my list to go and see!

I Dont – Mariah Carey ft. YG

Ugh, this bitch!  Seriously Mariah!  I know you were the best of the best back in the day, but its time to hang up the mic and call it quits.  Enjoy your dolla bills and retirement.  This first single, just isn’t all that great, or catchy.  Plus the video is a mess.  You can tell she’s getting older, cause all of her movements are way to stiff and it just seems way too awkward.  She really does have a beautiful voice and I wish and know that if she put the focus on that, than she be able to make a reputable comeback.  But this just really seems kind of sad.


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