New Music Friday (Jan 27)

Some HUGE names coming out this week!  Were capping off the end of January with some real bangers.  Artists like Major Lazer, Martin Garrix, Sam Hunt and more!  And what a perfect time for some killer hits.  The winter blues are real now that everyone is broke after the holidays, but we are back on the up swing.  Everyone is back in their routines and sun is starting to stay out past 4pm so things are looking up.  Plus now that Jan is pretty much over, we really only have like 2 more months of winter left!  Not so bad!

Run Up – Major Lazer ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR & Nicki Minaj

What a killer collab!  These names alone are enough to bring me to the track!  When you get a powerhouse like Nicki and Major Lazer together, you’re instantly drawn to it.  I wouldn’t say this is any ‘Lean On’ or ‘Cold Water’, but its def a much more laid-back chill vibe to it.  Its an easy and catchy beat to get behind and tap along too.  Nicki’s verse if fierce (as if shed give anything else) and PARTYNEXTDOOR is slaying the rhythmic hits all along.  Im feelin this song for some wallflower music at the next shindig.

Scared To Be Lonely – Martin Garrix & Dua Lipa

I was so excited to hear this track.  After Martins killer collab ‘In The Name Of Love’ with Bebe Rexha, this was sure to impress me.  And with Dua Lipas recent track record, I was surely expecting gold.  And they did not disappoint.  Its not as catchy as the listed counterpart, but I am loving it.  Lipa’s voice is incredible and her vibe is so trendy right now.  The beat in this track hits all the right points and the vocals are so perfect.  Martins quickly becoming the next Chainsmokers and killing the electric, house and pop crossover.   Love it guys!

So Good – Zara Larsson

My Swedish gal!  This chick has got so much momentum going on overseas!  The UK is eating her up, and that typically means big things are to come from this fresh young face.  While this single isn’t as tough and fierce as ‘Ain’t My Fault’, it is a little more friendly and welcoming to the ear.  The only problem is that this song really doesn’t stand out too much.  She came out swinging with her first single and this one is really kind of falling a little flat.  I still like it, but its not blowing me away like I know she can.  And Ty Dolla $ign ain’t really introducing anything to fresh either.  Its a nice album addition, but not sure about its single capabilities.

I’m Better – Missy Elliot ft. Lamb

Missy!  Back!  Again…?  Remember when she released ‘WTF’ back in Nov 2015 and we all thought we were bought to get one of the hottest track and album releases.  And now were a year and a half later.  Well she’s dropped another tune.  But I don’t think you’ll be seeing it all over the radio thats for sure.  Its really not that great.  The dancers in the video look like weirder versions of The Fat Jew, and the tune just really isn’t good.  The video is pretty weird, but I just overall expected more from Missy.  She used to be pure fire!  And this is just a big ol flop I think.  At least her last single had some catchy hooks and you were down to groove to it.  Not so much on this one though.

Cold Hard Truth – Nelly Furtado

Wow, remember her!  Its surely been a long while!  She had one of the best albums ‘Loose’ in 2006 and it really did slay.  And then she tried to come back in 2010, but kind of flopped with her single ‘Big Hoops’.  But now see back again! With a new album on the way and this decent single.  Its no ‘Promiscuous’ or ‘Say It Right’, but its got a cool vibe to it.  Its just not the same Nelly vibe from before.  The one that we all recognize and love.  Its too bad she wasn’t able to keep the momentum going from her 2006 album, cause it really was fantastic.  And my guess is that this album won’t go too far.  If I’m basing it off this single that is.  Just want something a bit better.

Quit You – Lost Kings ft. Tinashe

You know someone is fairly new to the scene when they don’t even have a wikipedia page! But I do know them.  At least from one previous song ‘You’, which I love so much!  So its nice to see them again with a new single and featuring my girl Tinashe.  I am loving all of her stuff right now so this collab is perfect.  This track definitely has potential.  I don’t think this will be there breakthrough hit, but it will definitely get them some much needed attention.  Its got a very Chainsmokers ‘Closer’ vibe to it, and I really do like this song.  Love the lyrics behind it and the very cool lyric video.  I hope this introduces these guys to the more mainstream market!

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