New Music Friday (Jan 13 & 20)

New Year, New M(e)usic!!! We kicked off our first week with an absolute bang, but were slowing down a little bit here.  But its January, and most people are chilling, attempting to revive their livers and bodies and most especially their wallets from the past holiday season.  So quiet music week isn’t so bad!  But that doesn’t mean we don’t have some huge hits coming in though!  Check them out below!  I also merged 2 weeks into one due to both a lack of my own time, but also because there just weren’t very many big tunes in the week prior, so I figured Id just mash them together now!

Paris – The Chainsmokers

Im still not too sure how I feel about this song.  But it made quite the splash on the charts.  Its getting played like crazy but I am not too crazy about it.  Its not as catchy as ‘Closer’ but the relaxed and toned down tune will still have you tapping your foot.  No doubt, from now on, anytime you see a track from The Chainsmokers, it will get terrific airplay, but to debut at No. 7 is very impressive.  Im not sure it really deserves that slot, but I am also sure that it will fall down the charts quite a bit.  Its still a good song, just not my fav is all.

Not Afraid – Halsey

Another track from the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack.  I only wanted them to make another movie just so we could get another divine soundtrack.  Cause the first one brought us killer hits like ‘Earned It’ and ‘Love Me Like You Do’, and with ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Forever’, we are certainly on track for another goodie!  It no surprise this ‘New Americana’ up and comer is a feature on the soundtrack.  She is the hottest newbie on the circuit and her voices matches perfectly with the aesthetic of the film.  While the tune isn’t as catchy as some of the previously listed singles, I do think its a solid soundtrack choice.  Thats about it.

On My Way – Tiesto

Just a teaser, I know.  I haven’t dug enough to find the full version on the internees yet, so my commentary is strictly based off this preview.  Based on what I hear, I am digging it!  The horns beat drop is killer and I am feeling it.  I was really wishing the sample didn’t end, but it def hooked me and left me wanting much more.  I am excited to see how the rest of the song sounds, and for all new Tiesto!!

You Look Good – Lady Antebellum

About time these guys came back!  I know they all went on to do their solo things, and thats great and all, but I think they are best as a group.  I mean Charles Kelley did have some huge tunes on his solo endeavour like ‘The Driver’ and ‘Lonely Girl’.  But Im glad they came back.  Especially with this.  ‘You Look Good’ is so fresh and fun.  Plus its such a flirty tune and perfect for a country weekend!  Love the song and hope that it earns some recognition.  Its a great start for a new album, and Im sure there will be plenty more smash hits to come.  My only bit of criticism is that I wish it was released closer to summer.  Like May, so that it could be a summer jam!

Touch – Little Mix

Coming out with some serious fire! While not as catchy and Live as their first single ‘Shout Out To My Ex’ this hit is flirty and fierce!  The girls of Little Mix look hot AF and are totally slaying.  They deserve to be way bigger than they are, but Im glad they are at least getting tons of recognition in the UK!  They just need to continue their crossover to the US.  ‘Touch’ will no doubt run up the UK charts.  If you need a sexy new single to start off the new year, than this is it!

Moving On And Getting Over – John Mayer

The mayer is back!  And I am so pleased about it! This past weekend John came out with a small EP with a few songs on it and its wonderful!  I am a big fan of his and while his first single ‘Love On The Weekend’ wasn’t necessarily the most exciting it was still a classic John Mayer feel.  This song even more so.  The classic guitar sounds and his angelic voice blend so nicely in this track.  Of the songs among the EP this was the most popular and my fav, so I featured it, but there are a few more I definitely recommend listening too!  And I can’t wait for a full album to come, cause this guy is so great!

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