New Music Friday (Jan 6)

The first new singles of 2017!!!  I am sensing big things and even bigger hits for Canada’s 150th year!!!  And 2017 started off the best way possible!  While this week is relatively quiet for album drops, we were blessed with all new Ed and tons of new singles in pop, country, and hip hop!

Shape of You – Ed Sheeran

What we all came for!  ED! ED! ED!  Its been way too long, but damn what a start!  Not with just one, but 2 new songs!!!  And this first one is for sure a hit.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they both entered into the Hot 100 in the top 10!  This tune above set the record on spotify for most streams in one day with close to 7 million streams.  Between the 2 hits, he hit over 13 million streams!  In just one day!  The best before him?  One Directions “Drag Me Down” which hit over 4 million.  People are obsessed with the new Ed tunes and rightfully so.  This one is flirty, funky, and fun!  Its the perfect way to start off the new year, and I can’t wait to hear more from Ed and his new album ‘Divide’!

Castle On The Hill – Ed Sheeran

The new Ed tune #2!  This story telling tune is very different from the one above.  Still flawless as he is and have no doubt it will make quite the splash in the charts.  Again the back beat for this song keeps you feeling upbeat, and the familiarity of Eds voice and descriptive lyrics make you fall in love with the song.  This songs makes you feel like a prince or princess who rules a kingdom and your about to walk out onto your balcony with the wind blowing your gorgeous robe and speak to all the people below.  Or not……Either way its a great song and I am so happy there is new Ed for me to sing all day, everyday!

Drinkin Too Much – Sam Hunt

When I saw that Sam Hunt released a new song I almost pooped my pants!  Not really, but kinda.  This guy is my new country crush!  His first album was incredible and had hit after hit.  It also helps that he is gorgeous.  But than I listened to it and was very disappointed.  Its not much of a song, more than it is just a very personal apology to Amy.  The song shares his experience after the release of his breakup and album release.  And while its actually quite painful to hear, and you just want all to be well, its not much of a song.  Nothing that will be added to any of his latest albums.  Maybe this was just therapeutic for him, so heres hoping that well get some real bops from Sammy real soon.

Don’t Leave – Snakehips & MØ

Snakehips really surprised me with their first few tunes ‘All My Friends’, and ‘Cruel’ so I was very intrigued with their next single.  Plus the above collab is with MO!  And she’s just been popping up everywhere, I so had high hopes.  While the song wasn’t as much of a banger as I was hoping, its very much in the duos wheelhouse and offering a cool, new sound.  I still on the fence about how much I like this tune, but I like it.  Just don’t LOVE it. It definitely catchy and one that I can find myself subliminally humming later on.

Move Your Body – Sia

A new groovy tune from Sia aint bad.  This song has a very Shakira feel in it, as well as a very World Cup/Sports feel for it.  Its not her best, but it is a 4th single, so their is not as much pressure for a standout album hit for this track.  I think she could have picked a better song from the album for this slot, but she kept with the upbeat and energetic flow that she’s got going on right now.  As always, I am very excited to see the video that she creates for this song, and am confident it will contain very unique but cool dance moves in it!

Yours If You Want It – Rascal Flatts

The Flatts are back!  Yay, I miss their signature country twang tunes so much!!  Their last single “I Like The Sound The Sound of That” was a big fav of mine, and with the above tune, Im really liking the sound of this too!  Its got the classic flat vibe and lyrics, and its fun and fresh!  Ive been needing some new country music lately and I am so excited to be getting it!  These guys can do no wrong in my books, and they are off to a great start to 2017 with this one!

Thinking Bout You – Dua Lipa

I am loving this girl.  Probably more than most, but she is so underrated right now.  She is popping out hit after hit, and while she isn’t seeing the commercial success I would like for her, I know she is off to a terrific start!  After all, her latest single “Blow Your Mind” did chart on the Hot 100 which is quite the accomplishment.  Now onto this slowed down romantic track.  I am digging it.  She is showing off her vocal chops much more here and proving to us that she’s more than just a fashionista wash.  She’s got real talent and will continue to blow our minds!  MUAH!

Dearly Beloved – Kiesza

Remember this girl!  You know she’s the one that had that huge Canadian hit in 2015 “Hideaway”.  Well now she’s back with the lead single off her next album, and its…..merp. It just kind of falls flat.  At the beginning you expect it to build into something bigger and more epic and than it just kind of flatlines.  Not really feeling this one all that much.  Maybe on the follow up.


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