Top 10 Singles of 2016

With 2017 just in the horizon and all of the year end list making their appearances, I thought I would make a little one of my own!  But without getting into too much and going over board, I just selected my top 10 songs of the year.

They include some of my all time favs of the year.  The kinds of songs that I blast the radio too and sing my heart out with.  There are probably many more that I loved and deserve to be in the list, but than it would never end!  So I stuck more to the album singles for this list rather than some of my more obscure favourites.

No. 1

Different For Girls – Dierks Bentley ft. Elle King

I just love this song so so much!  Not only does Dierks have just a musky and incredible voice, the collab with the equally as commanding voice of Elle King makes this duet just perfect.  It also helps that Dierks is beautiful!  The second single from his 2016 album ‘Black’ was an instant standout for me and a perfect slowed down hit that I needed.  I cant wait to see this performed live when I go and see him in a few weeks!

No. 2

Into You – Ariana Grande

Yes!  Baby lit me up this year!  Her third number 1 studio album ‘Dangerous Woman’ was a knockout this year.  Throwing out hits like ‘Focus’, ‘Dangerous Woman’, ‘Side to Side’ and the above.  She is a mega star right now and creates pop gold!  I still believe this song was underrated as it absolutely should have cracked the Top 10 in the Billboard Hot 100, but regardless its still a banger.  The sultry single is flirty and fun, and the best way to fight through the rest of 2016.  Plus the music video is so fun and the guy ain’t so bad to look at either.  Ari is one my favs, so naturally she deserves a spot on my list.  I would have liked to add all of her 2016 singles here, but I was gracious enough to only put one. Just like above, I cant wait to see her on tour in March!

No. 3

Sorry – Justin Bieber

I am well aware that this song was released in 2015, but it commanded the very early months of 2016 and continued to be one of the best selling, and most heard singles all year.  And no wonder, because its catchy and fun as hell!  The video alone has over 2 BILLION views, becoming the 3rd most youtube video of all time!  This song is no doubt on everyones favourite list, and is part of the reason why everyone started to love this guy all over again (only for a moment though).  The Biebs had one hell of a year in 2015/16 and it was inevitable that he would end up on this list.  I was so sad when I missed his show last May due to my California adventure, but lucky me has nabbed some tickets for his September show in TO!

No. 4

Work From Home – Fifth Harmony

Sadly they’ve ended the year on a salty note, and it just enforces that 2016 needs to end ASAP!  With the departure of their head chicka Camilla Cabello, the rest of the gang of Fifth Harmony has their work cut out for them to keep up the killer momentum they garnered in 2016.  And with the monster hit above, these girls dominated the year. Coming out with one of freshest and catchiest hits of the year, and undoubtedly the hottest video of the year, these girls were a shoe in for this list.  As much as everyone claims to dislike this song because of how much it was over played, you’ll see them singing along.  Plus when this song comes on in a club, everyone will be busting it.  Their 2016 album ‘7/27’ was a smash from the get go and is leading the way for so much more success for these girls, and I hope they are able to keep it going without Camilla.

No. 5

My Church – Maren Morris

The new queen of country!  Maren Morris made the biggest splash of the year in country music and became the biggest success story of the year.  Her album ‘Hero’ quickly became one of my favourites of the year and one that I continuously have on repeat.  This soulful and gospel hit slowly caught my attention half way through the year and quickly became one my favourites.  As a huge fan of country music, its very refreshing to see a new country gal make her mark.  With the over concentrated male market and the only two women to command the country airwaves being Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert, Maren Morris deserves to be on this list!  She is at the top of my list to go and see in concert….whenever she makes the trek up to Canada!

No. 6

Hello – Adele

Much like ‘Sorry’, the above hit was also released at the end of 2015, but again commanded much of early 2016.  As did the rest of Adele and her third studio album ’25’.  The album so much anticipated, that Im sure she would have had a number 1 song no matter what it was. ‘Hello’ was a massive first single and earned Adele high praise for her stadium size voice and powerful lyrics.  Not to mention, she has the most wonderful and cute personality and its very hard not too love her.  But Im sure its no surprise that she made this list, as I continue to belt out the entire album during long drives. She is someone who I was so sad to miss, as I had tickets for Toronto, but was unable to go.  So until next time Adele, if it means me coming to England, Ill be there!

No. 7

Youth – Troye Sivan

The Aussie youtuber came out with a huge album this year, dropping ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ last December, it quickly became one of my favourite albums of the year.  I ordered the vinyl of it as soon as it became available and I love it so much!  When Troye first started his music career with ‘Happy Little Pill’ I wasn’t really into it.  But with the release of his Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy on youtube, I feel in love with his sound.  His poppy second single peaked at No. 23 on the Hot 100 and I was so proud.  I am such a fan of ‘Youth’ and cant wait to go and see this guy live, once he has a bigger library under his belt.  Sadly I had to skip his show, as I had tickets to see Amy Schumer (which she than cancelled because of illness) so ya.  Either way, the album is so worth checking out!

No. 8

Don’t Let Me Down – The Chainsmokers ft. Daya

These guys just had to make my list!!  They are by far one of the biggest winners of 2016, dropping smash after smash!  With their hits ‘Roses’, ‘Closer’, and ‘All We Know’, this duo was the hottest act of the year.  When they first released ‘Selfie’, no one took these guys all that serious, until now.  They demanded the Hot 100 this year and became the biggest electronic group.  While ‘Closer’ is the hottest song at the moment and their first number 1, its the song above which got me falling in love with them earlier on in the year.  The funky collab with Daya was a perfect introduction for both newcomers and paved the way for their first number 1.  Either way, these guys have some terrific bangers this year and will no be going anywhere anytime soon.

No. 9

Starving – Hailee Steinfeld ft. Grey & Zedd

An interesting choice to throw on this list, but this pop newcomer really grabbed my attention with the blended electronic and pop hit.  I loved her since her debut track ‘Love Myself’, but this tune added even more fire.  From the minute I heard it, I knew it would be big and am so happy that it peaked at number 13 on the Hot 100.  Hailee is off to a very strong start and I cant wait to hear more come from her!  The song packs such a good punch and the collab with Zedd is a very smart move.  After all, look what it did for Ariana Grande with ‘Break Free’ and Selena Gomez with ‘I Want You To Know’.

No. 10

Pillowtalk – Zayn

The former One Directioner made a huge splash in early 2016 when he released his first solo endeavour.  The lead single off his debut album ‘Mind Like Mine’ debut at number 1 on the Hot 100 and was easily one of the hottest tracks of the year.  Bringing in one of the worlds biggest supermodels, Gigi Hadid to star in his music video, but also as his current girlfriend, the two became one the biggest power couples of the year.  The unique and catchy single won the hearts of many, and made for his debut album to become a terrific standout of the year.  Im sure the boys of One Direction are proud of his successes and hope they can all revel in the current hiatus.


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