Grammy Nominations

Considering how active I am with new music each week and how into pop culture I am, I figured I would review some of the Grammy nominations and share my feelings about those nominated, some of my surprises, hopes, and shocks!

Ill take a look into some of the surprises and snubs and then look at the Big 4 (Best Album, Best New Artist, Best Song, Best Record)

Complete nomination list here:

I will not share my predictions specifically here but I put out my top 3 (in bold), but Im sure you might be able to tell for some of them due to my bias.  But my predictions will come a little closer to the awards!


  1. No Best New Artist nomination for Alessia Cara!
  2. No nominations for Drake’s ‘One Dance’
  3. No nominations for Fifth Harmony’s ‘Work From Home’
  4. No Nominations for Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cant Stop The Feeling’
  5. Mike Posner’s nomination for Best Song ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza’
  6. Beyonce nominated in Best Rock Song?

Album Of The Year


Adele – 25
Beyonce – Lemonade
Drake – Views
Justin Bieber – Purpose
Sturgill Simpson – A Sailor’s Guide To Earth

For some the choice is probably very easy,  but I think there are probably 3 here that are definite front runners!  And that would be between Adele, Beyonce, and Drake.

I am not even sure who Sturgill Simpson is or have even heard a song from his album.  I am sure that it is great, especially if it is being honoured with a nomination but I think it would be crazy if it were to win.

And as much as everyone loves and hates the Biebs he was very successful this past year, with three No. 1 hits and with his entire album charting on the Hot 100.  However, I don’t think the album necessarily deserves to win Album of The Year.  In terms of artistry, creativity, and social influence, I think some of the other trump him.  But I do think the nomination is very well deserved for how hard he worked on this album, and I hope that it means people will start to take the Biebs a little more seriously in the music biz than previously.

When it comes to Album sales, Adele leads the pack enormously with over 20 million copies sold!  Which in 2016 is almost unheard of.  Especially when you compare it to the mega stars next to her who only sold 4 million copies (Views), 1 million (Purpose & Lemonade), and only 250,000 (Sailors Guide to Earth).  So from this standpoint, Adele would be an easy victor for the Album Of The Year Prize.

But than you look at some of the social power that some of the above albums had.  Like last time, Beyonce shook the world when she released ‘Formation’ and then dropped the HBO visual special for Lemonade!  The album is pure power, and socially riveting.  I will say for certain that Lemonade will be tough to beat, and I am sure that there is no way this would ever be overpassed by Beck again.  She certainly deserves the prize, but when looking at her total 9 NOMINATIONS (which is incredible) I think some will come easier to her than others/think she deserves some more than others.

Drakes’ Views was also so commercially and critically successful.  In terms of streaming it broke all sorts of records and Drake consistently sits at the top of the official charts as well as all radio and streaming charts.  The Canadian superstar really set the bar high with this recent album and fans absolutely loved everything about it.  I also think that it is an incredible feat that a rap album is being considered for this prize as it normally doesn’t happen (unless you’re Kendrick Lamar).

And lastly, Adele’s third studio album was an absolute monster.  The sales alone were amazing, but the power of her first single ‘Hello’ which is also nominated led us all straight to the store waiting to pick up a physical copy of it.  Everyone is aware of how amazing Adele is, and the terrific ballads, and pop tunes that she can make.  25 was so anxiously awaited, and with the track record of her previous album 21, people couldn’t wait to get their hands on it.  I myself made sure to get a vinyl copy of it!  She truly delivered on the album and I sing my heart out each time a new song comes on!

Record Of The Year


Adele – Hello
Formation – Beyonce
7 Years – Lukas Graham
Work – Rihanna ft. Drake
Stressed Out – Twenty One Pilots

Some pretty interesting choices here.  I would say that Hello and Formation were no brainers and as you’ll see from all of the others nominations that Beyonce and Adele are all over the place.  I definitely didn’t think of Lukas Graham’s 7 Years as earning a nomination (maybe because I didn’t like the song all that much) , or even Work from Rihanna because it was kind of trash, but than became great yah know what Im saying?

Naturally Adele was nominated for her mega hit Hello.  The lead single set the stage for her equally as massive album 25, but the song really did hold its own.  It reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in it first week and than held at #1 for 10consecutive weeks.  It was a song that (sure was overplayed) but that everyone knows all the words to.  The tune was massive and earned over 1.8 Billion views on youtube!  Its for sure a front runner for this award!

Again, Beyonce is a no brainer.  Formation was such a radical track and ultimately social juggernaut.  The lead single here really introduced us to the new and upcoming sound of Beyonce and Lemonade.  The fierceness of the track had everyone in awe.  The video had everyone watching and it made us again realize how terrific and unique Beyonce really is.  While the song wasn’t necessarily the most commercially successful, the entire presence of Beyonce and her fan base projected the song to be bigger than ever.  Def a solid choice again for record of the year.

Twenty One Pilots came out of nowhere.  These guys have had an absolutely incredible year with 3 top 10 hits.  Two of which almost reach the peak of the Hot 100, but alas stayed at #2.  However, their nominated song Stressed Out, was the relatable rock tune of the year.  Even if you don’t like rock music all that much, this song was so relatable to everyone that it instantly became popular.  The duo has been a force this year and deserve this terrific recognition.  They are right up there with Adele and Beyonce in this category.

Don’t get me wrong, each time Work comes on I am grooving.  But to be fair, the first time I heard it, I thought it was terrible.  Other than Drakes verse, I thought it was kind of a hot mess.  But obviously the tune reached No. 1 and became the ear worm for everyone.  It quickly became a catchy hit, but I am not sure it really deserves to be on this list compared to some of the other songs this year.  And Im just not too keen on 7 Years.  Didn’t think it was all that great of a song, but Im sure others disagree.  Not too much to say on Lukas Graham, but an interesting choice thats for sure.

Song Of They Year

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 3.26.24 PM.png

Adele – Hello
Beyonce – Formation
Justin Bieber – Love Yourself
Lukas Graham – 7 Years
Mike Posner – I Took A Pill In Ibiza

So unlike Record of the Year, where the award is given to the performer and producer of the song, this award is given to the composer.  So it focuses much more on the written components, so lyrics and music.

While I do love the lyrics of Mike Posner’s big comeback hit, the song itself only really became as big as it did because of the remix from SeeB.  The original version is much slower and relaxed compared to its funky tropical house vibe that people know it as.  But the composition of the original is quite good, but I don’t think it will stand up next to the other.

Adele and Beyonce again!  The lyrical and musical components of the songs are very strong and its undeniable that these two wont put up a good fight.  I don’t have much more to add on from the above comments to both of these songs and artists.  I am excited to see who really controls these awards.

The Biebs!  Again!  I really do like the song Love Yourself.  Part of me wishes that Sorry got nominated because it was such a banger, but this song worked so well, and I loved the moment the album was released.  Plus Ed Sheeran was a co writer and you know that man can write!  So this one gets placed in my top 3 to contend along side Bey and Adele!

Best New Artist


Anderson .Paak
Kelsea Ballerini
Chance The Rapper
The Chainsmokers
Maren Morris

This is probably one of my favourite categories!  Its nice to see some change of names and faces compared to the very typical Beyonce, Adele, Drake, Rihanna etc from this year.  Plus I typically love all the new artist and am so excited for them to be nominated!

Before I go into my top 3, I just want to say I am shocked that Alessia Cara is not mentioned here.  The Canadian sensation made an incredible entrance into the pop music world and ruled the charts this year with her debut album and infectious singles ‘Here’, ‘Wild Things’, and ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’.   SMH for that call.  She truly deserved a nom.

MAREN!!  This my girl!  Her debut album ‘Hero’ was incredible!  She was the first female to top the country album charts with her debut album! She is a powerhouse in country music and her album is flawless.  Her first single ‘My Church’ was such a pop country lovechild and was the best introduction to Morris!  She has been receiving tons of nominations for her work and also winning several awards for the album and single.  She truly deserves this nomination!

The Chainsmokers are the hottest thing in Pop in years.  They have been dialling out hit after hot.  Since their arrival from their parody hit ‘Selfie’, they have really made a name for themselves.  Pumping out tracks like ‘Roses’, ‘Dont Let Me Down’, and the hottest song of 2016 ‘Closer’ this duo is the best of the best.  They will put up quite a fight for this award as they have seen massive success with 3 top 10 hits and having the longest running #1 song this year.  There is no way they could have been overlooked for this award

Chance!  This newcomer is blazing up the hip hop genre and really making a name for himself.  This is the kid that Kanye said would be the next great name in music and he is off to a great start.  Living with the times, Chance only released his album digitally.  At which point, his album ‘Colouring Book’ became the first ever streaming-only album to earn a grammy nomination.  You can identify this guy with his staple 3 hat and cool style. He has tons of potential and will no doubt create some great music in the future.

I do love myself some Kelsea and she’s got some wonderfully poppy country hits, but I think compared to the above 3 she would have a hard time beating them.  And I have no clue who Anderson .Paak is so……



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