New Music Friday (Dec 9)

AAAHHHH Christmas is only 12 Days away!!!  That is mind boggling!  I am so not ready for this!  Like mentally and emotionally I mean.  I am doing pretty well gift wise….only need my parents and then Ill be done!  But bring on all the booze and christmas music, and treats!  I am only going to be off work for a couple of days, but Ill be taking full advantage of it!

We’ve got some all new super tunes this weekend, and perfect for your christmas party playlists! Normally at this time we see less and less music coming out, especially as we move more into the new year, but were still getting some bangers so that a nice little gift for all of us!  Stay tuned from an upcoming posts on my favs songs of the year, as well as the perfect New Years Playlist!

If Everyday Was Christmas – Cruz Beckham

I applaud the young mans effort, and even more the fact that all proceeds from this song go towards charity!  The song itself is kind of cute, but just not that great.  And I think Cruz is still a tad young to be attempting a music career.  Maybe with some puberty and a little more practice and experience he could be great.  After all he is a Beckham.  And if he is gonna be anything like his mom or dad than he is set!  I am a little jealous as well, cause Im sure if I had the opportunity to do this when I was a kid, I totally would have!

I Dont Wanna Live Forever – Taylor Swift & Zayn

YEP, YEP, YEP!!  LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!  How can you not!  Its T-Swift & Zayn!  This is such an amazing and out of the blue collab!  Im so into it!  The first 50 Shades movie had a such a fire soundtrack, that I was so excited for the other movie to come out just for the new soundtrack.  And right now its off the best start we could have asked for!  These 2 have such different voices and sounds, but it works so well here.  Zayns falsetto is on point here, and makes the chorus the coolest new tune.  They really could no wrong for me, and they smashed it here!  I am all about it and plan on knowing all the words ASAP so that when I go see the stupid movie I can sing it out loud!

Not Easy – Alex Da Kid ft. X Ambassadors, Elle King, Wiz Khalifa

Ugh!  I love this song so much!  Its on repeat always now.  I love the simplicity and the lyrics and heartache and everything about it.  Its just such a true song and one that I love to belt out.  Plus this gorgeous song features Elle King!  Who I absolutely love!  At first when she came out with ‘Ex’s and Oh’s’ I wasn’t too sure, but after a minute I realized how much I love her voice.  So naturally I love this song, because she sounds so perfect on it!  And Wiz is also just a cool addition to the track.  Its a little unexpected when his verse is introduced but all together the whole song works so well.  And yes, this song isnt really all that new, but it is to me and Im sure to almost everyone, so it deserves to be listed here!

Bang Bang – DJ Fresh & Diplo

I see these names together and I expect some pretty things to come from them.  But this tune disappointed.  Its flat and just lacking some hyped energy.  Also the artwork reminds me of David Guetta for some reason.  But I’m just really not feeling this tune.  I wanted some major dance floor beats to bust out, but sadly that is not the case.  But Craig David does sound pretty great on the track thats for sure.  Sounds like Usher, which is never a bad thing!

Just Hold On – Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson

What a remarkable entrance.  Louis marks the 3rd of the 5 members of One Direction to release his first solo single since the groups split/hiatus.  And the song is fire.  The mix with Steve Aoki is a genius way to get started as a solo act in the pop charts.  Louis doesn’t have the strongest voice of the group, but he elevates himself on this song with the terrific collab.  The song is lots of fun and has a great and memorable beat/lyrics.  But poor Louis.  I can’t even imagine how hard this time is for him.  On the same day of this release, his mom passed away from cancer.  Which we can all agree is the saddest thing in the world.  I don’t even wanna know what he is feeling.  But the next day he stuck to his word and performed the song on the UK X Factor, which deserves incredible congrats.  He is so strong for having done that, and the song just acts as a reminder to himself to really hold on.  You go Louis!

Like A Star – Fetty Wap ft. Nicki Minaj

Oh Fetty!  This guy had crazy success from the get go.  While I am aware that his songs come out catchy as hell, and even though I really don’t like him, its impossible not to find yourself tapping your foot and bopping along to his tunes.  Even I know lyrics to ‘Trap Queen’.  His collab here with Nicki is decent.  I love me some Minaj always, and again the tune from Fetty is quite infectious.  But it resembles his past hits a little too much.  Its way to similar and kind of turning me off it.  I want something fresh and new…..well maybe.  Wouldn’t matter cause I don’t think Id be able to understand anything he is saying.  But he’s better than Desiigner at least!


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