New Music Friday (Dec 2)

So again, I am aware of how late this post is. Its been a crazy week of work and parties, but alas it is here, and only a day before this weeks is coming out! Ooops, my bad! But on the bright side, youll have double the bangers for this upcoming weekend!  And right before all of the christmas parties!!

This week we got all new albums from John Legend, Childish Gambino, and the Hamilton Soundtrack was also finally released!  Needless to say it was a very busy week for music, even though the below list is fairly small. Enjoy the tracks below and stay tuned for all others to come!

Alone – Alan Walker

This is the man behind the tune ‘Faded’ which blew up over the summer.  Now he’s back with an all new tune!  And the short house tune is wonderful.  The lyrics are cute and romantic and the beat is so fun and infectious.  I am all about this new Alan Walker and I can’t wait for all the bangers that he is gonna bust out.  There is no news on an album, but Alan is certainly coming out swinging.  With some pretty big tunes already under his belt, Im sure well be seeing and hearing lots from this guy.

Levitate – Imagine Dragons

Im sure I am not the only one who can say that Ive missed these guys.  They made such a huge impact with their first studio album Night Visions.  Their second didn’t have quite the same impact, but needless to say they have ben pretty quiet recently.  So its definitely refreshing to hear them back again.  And as the lead single for the Passengers soundtrack. The movie itself does look quite cool as well.  The song, however seems like a perfect fit for the movie and overall is a very cool song from these guys.  Its got their signature sound, but a very unique and calm nature about it, even with the massive beat in the background. Its a winner!

Cant Take My Eyes Off You – Jessie J

Is this just a 3 minute ad for make up?  What is happening here?  The original of this song from Frankie Vallie is an absolute classic and one that doesn’t need any adjustments.  I get that Jessie J can sing, and I love her original pop tunes, but this is just a weird wish mash of no thanks.  If this was a 30 second commercial than maybe, but the whole song and video thing just aint working.  Try again Jessie J, we need more Bang Bang from you, not this.

Black Barbies – Nicki Minaj & Mike Will Made It

Alright, this is just too much.  This is legit just a cover of ‘Black Beatles’ but from Nicki.  Like the lyrics are the only things that have been changed.  I am already way over both tunes in the first place, I really  don’t need another version from Minaj.  The mannequin challenge is on its way out, along with the tune.  So toss this one aside, its not needed one bit.  Ciao, and holla when you and Mikey make a better track together!

Only One – Sigala

Love these guys!  They have the most fun tunes out there!  So I was pumped to hear this!  At first listen it really sounds like Galantis, and it still does after the umpteenth time as well.  Im not sure who Digital Farm Animals are, but that may be the reason behind the very familiar sound of Galantis in there.  Im not in love with this one as much as some of their others, but its still catchy and fun, and worth the download.

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