New Music Friday (Nov 25)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and peeps!!!  I hope your time off has been well spent, and your bellies are full of yummy food and treats and that your wallets are empty from all the black Friday shopping that you have just done!!  Im happy to say that as a Canadian, black Friday is becoming much more popular here and the sales are starting to look terrific!

But onto more relevant matters, all new tunes!  The Weekend dropped his amazing new album!  We played it on repeat at work at it was so good!  So I urge you to give it a listen cause you wont regret it!  So as I do every week, check out the list below for some all new singles from some of pop/country/hip-hop/electronic & RnBs best!

Shed A Light – Robin Schulz & David Guetta ft. Cheat Codes

This one is by far my favourite on the list below.  The team up between Guetta and Schulz is fantastic.  I love both of their work and so this is really a dream come true!  The vocals from are amazing and the build up from the two DJs works so well!  The drop is fun, flirty and fantastic!  I also love the lyrics in this tune.  Ill no doubt be singing these to mu boyfriend all the time!  I think overall its a very cute, poppy electronic tune!  And I really love it!

Can’t Have – Pitbull

Pitbull is working on his 10th studio album….10!  How did this guy ever get this far LOL!  I mean he’s got some catchy tunes but damn!  And he has his own New Years Special!  Thats cause for another LOL!  Ok well Timber was a banger so Ill give him that!  But this one aint doing it!  His current single ‘Greenlight’ is much hotter than this tune.  The beat isn’t all that great and the rapping is just whack!  (Yes I realize how white I am, and judging rap probably isn’t in my wheelhouse but too bad).  Anyways, I know he can do better, just not sure he should.

Real Slow – Aloe Blacc

You remember this guy right?  He’s the singer thats featured on the Avicii song that everyone in the world knows…which I guess was also his song before, but you know ‘Wake Me Up‘.  Yah thats this guy.  But his new tune aint nothing like that absolute smash hit!  Its just not that great of a song, and definitely shouldn’t have been chosen as his lead single. Based on the back beat, you’re waiting for this song to be fierce AF, but than it just kind of remains flat.  It doesn’t go anywhere, so I am a little disappointed.

Places – Martin Solveig

Probably the next best on this list.  Martin drops his newest single Places and its quite fun!  Its got a bit of a tropical sound to it, and of course makes me want to dance all over the place.  The preview clip above is an absolute tease, because it stops right at the drop of the song, but I promise its a get low, cool type of beat!  It a good pre and club song, and will have you also moving along to the beat!  Its no ‘Intoxicated‘ but it will do!

Trust – Flume

New Flume!  If you don’t recognize the name all that much I wouldn’t be too surprised.  But he’s the one who released the fresh, hot summer song ‘Never Be Like You’.  He’s a very experimental, electronic sound and not all of his songs come out as pure gold like his previous single.  But he’s got a very unique voice and sound in the business and one that can surprise you at any moment.  However this song isn’t pop or chart gold, and not really grabbing my attention all that much!  Just not feeling it all that much.

Still – G-Eazy

G-Eazy falling real flat on this tune.  This guy was off the strongest of starts with tunes like ‘Me, Myself, & I’, ‘You Don’t Own Me’, and being part of Britney Spears comeback single ‘Make Me…’!  But this really isn’t much.  Just another rap song to me.  Nothing really that great or catchy going on here.  Maybe in the hip hop side of things its great, but I don’t think so.  Its just not for me.

Christmas Trees – Major Lazer

The last one on the list!  Could this really be a christmas song from Major Lazer!  Ill be honest, I was so excited to listen to this!  Mainly cause I thought it was gonna be the hottest and baddest xmas song we’ve ever had.  I thought finally we’ve got a christmas song with sick beats and drops and that I can bust out at all the events.  But sadly I was pretty wrong.  Its not really an electronic, DJ banger.  Its more of a electronic reggae beat, and nothing feels all that christmasy….so I am very disappointed.  I had much higher expectations.  There is a drop, but its nothing that exciting, or worth getting all merry for.

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