New Music Friday (Nov 18)

Ok, so I am going to try my best to publish this on time!!  So that you have all new music to blast this weekend, like its meant to be!  As per usual Ill list all the newly released singles that might be of interest!  But just so you know, we have new album releases from Bruno Mars, DNCE, and Little Mix!  So some huge music out this week for sure, regardless of the singles listed below!

I am happy to say that we played the new Bruno Mars album this morning at work and that it was wonderful!  I love Bruno so much and am praying that I am able to nab up some tickets for this world tour on Monday!  There are also some pretty big names on the list below with some major tunes!  So take them all in and freshen up your iTunes for this weekend!  I apologize for the lack of videos.

Love On The Weekend – John Mayer

It has just been WAY to LONG since we’ve heard from this man!  I mean, where the heck did he go!  Regardless I am so happy he is back and releasing new music, because you can never go wrong with John Mayer!  He has the voice of an angel and you can always rely on his slow jams to make for a perfect song and album.  And if his upcoming album is anything like his last I will absolutely love it!  I am all about this song right now!  Its so cute and relaxed, and came out at such a perfect time of the year.  A cute song, for cute fall weather.

Party Monster – The Weekend

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that The Weekend is amidst releasing a brand new album which will surely be equally as hot as his last one.  His first single ‘Starboy’ is still slaying, and now he’s refreshing us with even more tunes. Throwing more heat into the fire, Party Monster is that tune you can throw on to make you seem cooler.  Its a fresh track and everyone is down for some Weekend. I approve of this one!

Slumber Party – Britney Spears ft. Tinashe

Currently trending as #1 on Youtube, Britneys new single is red hot! And thats even before you watch the video! I might have overlooked this tune on the album, but now as its burst into the spotlight for a single, I am down.  Its off to a slow start, but give it a chance and you’ll be grooving to it.  Plus the addition of Tinashe is just genius!  Together these two not only kill it on the song, but look hot AF in the video!  It all just makes the single even sexier and one that I hope makes its way up the charts!   I mean as of now the video sits at 7.3 Million views in only just 1 day!  Slay Britney Bitch!

Make Me (Cry) – Noah Cyrus

No you didn’t read that wrong.  It is indeed Noah Cyrus!  And if you’re unsure who that is, Im sure you can guess its probably the little sister of miss Miley Cyrus!  Yes, she is starting her very own music career!  And the start is……well not bad!  I wouldn’t say I love the tune, but I do think its alright and got some character!  Many of the youtube commenters continue to compare her to a mix of Miley and Lana Del Rey.  And the feature from Labrinth is a terrific idea to get started!  His voice sounds incredible next to hers and I am very excited to see what else this youngster can pull out!  If she’s anything like Miley, than Im sure it will be unexpected and wild, but also pop genius!

Penthouse Floor – John Legend ft. Chance The Rapper

Yep, yep, yep!  Just a smooth and suave tune.  John is killing it so far with the two new releases!  Im not loving this song as much as ‘Love Me Now’ but its sill such a relaxed and confident sound that I really appreciate.  I am super excited for a new album from John and I hope there are more cute videos with Chrissy and Luna!  And as the features in the above tracks are amazing, so is this one!  Chance is one of the best up and coming acts, so including him in the new track is not only smart, but effective.  The song just gets an extra ounce of cool with him.

No Lie – Sean Paul ft. Dua Lipa

So you’ll probably know two things before I even get started here.  I love Dua Lipa, and just kind of accept Sean Paul.  This is a funky track and Ill jive to it, but mainly cause Dua Lipa slyas the chorus and gives the song all its energy and hook!  Im not a big fan of Sean Paul, mainly cause he is unoriginal but also cause you can understand a single word he says!  But I am ok with this tune for now.  Maybe Ill just look up the lyrics and feel better about it.  You can also check out the second song that Sean Paul released called ‘Tek Weh Yuh Heart’ which features Tory Lanez.

I Feel It Coming – The Weekend ft. Daft Punk

Another track from the wonderful Weekend!  And it includes Daft Punk again!  Now this is a smooth track!  Daft Punk is such a cool collab and the fans obviously agree because of the success of ‘Starboy’.  These two go so well together and this song is awesome!  I love the simplicity of the lyrics and the beat and know that this song will become one of my favs on his soon to be released album Starboy!  Only a few more days until the release!

Should’ve Been Me – Naughty Boy

Naughty boy is back releasing new music.  And this time it sadly is not with Beyonce, or doesn’t include drama from Zayns departure from One Direction.  But alas, the song is quite fun.  It features the number artist Kyla (she was the sexy voice on Drakes ‘One Dance’) and she is back to help make this tune a hit!  I wouldn’t say this song is the greatest, but it does have potential for sure!

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