New Music Fridays (Nov 11)

Ok so I know that I am super late posting this!  Like hello, its practically time for the next New Music Friday post!  But damn, its hard to keep up with this one!  But better late than never right!  So here is some new music to help beat the funk of humpday!

I will admit that I am late for posting this one just cause I was busy, and therefore have not necessarily given all of these songs a fair listen and chance, so they will be put in some what of a random order.  But Ill start with the ones that I do know and have already downloaded!

I Would Like – Zara Larsson

I would like to hear more from this chicky!!  She is one of the hottest up and coming stars and I am loving all the new music!  Her most recent single ‘Aint My Fault’ while very fierce isnt necessarily the strongest start, but she non the less will make her way up the charts!  Zara told her fans that this song was just a special something for them, not an actual single, and what a nice little gift it is.  I am digging this fun and poppy tune!  She throws in what feels like a Zara signature now of the long, higher pitched notes and is really beginning to make a solid mark in the industry.  I cant wait to hear more from her, and until that happens Ill continue jamming out to this song, and especially ‘Lush Life’.

Does It Feel – Charlie Puth

New Charlie Puth!!!  I love this guy!  I think his voice is amazing, and he is such an incredible songwriter!  With the release of a deluxe version of his debut album Nine Track Mind, comes a handful of all new songs!  And this is the best of that bunch!  I wouldnt say its as catchy or will be as popular as some of his other singles, but its definitely got a very cool beat and his falsetto is flawless!  I am a big fan of this song and will for sure be singing this one on my way to work each morning, until Ive got it memorized.  I just think its a cool tune!

Everglow – Coldplay

Not so new, new Coldplay!  The new single from the bands 7th studio album A Head Full of Dreams, has been released!  I wouldn’t say this song is banger, but its definitely a slow jam.  ‘Everglow’ offers the very recognizable sound that is Coldplay and make you feel instantly familiar with the song.  I downloaded this tune when the album first came out so I already know it and can say for certain that I am a fan!

Life Goes On – Fergie

NEW FERGIE!  And this is no ‘MILF $’.  Which Im still not sure whether I love or hate… But regardless, the new Fergie sound and album has been long anticipated, and unfortunately I was hoping for a little better. Her album The Dutchess was absolute fire and became one of the most popular albums of the 2000’s!  But so far, this album seems far from it.  All the singles released have been lack luster, including this one.  I admit that I still like this song, but its nothing spectacular.  So heres hoping that Double Dutchess have some killer surprises up its sleeve!  But Im still enjoying this tune for now!

Hands Free – Keke Palmer

KEKE!  Or should I ZAYDAY WILLIAMS!!!  We got our eyes on her!  For real though.  Keke is working to release her third studio album Lauren.  Hands Free becomes her second single and its quite the firecracker of a tune.  While I dont think its the best, its got lots of energy and Palmer is fierce!  The song is very R&B and offers such a cool beat and lyrics to it.  The dancing in the video is on fleek and makes me want to take part!  I hope she sees some commercial success with her music, but it probably wont happen with this song!

Cocoon – Milky Chance

Do you remember this duo!?  They released that hella catchy single ‘Stolen Dance’ back in 2013 and it became a familiar jam all around the world!  As they prepare to release a brand new album, Milky Chance released Cocoon!  Its got a very similar sound as Stolen Dance and I think they are hoping for a similar turn out.  While I kind of like this song, I think again its missing something.  There just isnt enough umph in this track to make it as commercially successful.  Plus this video of the girl throwing up pebbles is weird and gross.

In My Dreams – Ruth B

The follow up to her wildly popular debut ‘Lost Boy’. I love the slowed down ballad take on this track, but it just seems a little boring.  I feel like I spend the whole song, waiting for something more, or bigger.  I don’t think this tune will get nearly as much praise as her initial single, but it still showcases her killer voice and her songwriting abilities.  Its just OK.

One Shot – Robin Thicke ft. Juicy J

The infamous Robin Thicke.  Trying countless attempts to make a comeback and offer a song as catchy and talked about as ‘Blurred Lines’.  And while this isnt it, its not bad.  Its got a catchy beat and some fun lyrics, even though they are kind of sleazy, but thats exactly what Robin Thicke is.  The addition of Juicy J is a nice touch and makes the tune a little more slick.  But alas, Im not sure this will replace any ideals of Robin that people have.  But its a decent track and it might get a little bit of traction.

Me and Your Mama – Childish Gambino

I just don’t know what to say.  I probably wont write much here, because I really am not sure what this is.  But I am kind of disappointed.  But that being said I also wouldn’t take my word to serious here when it comes to rap music, as I don’t listen to much of it.  But many people obviously like it because this video is already close to 6 million views in the last few days!  But Im just not a fan.  Also the song starts after 2 minutes if that helps.  There is just a lot going on, its not very smooth, and I just wanted some Gambino like he is when he features in an Ariana Grande song… that too much to ask!

Do You Miss Me At All – Bridgit Mendler

Another Disney starlet!  Bridgit came from Wizards of Waverly Place and then moved onto Good Luck Charlie.  Her first single ‘Ready or Not’ caught attention of major radio and made it to No. 49 on the Billboard charts.  But the catchy bubble gum pop song, was much cause of Disney itself.  As Mendler heads out on her own and attempts to create her own unique voice and artistry, she falls a little short.  This tune, while different, just doesnt strike hit.  Its a decent start though and Im sure she will spit out a couple more hits like in her Disney days.


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