Getting Naughty(cal)

Nautical is always in style. Granted it’s more of a summer style but it easily flows in with winter wears and brightens up a usual neutral season.

And to be fair the pictures for this particular look are taken while I was in Portugal, So it was a little more fitting there but I stand by it regardless. It’s a simple look to rock and pairing the blue and white strips with jeans make for a very easy and doable look. So even if you’re not planning on heading anywhere warm or tropical for the winter, blue and white stripes are always a cute and nice option. And if in t or long sleeve option the better. With the freezing temps on their way, we cover ourselves in baggy sweaters and roots sweats so much, that’s it’s nice and refreshing (and maybe even hopeful) to see someone out in something summery.

So deny winter and strut around (probably inside) with this casual outfit.

I picked up the shirt on sale from Zara and the jeans from Hollister. Very afforadable and simple look.

This blog may be called things For Kings but I refer much more to the attitude that one upholds than the monetary value of a king. I’m not rich by any means, so when I can find nice items with an even nicer price tag than I’m all in.

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