Surprise Snow in Lake Placid

Adventure time!!  Just a little stroll over to the US of A. The original plan was to go hiking in Lake Placid, but the weather that weekend was absolutely dreadful, so we settled and just decided to drive around, and just be tourists.

Ill admit, that I wasn’t necessarily the most excited for our little road trip the beginning of the day because it was so cold and rainy and really made for the perfect cozy day in to watch movies, make cookies, and cuddle.  But alas we got in the car and made our way, and I am happy to say that I had a terrific time!

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So we packed up the truck and drove from cute little Cornwall and made our way to Lake Placid.  For those who are unaware or just completely forget like I did, this cute little town was home to both the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics!!  And if you know me just a bit, you’ll know that I absolutely love anything to do with the Olympics.  So my mood instantly went from merp, to WOO!

We spent the day driving around and checking out the little town, and then driving as far up the mountain as we were allowed.  We drove and drove, and then suddenly I see a car drive past us going downhill and his car was covered in snow!!!  I was stunned.  This was late October you guys.  Like the weekend before Halloween, so way to early to be seeing snow.  And then as we kept driving the rain turned into hail, and then slowly the ground started becoming more and more white.


We stumbled across one of the Olympic stadiums and went to check it out.  It was the luge and bobsled centre!  And just as we got there they were doing some practice runs with a team!  Although we didn’t really see much, getting to see the track and all was so cool!

Shortly after we stumbled across the Ski Jumping stadium!  Such a cool sight.  They’re basically just huge towers with massive ramps.  Not sure how one even gets started in that sport, or while speeding down a massive ramp and landing on skis is a sensible idea, but who I am to judge right.  Anyways, we were able to run in and check it out before they closed at 4. But the cutest thing was that there was a wedding scheduled there for that evening.  The snow made it all the more magical.  They had this cute little chalet at the bottom of the jump which was being set up for the reception and it looked beautiful.  And then they were doing the actual wedding atop the hill inside the base of the jump.  From the outside you could see some lights in the room that was miles into the sky.

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Afterwards we decided to drive back towards town to browse in some of the cute shops, and grab some food.  Luckily for us we passed by a cute little brewery called Big Slide.  I very excitedly yelled out in the car that we had to stop and check it out.  My voice have have cracked in the process.  Either way it turned out to be a great decision because it was amazing and so cute.  We were able to all enjoy a 5 flight of beer and watch the beautiful snowfall from inside.

After finishing all the amazing beer, we hopped back into the car and made our way into town!  We enjoyed the last few minutes of the stores being open and then headed for another beer at the Big Slides sister restaurant.  But sadly this one wasn’t as good.  IT was crazy busy and the power went out, but a beers a beer.  Plus the walls were covered with University and College pennants from all over the States which was really cool to see.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

We than grabbed dinner down the street at the Dancing Bear and than set off to head back home.  Ill be the first to say that Im so happy I wasn’t driving and that we were in a pickup truck.  Because the whole way home was a white out.  We could hardly see anything on the drive because of all the snow.  We had no idea that that was even a considerable thing to happen.  So thanks to Eric for getting us home in that nightmare. And thanks to Justin and Hannah for bringing me along on the wonderful and winter filled adventure!!!


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