New Music Friday (Nov 4)

So sorry for the late posting, but this weekend was my birthday, so naturally the weekend was spent drinking, partying, and eating!!!  Plus I was able to party all weekend to some killer new tunes!

Now normally I list the music in order of the which I personally download and then to those which I don’t, but I haven’t had much time to familiarize myself with all the new singles and tunes, so they are listed here at random.

Find Me – Sigma ft. Birdy

Just a fantastic duo!!  I love Birdy so much and think her voice is absolutely flawless.  So adding her onto the powerhouse beats of Sigma, makes for an amazing song!  And one that was quickly added to my library!  Plus there is a killer cameo appearance from Millie Bobby Brown in the music video!  So when you put all three of these artists together to get something really incredible.  Birdy’s breathy vocals and Sigmas signature drops and energy make for true house & pop hit!

Setting Fires – The Chainsmokers ft. XYLO

With the release of the Chainsmokers new EP, comes the new single release of Setting Fires.  Staying on pace with their catchy, pop infused library of hits, the new single is equally as fun and energetic.  With their single ‘Closer’ reaching its 12th week atop the Billboard Hot 100, this duo has been doing nothing but setting fires.  Their reign on radio and the music world as a whole is really distinguishing them as a force to be reckoned with.  Im digging this tune, as I am the rest of the EP, so its def been downloaded!

Versace On The Floor – Bruno Mars

The follow up single to Brunos hella catchy lead single ’24K Magic’ slows its right down and brings a sexy and sensual tune.  After first listen, I wasn’t sure about it, but listening to it a few more times, I really quite like it.  Its kind of a stupid title, and I’m not crazy about the Versace, but the funky beats add a really cool effect.  You’ll probably find me singing this on my way to work and out loud at home.  Im always down for new Bruno and I can’t wait for the new album, and soon enough tour.  Cause this guy is amazing!!

Faith – Stevie Wonder ft. Ariana Grande

ARIANA!!!!  All about it!  This collab from Ari and Stevie Wonder is amazing.  Sure its pure cheese as its part of the soundtrack for the much anticipated ‘Sing’ animated film.  But this funky duo adds a whole new level of fun to this soundtrack!  The song is so fun, and the two artists offer so much energy and their incredible voices blend so well together.  Im gonna download it and learn it ASAP so that I can sing it out loud while watching the movie in theatres!!

Good Day – DNCE

With their highly anticipated self-titled debut album on the verge of its release, DNCE just tossed another tune out for their fans.  Good Day, while not as catchy or fun as ‘Cake By The Ocean’, or ‘Body Moves’ its still a fun little number on the record and one that I will still jive too.  These guys have so much potential and promise and their first album certainly won’t be there last!  Cant wait to hear the rest, but in the mean time, Ive got plenty of tunes to bop along to in my car!

Highway Vagabond – Miranda Lambert

With so much house and pop music, its quite refreshing to have a slice of country introduced here.  And who better than Miranda to do so.  With a new album also on the horizon (like so many on this list) she offers up a promo single, Highway Vagabond.  With its very twangy, but also rock and roll touches, the tune is a very cool country track.  Im kinda loving it and will add it to all my road trip playlists!

Ritual – Marshmello ft. Wrabel

And add another DJ with hidden persona.  Much like Deadmau5, Daft Punk, Galantis, and more, Marshmello joins the ranks of house mistros.  His follow up single Ritual, offers quite the funky tune and incredibly unique voice of Wrabel.  Now I don’t think Im too big a fan of this guy (although Ill admit, I kinda like his helmelt….I guess thats what you’d call it).  But I’m also not sure why he feels like he needs to DJ in his music videos, as if it wasn’t clear thats that what he is.  Either way, the song is alright!  I really love the way it ends though.  Think that it sounds super cool!

Burn, Break, Crash – Aanysa & Snakehips

I stumbled across this track late today, but am grooving to it.  I stopped when I saw Snakehips were included cause I loved ‘All My Friends’ as well as ‘Cruel’ so I figured Id be into this one too.  And surprisingly I am!  As for Aanysa, she is new for me.  The song is flying under the radar now with only 6000+ views on youtube, but heres hoping it gains larger exposure.  Ive learned that she is 17 and an up and coming artists.  Im sure well be hearing more from her soon.

Used To This – Future ft. Drake

This powerhouse duo is back! Now I’m not really one for Future and all the auto tune, but I am always down for Drake.  Especially looking at him.  But these guys def know what they are doing and make some pretty fire tracks. This one aint really for me (I’m sure you’re not surprised with my love of pop and country), but Im feeling drakes verse for sure and wouldn’t mind hearing it in the back, or having someone else put it on.

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