New Music Friday (Oct 28)

Halloween weekend is upon us!!!  I love this time of year so so much, and all the costumes, decorations, and parties is so much fun!  And of course, some all new music to liven up those spooktacular parties!!

As I have done in the previous weeks and will for now do, I will list the new music in order of those that I downloaded for my personal library down to those that I don’t.  So wake up the dead and freshen up your frightening playlists with these all new tunes!

By Your Side – Jonas Blue ft. Aye

This guy is on fire.  Only coming onto the popular music scene just recently, Jonas is no doubt making a splash.  Debuting with a huge tracks ‘Fast Car’ and than the follow up ‘Perfect Strangers’, he is surely becoming a hot commodity.  And his new track above proves that he is here to stay.  Adding another banger to his collection, this song became an instant download for me.  Unfortunately the above is only a preview, but you can easily find the full track.  Ill no doubt be keeping Jonas Blue by my side!

I Got You – Bebe Rexha

This girl is slowly growing on me.  He appearances in songs like ‘Hey Mama’ and ‘Thats How You Know’ caught my attention and her collabs are also amazing.  ‘Me, Myself, and I’ and most recently ‘In The Name of Love’ with Martin Garrix was flawless.  She will become bigger than I expect, and Im sure shell release some fabulous pop tunes.  Im def a fan of this one because of its catchy beat and its simplicity.  This one is fun and flirty and a great choice for any college halloween party this weekend.

After The Afterparty – Charli XCX ft. Lil Yachty

I have always been on the fence with Charli.  Its kind of a love, hate relationship.  Cause she comes out with some massive tunes like ‘Fancy’ with Iggy and ‘Boom Clap’, but than she adds some real trash to the library and I just lose all interest.  But I’m down for this song.  Its a cool and funky track.  I don’t think it will make it all that big, but I’m vining it and its got a place in my library.  The slick, and head bopping beat makes for a perfect late night chill tune, especially to calm down the main party, and move it to the afterparty!

Fake Love – Drake

New Drake already!!!  But he hasn’t even made a video for ‘One Dance’ and its his biggest hit!!  I just don’t understand! Anywho, I’m busting a move to this new track.  His one of two new tracks (and the much better one) only makes me question if this is a clapback to his recent breakup with the amazing, and beautiful Rihanna.  I swear I thought they were so cute and I really thought it would last.  JK it hardly went anywhere.  Plus with all the rumours its hard to know what really happened.  But the title of the song, doesn’t seem all that nice, and I hope all is well between them, because together they make some really beautiful music.  Either way, its a good tune, and Im always ok with some new Drake…..except maybe the other song he released….

How Far Ill Go – Alessia Cara

Yassss!!  I love this girl so much and she is nothing but incredible.  Her voice, her personality, and the whole way she is rising to fame and stardom.  She deserves everything that she is getting, and this is a huge win for her.  Much like Demi covered ‘Let It Go’ for Frozen, Alessia does for the title track for Disney’s Moana!  While I don’t think this will be as big as Frozen was, its still a very feel good and empowering song!  So add it, learn it, and sing it in the theatre when you go and see Moana!

Home – Gnash ft. Johnny Yukon

The follow up to his slowly bubbling, top 10 hit ‘I hate U, I Love U’.  While I was ultimately surprised by how big his recent song became, Im thinking this song is more as a promotional single for his upcoming album than one that will make a lasting impact on the charts.  I do however like the song, and think the lyrics are very cute and one that I will be signing to my significant other. The song is so feel good and I kinds love it.  So this song will also hold a place on my recently added!

Blown – DNCE ft. Kent Jones

Another promotional release for their upcoming self titled album.  Unfortunately this song just isn’t hitting the sweet spot with me.  Unlike their new single ‘Body Moves’ which I absolutely LOVE!!  Like so much!  But this song does have a catchy beat and Im sure will grow on me, but I think Ill wait for the full album release to see what else they have in store.  They certainly have some bangerz up their sleeves and they are making a great impact in pop music.  SO keep it up DNCE, because ill still be listening.  Also, I love the feature from Kent Jones on this one.  He sounds so cool, and he fits so perfectly with the rest of the track!  Just not my favourite is all.

Sneakin’ – Drake ft. 21 Savage

Hmmmm…..I know above I said Im always down for drake, but maybe not this one.  Im just not feeling it all that much, but to be fair Im really not big on rap music and maybe its just pure fire and I have no clue.  Im probably as white as they come, so don’t take my word for it.  It just won’t be included in my playlists, or at my non existent halloween party.  But I means its Drake, and its new.  So maybe this means we have a Views 2.0 coming our way, which Id be all for!  And I think so would all of Canada and the world!

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