New Music Friday (Oct 21)

FRI-YAY!! Another glorious friday has arrived and with some all new and terrific tunes!  Lady Gaga released her new album, as did Michael Buble and a handful of fresh new singles have been released!

As I did with the last music post, Ill order these in which I am most likely to least likely to download them into my own iTunes library.

A-Yo – Lady Gaga

Mother monster herself.  With her fresh new album Joanne released today, shes technically got lots of new music, but this acts as a single for Gaga.  And I am loving it. Its got so much more energy and fun behind it than ‘Perfect Illusion‘ did.  I was a big fan of ‘Million Reasons‘, but this is much different I like it equally.  Its really what should have been the first single of the album as I think it would have made for a much better welcome back track.  Regardless, Gaga has such die hard fans, that the album will sell no problem and Im sure well see some of the album tunes make their way up to the top of the charts.  Hopefully this will!

Better Man – Little Big Town

Its really hard not to love this group! They are trulya fav of mine and they definitely know how to tug on your heartstrings and give you goosebumps.  With so much success from ‘Girl Crush‘, I hope this gets similar traction.  I dont think it will based on the topic of the ladder, but this song is still so precious and Karen Fairchild sounds exqusite on it.  I am super excited for new music from them, especially ballads.  Cause I love singing along with these guys and look forward to singing my heart out to ths one in the car.  Easy download for me.

Voodoo – Nick Jonas

Anoher Jonas brother taking over my blog!  Another new single from Nick off his recent album Last Year Was Complicated.  And in my opinion, this album was full of bangerz.  ‘Close‘ was a terrific first single, but than ‘Bacon‘ was so underrated!!  Like it didnt even chart on Billboard and Im stunned.  Especially considering some of the songs that do, I was so confused. While Voodoo isnt as strong as Bacon, or even ‘Under You‘ its got a very cool beat and adds another great track to his library and for the weekend.  Mainly just listen to the whole album and love it!

Confetti – Sia

And another powerful song from Sia.  With the release of her extended deluxe edition of This Is Acting bein released today, came 7 new glorious tracks.  And I love sia. She sings with so much passion, tells incredible stories with her lyrics, and artfully constructs inspiring music videos.  She is certainly a force in the world of pop.  Of those added to thea album this track is the most popular (next to ‘The Greatest‘) and I think its so great.  Not necessarily to the most catchy or pop oriented, but just an overall great song.

Strangers – Peking Duk

I stumbled across this track when I was looking at some new music in Australia.  This was listed in their iTunes Top 10, so I figured Id check it out.  While these guys are new to me, they have already recorded 2 Top 10 hits in the land down under. Elliphant add quite the unique texture to this track and fulfills it with her very cool vocals.  This poppy-house tune has a familiar aesthetic which is pleasing, but I am more interested in the introduction of the duo that is Peking Duk.  Ill be watching and waiting to see what these two do.

Brightside – Icona Pop

The bad ass bitches are back!  And they dont care what you think! Out with their new single, the building, chill house tune is a positive and optimistic tune about showing you the brightside and being the happy part of your life. Im all for the message and the lyrics and the casual, catchy hook.  While I dont think its their strongest single, I do quite like the song and will for sure download it!  Ive always been a fan of these girls….ever since Snooki and Jwow!

Rockabye – Clean Bandit ft. Sean Pul & Anne-Marie

Hmmm….not sure how I feel about this.  Anne-Marie sounds terrific on this for starters. Def a very cool and strong voice.  Sean Paul however gets on my nerve.  I still dont think anyone will ever know what he says, and people should stop asking hi to feature with them, cause he stinks! But I think what I dont love about this song is the rock a bye baby bit.  Just sounds like a lazy attempt to write something fresh and new.  K for real though Sean Paul just needs to stop. But it does have a catchy hook as is to be expected with Clean Bandit, but I just loved all of their other stuff so much, that Im a little disappointed here. Maybe they should just stick with Jess Glynee, cause she is flawless!

Fighting For Love – Dami Im

Coming back to Australia for this one.  If you havent heard of Dami Im I wouldnt be too surprised.  Shes a terrific singer who is trying so hard to breakout!  She has recorded some awesome songs.  She was the winner of the Australian version of X Factor.  Since then she as had 4 Top 15 songs in Aussie and last year represented them in the Eurovision competition (some weird european song competition) with terrific success. She has anincredible voice and deserve much more regocnition than she is currently getting.  So heres hoping that some of her new music starts to break through.

Take My Breath Away – Alesso

Finally another new single.  Its been a while since his last ‘I Wanna Know‘. While the above clip is only a teaser, the chilled out dance tune has quite the catchy beat and drop to it.  Not something that necessarily takes my breath away, but still a cool new sound for Alesso and hopefully with much more to come now! Im interested to know who the singer is on this one cause they definitely have an interesting voice.


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