New Music Friday (Oct 14)

Sorry for posting this so late, but I was away in Potugal on the Friday and am only finding time several days later to write and post this!  But there is some really great music this week!

I have decided to arrange the music now from those that I personally downloaded at the top and then down to those that I think are good and have potential and then those that Im just not into.

And since I had a nice 5 hour from Toronto to Ottawa the other day, Ive had lots of time to learn and love the songs I downloaded and there are some goodies on here!!

Dont Wanna Know – Maroon 5 ft. Kendrick Lamar

Love it!  These guys can seriously do no wrong!  Every new song and abum they release is just heaven to my ears!  And this one is no different!  PLUS it featres a verse from Kendrick Lamar!!!  So, its not doubt an absolute smash!  This tune is so catchy and it qucikly becomes stuck in your head, but Im very ok with it!  I cant wait for more to come from these guys and know that this will take a good run up the charts!

You also cant go wrong with a Pokemon Go spinoff. Plus the video has a nice cameo with Vince Vaughn! Lol, what?  Nonetheless, its a great tune!

I Can Only – Jojo ft. Alessia Cara

Ok, I know I have posted what seems like all of Jojos album by now, but this is the last one, I promise…(Probably not).  But I really like this one!  In my opinon if should have been the lead single. Its catchy and cool, got a great pop beat that is very likeable to its features the very cool, popular, and momentum building, grammy hopeful, Alessia Cara.  My Canadian Girl!  She is on fire and her voice on this track is wonderful.  Together these to woman put together a really cool song, and as much as Id like to keep it for myself, it deserves to gain massive airplay and land on the charts!

Bad Things – Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello

Im not typically a big fan of rap music, but I do like it every now and again, but when you add on a fiery chick like Camila, than it becomes a lot more pleasent to my ear.  While Machine Gun Kelly is new to me on the music front, his name is very familiar.  Hes been hanging around for a coupl years now, but with nothing that has caught my attention until now, and probably only because of Fifth Harmonys, Camila Cabello.  But lets be honest here.  This girl is unreal and could no doubt have an amazing solo career (which she will) but hopefully not for a long time.  The slowed down track though is rather nice and simple for non-rap fans to follow along with and really like.  Im vibing this MGK, so keep it up!

Now and Later – Sage The Gemini

SAGE!! This one is dope!  The beat is so killer on this one and its a shame that he wont get mroe recognition for it.  I really do like this one and plan on sharing it lots! This guy was fire on ‘Good Things‘ with Nick Jonas and hes keeping the heat going with this one.  Plus hes got the most gorgeous eyes ever, and hes really no bad to look at!  But I know Ill be humming this tune for the next week cause its so damn fun and catchy!

Thinking About You – Hardwell ft. Jay Sean

There is a full version of the song available, but I put Hardwell officialtease here instead, just beacuse its legit.  But this song has such a great beat and I think its so unique!  Jay Sean sounds so fine on it too!  You realy cant go wrong with Hardwell, and I pretty much like every little poppy tune he puts out!  So this was a deinite download for me and another to break for moments of dancing!  And its also a great gym track too.

Just Sayin’ – James Barker Band

My friend Alex would be soproud that I included this one on my list, and just proud of these guys in general.  These up and coming country folk are from the tiny little town of Lindsay, ON (like Alex) and they are doing amazing.  These guys came out of Boots & Hearts country festival and the winner to a spotlight competition and man oh man are they ever working it!  This latest single is so charming and Im all for it!  I hope these guys only continue to grow and grow!!

Shout Out To My Ex – Little Mix

If youve looked at Buzzfeed today than you probably saw the article about Little Mix pranking the Radio 1 DJ.  You know about one of them storming off and making the whole interview awkward AF.  Well anyways, these ladies are out with a new single and its hot! While they enjoyed a ton of success with their song ‘Black Magic‘, it didnt quite give them enough hold to completly break out in the States.  But this song is coming in hot, and with so much drama around all their exes (Zayn…) Im sure well be hearing this tune plenty on our side of the ocean.

Grow Up – Olly Murs

Olly.  Another X factor alum.  While he didnt win his season as the girls above, he has had some very great success over in the UK. But thats about it.  Nothing major at all over here. But it doesnt help that hes just been popping out albums and songs left, right, and centre. Like this guy needs a break so he can put together some really wonderful and better stuff. Granted he dos have four #1s in the UK, but again he only has 2 songs that have even charted on Billboard.  But this song is alright and the video with all the kids is super cute so I downloaded it anyways.  But it was a close call.

True Disaster – Tove Lo

Again, I know I have posted a lot from Tove Lo, but she started off strong with ‘Cool Girl‘ and ‘Influence‘.  But Im not really feeling this one.  I know she can pull out some great hits, and Im sure the album will be full of them, but I just dont think this is it. But I will say that its does have a cool beat on it, and it wasclose to being downloaded.  I think its a song that would grow on me if I gave it chance.

Sun Is Never Going Down – Martin Garrix

Not bad at all.  Not my favourite from this guy, but certainly a cool beat.  And if your a fan of Martin than youll be happy to know that he is releasing a new song everyday this week. I figured I’d put this one up as it was my fav of those released but also the most poppy which we all know is what I like the most.  The drop of the song sounds familiar but as many other house tunes it’s gets you going and one that you would dance too. It’s no ‘In The Name Of Love’ but it’s still good. And the others released might be even better!!

Freal Luv – Far East Movement & Marshmello ft. Chanyeol & Tinashe

These guys used to be huge!  Like they had such hot, fresh tunes and then they just disappeared.  But they’re back now and with help from new, familiar names like Tinashe and Marshmello.  While its no ‘Like A G6’ its got quite the catchy beat and its pretty fresh. Its also got that sound that we always knew from these guys.  Its not my fav, but its still a cool mix with mello and one that I think would be a killer banger in the club or a good running song.

Drug Dealer – Macklemore ft. Ariana DeBoo

Ill be the first to say that I do miss the old stuff from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.  Their first album was hit after hit and I loved it!  But I’m not really vining any of this new stuff.  Plus this one doesn’t even have Ryan Lewis on it.  Not even a production credit for him, so thats lame.  And also the first time I clicked on the song I thought it featured Ariana Grande, so thats really why I listened to it, but then was sadly heartbroken.  But that being said, Ariana does have a great voice on the track but its just not what I loved about these guys in the first place. But its a decent song at the end of the day.  Just wanting some more ‘Same Love’ and ‘Cant Hold Us’.

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