New Music Friday (Oct 7)

I don’t have a ton of new stuff to share with you this week as my mind is kind of preoccupied as I am headed to Portugal tomorrow!!!  But regardless, there is still some great music released today, so check them out below!

Even though my mind is elsewhere, I have decided to put this in order of my favourites this week!  And this way you’ll know what Im be listening to on my plane ride, so it’ll be like your there with me!

Love Me Now – John Legend

This man, his voice, and his wife!  I mean UGH!  its so unfair how absolutely wonderful everything about this guy is.  But at least he shares he angelic voice with us!  And ever since ‘All of Me‘, I have been waiting for new music, and I am so happy with the new single!  I think its absolutely adorable, catchy, and one that ill be singing in the car too!  So thank you John for another wonderful tune, and let your wife know how much I love her cookbook, cause apparently she’s not seeing anyone of my 1 million tweets about it.

Million Reasons – Lady Gaga

I wasn’t much a fan of ‘Perfect Illusion‘, but Im loving this one.  Its so beautiful, and heartfelt.  It feels like this is the type of music that Gaga has been waiting to write and record.  I love that its so stripped down, and with little theatrics.  Its very unlike the Gaga we used to know and Im all for it.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all the craziness and meat dresses etc, but its nice to see her embrace a toned down attitude.  I think her monsters will love this album as much as they did the the others.

Drum – MO

I know a lot of people would probably disagree with me, when putting MO this high up on my list, but there is something about her and her music that I kinda love.  She still no a big star, and her music still stays quite closed to certain groups and fans so I like being an exclusive part of her group!  But this song also comes off with a terrific meaning! Dance to the beat of your own drum!  Who can argue with that?  So for that reason and its unique chorus beat, it clocks in at 3 on my list.  Also if you haven’t heard ‘Final Song‘ than do yourself a favour and do so now!  Yes I am also aware that she is the weirdest and worst dancer out there.

24k Magic – Bruno Mars

BRUNO!  I love this guy and ALL of his music.  And there is a reason why he has been asked to keep coming back to the Super Bowl!  Cause he is funky, fresh, fun and flawless.  Here he is back with his crew doing fly new dance moves, and strolling around Vegas like a boss.  I mean HELLO, HE IS JETSKIING IN THE BELLAGIO POND!!  But as much as I love the guy this song just doesn’t measure up to his previous singles, and definitely not ‘Uptown Funk‘ (but that would be sooooo hard to do).  The song though still has a great beat, and a totally different sound than a lot that is on the radio now!  But I just think the song (and his shirt) are just busy and have almost too much going on.  Still its Bruno, and he can do no wrong in my books.

Today – Brad Paisley

With a pretty cute video to accompany a very cute song, Brad sure is winning us over.  First off I just wanna say wow.  This guy legit never stops.  Its album after album, and tour after tour.  I kind wish he would take a break, but not at the same time.  Ive been lucky to see him I think 3 or 4 times now and Im very ok with that!  He’s so great live and always puts on such a fun show.  This song isn’t my fav, but one that Ill no doubt learn and be prepared to sing along at the rest of the concerts of his I see!

Blended Family – Alicia Keys ft. A$AP Rocky

Not as great as ‘In Common‘ is, but thats like my slow groove.  But this song has a beautiful meaning and you can’t really go wrong with this woman voice.  Of which she is also a great addition.  Next to other newcomer Miley, she fits in real nice on The Voice and I hope she does well.  She certainly got the most talent of that bunch, and Im stoked that she will get to share her chops with us on the stage.  And hence why Im assuming were seeing all new music from Alicia, as she is full exploiting the show for a large audience and platform to release new songs, videos, and do exclusive live performances!  But I’m not mad about it

Would I Lie To You – David Guetta ft. Cedric Gervais & Chris Willis

I think this was supposed to be on last weeks list but I forgot, so voila its here instead.  Not the greatest we’ve seen from David Guetta, at all.  Its actually kind of a boring song, repeating the same thing over and over again in an unexciting way. Im kind of disappointed with this. Hence why it has landed at the bottom of this list.  But its still David and got lots of nice house music features, and Im sure id unconsciously tap my foot to it.

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