Better than a Lunchable

I know the title says better than a lunchable, but I mean I don’t think anything really is, but I tried!  It’s basically the same thing only you actually have to cook this one!

These DIY personal mini pizzas are so easy, yummy and really nice on the wallet!! A perfect lunch or midnight snack, or even party treat!  Plus it’s great cause you can add your own toppings or make them however you like!

The above pic shows exactly what they look like!  This particular one is made with leftover deli ham, leftover chicken and pepperoni!  And than drizzled with BBQ sauce for some extra flavour!

I keep it simple, and substitute the pizza dough (which so difficult, and needs to be rolled, which poses another obstacle as I dont have a rolling pin) with Pita Bread!  Just buya small bag of about 6 and they will be the perfect crust!

To start I place my pita in the oven to heat up and crisp the bottom before loading on my toppings!  After that, its time to decorate!  Not trust me, there is cheese on this masterpiece, its just hidden beneath the layer of meat!  But add on whatever youve got lying around in the fridge and cupboard, and then toss is back in the oven for about 15 minutes, or until the cheese is melted and the meat is cooked nicely!  I typically leave mine in longer as I like my food well done and crispy!

But thats all there is too it!  Also my tip is instead of buying the small cans of pizza sauce, go with the slightly bigger and more expensive bottle because it will last much longer in the fridge than an open can will….just saying!

Anywoo, Happy Eating!

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