S’more Please!

A weekend away at the cottage was just what the doctor ordered.

With so much going on, tension and frustration building, a getaway was perfect!  And what better way than with chocolate!  And graham crackers and marshmallows.

Now normally I wouldn’t cheap out and buy the kit, cause I’d much rather use jersey milk but I didn’t buy it, so too bad for me!  Plus I’m really not a fan of marshmallows at all but this is the sole exception.

Cottage and smores go hand in hand. So I took advantage of the situation and maybe had at least 4… (probably more though)

As much as I love a good smore, I happen to be pretty terrible at roasting marshmallows. As you can see from this one, I did burn it slightly. But was actually one of my finer attempts at roasting. But to be fair to me there wasn’t really a good oven spot in the fire to make a perfect one

But with several attempts, I was much too full and content with my full belly of smores to bother attempting to roast a perfect mallow.  Plus I a had already taken these pictures and didn’t care to take more.

Either way, this sweet treat is a staple of my camping, cottage days and I hope it is for you too.  Im not fancy.  I stick to the basics.  I don’t even melt my chocolate, cause I kinda like it when its hard 😉

Anyways, Happy October!

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