New Music Fridays (Sept 30)

There is way too much music going on this week!  Like just prepare yourself for a long post!  But that being said, at least youll have a weekend full of new tunes to pre drink and prep to!

There is no order this week, just chaos.  I cant possibly sit here and order them from favouite to least, so its just a free for all! Enjoy!

All We Know – The Chainsmokers ft. Phoebe Ryan

What can I say. The Chainsokers are on fire, and they know it. Coming out with hit after hit and it doesnt look like they’re slowing down anytime soon.  They recently stated that they dont have any official plans for an album release unless otherwise stated by fan.  But if you ask me dropping contnuous singles is the way to go.  These guys will have better luck with them I think!  Needless to say, I was very excited for this track and it does not disappoint.  The snap like feature before the drop is similar to their hit ‘Roses‘ and the this downgraded chilled house tune is ultimately perfect.  Phoebe Ryan sounds flawless in it as well.

This Town – Niall Horan

The former One Direction bandmate is finally off on his own.  His first solo single This Town is out and people are freaking out!  RIght off the bat, it sounds very much like a One D song and very similar to their slower ballads like ‘Little Things‘ and ‘Night Changes‘.  This slow song is perfect to show off the strength of Nialls voice, but as a first tease of him, it doesnt quite offer the same as Zayn’s ‘Pillowtalk‘.  But the song is quite nice and charming and Im sure Ill love the music he releases as much as I do Zayns.

Trust Nobody – Cashmere Cat ft. Selena Gomez & Tory Lanez

SELEENER!!!  YASS!!  This chick might be out of the public eye, bu she just keeps popping up everywhere.  Killing it on Charlie Puths ‘We Dont Talk Anymore’, being the first to hit 100 Million followers on Instagram and now here!  This chick knows what shes doing.  This track is absolute fire and will be on repeat all weekend.  Hats off to Cashmere Cat for itroducing this tune into my life.  And lets not forget that Tory Lanez is equally as hot on this track. Im shoooook!!

Love On Me – Galantis & Hook N Sling

Did you expect anything boring to come from these guys! This song got me moving!  Loved it from first listen and know what Ill be playing when the beers crack!  Galantis is having a terrific run with their first fabulous album, and now onto an even hotter one with ‘No Money‘.  I dont have much to say about this track other than it just makes me happy and puts in me a great mood!  Galantis will be forever on my party playlist!

Body Moves – DNCE

Hoisting one of the most popular songs of the summer with ‘Cake By The Ocean’, DNCE has released their next official single, Body Moves.  With a very Cake like feel to it, this Joe Jonas led tune holds many similarities to Maroon 5. While I dont think its as catchy as ‘Cake’ or ‘Toothbrush’, its got a killer beat to it and one that Im still vibing.  As you know, Im a sucker to the Disney squad and Joe is part of that. And with the wonderful video attached to this tune, Im loving it!

Ballin’ – Juicy J ft. Kanye West

The video is sadly a Tidal Music exclusive at the moment.  Not necessarily my cup of tea, especially considering the word ballin is said proably 485 times.  But Im more excited for the video, as I know what Kanye can do and its sure to be nothing simple and basic. Im more of a Juicy J feature kinda guy.  You know like in Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse‘ or Mileys ‘23‘, and definietly Ushers ‘I Dont Mind‘.

A.I. – One Republic ft. Peter Gabriel

With their new album just in the horizon, another track from these gents just to tease was expected.  But this song is falling flat for me. Compared to the first 3 that were already released this one just doesnt do it.  I still love the group, but maybe this should have just stayed an album track.  Im still not even sure what AI stands for.  So if someone can help me out that’d be great!

Believer – Major Lazer & Showtek

Im not sure how this s0ng will do as MO is not in it!  Just kidding, but she is their muse I think somtimes.  But this track heads back to their original sound and house music and away from the radio, pop hits.  Which is fine, I guess, but I was a big believer in their pop world. Like hello, ‘Cold Water‘ is ICE COLD!!!  But this club tune will have you whipping your drunk ass hair from side to side, so its got that going for it. Thinking about it, this would be massive tune at an outdoor summer festival!  Just picture. You know what Im saying!

Run and Hide – Sabrina Carpenter

I know shes a disney chick and I featured her last week, but I still kinda like her.  I said kinda, so chill.  I think this song is a bit more funky and cool than ‘All We Have Is Love‘ from last week. This slowed down and calm tune makes more sense and a much easier one for Sabrina.  It suits her voice her really well, and makes for a cool piece for her second, more mature album.

False Alarm – The Weekend

Whoa, Weekend.  Slow down. Like Im still taking in ‘Starboy‘.  And now another new tune.  When this tune starts, Im so into it.  But than he screams and the chorus becomes very different than the verse and I just cant keep up with it.  Its not my fav tune, but I appreciate that he is trying to do something new.  This is a false alarm for a hit. But ill be sticking to Starboy and Daft Punk!

Vowels – Capital Cities

Remember these guys!  They had that funky an fun tune ‘Safe and Sound’.  Well here they are again with another cool track!  Not as catchy as the ladder, but a decent new single.  Its got a good beat and its an easy song to just let be and have as part of the wallpaper.  Put it on and just let it play out!  As im listening to this track further Im realizin how stupid it kind of is as they literally just sound out vowels….! Over it.

Drunks – Johnnyswim

Now I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of these guys before, but I fell in love with them when I heard their song ‘Home‘ which I encourage you to listen to.  They are so cute and they make some really great music.  I also love that their my own little secret, but would love for them to get some more recognition!  So take a listen to their music and join me in their fandom!

Cool – Daya

This girl is blowing up, and with good reason.  Releasing her own catchy tunes, and appearing on one of The Chainsmokers best, this chick is ready to release her full length album.  But before than, she’s released this tune, Cool.  Its not as catchy as her others, but this laid-back and cool track falls nicely into her mix of teeny bopping hits.  Its a relaxed track than you can tap your foot too.

Play That Song – Train

Im very hit or miss with Train.  They have come out with some killer stuff that I love, and than others, that I just don’t like at all.  And this really is mixed.  I feel like this is a rushed attempt at a pop song trying to connect with younger audiences and Im not buying it.  I just don’t think its all that great of a song, and I think they could have come out with a much better single.  Its got a catchy element, but its nothing new and distinct from everything else we hear.  Sorry Train, try again.

Star Of The Show – Thomas Rhett

While he may be referring to his wife, Thomas is certainly a star!  I was lucky to see him perform live this year at Bluesfest and it was an amazing show! He is so fun, and all of his songs are so great and memorable.  This song feels like a prequel to ‘Die A Happy Man’ and I love it!  I am very excited the deluxe version of his album and hope there are more songs like this on it!  Im just bummed that this song isn’t available on the vinyl I own!

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