Cookies for a King

Homemade chocolate chip, rolo stuffed cookies!  These bad boys are my favourite, but also, and mainly the only ones I know how to do, and do well.


Are you really baking if you dont make a mess?  As you can probably tell from the image above, I make a mean mess when it comes to baking.  Like how does one even get flour all over the floor and my feet!?

These cookies are so simple and yummy that anyone can make them!  I use a recipe I found online but ignore some of the steps!  And if you ask my pro baker friend Connie, she will tell you that I simply ignore all rules of baking.


I pretty much wing it for the most part.  I follow what needed for the recipe but guestimate the amount of it Ill actally need and use.  For example, this recipe asks for 1 and a half cups of softened butter.  Well my butter sits in the fridge, so I just get a huge chunk and melt it.  When I think the melted amount equals what a softened bit would,than I throw it in.  I also dont use as much flour as the recipe asks for etc.

But after the dough is prepped its rolling time!  Pull your rolo out of the freezer and place one in the middle of a smooshed bit of dough!  Make sre its tightly place in the centre so that the caramel doesnt melt and ooze out!

Pop them in the oven for 11 minutes (or until the top has a slight golden brown to it) and them let them settle!!


They may look like basic chocolate chip cookies, but once you take a bite and taste the delicious milk chocolate caramel mix, WOW! MMM, so good!



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