New Music Friday (Sept 23)

Another week of some fab new music!  Entries from Fifth Harmony, my country fav Hunter Hayes, more from Jojo and lots of others!  Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean we have to stop dancing and partying like it is!  With a hot new album from Shawn Mendes and a startling new haircut from The Weekend, this week in music has lots going on!

Also, I placed this weeks entries in random order because my computer is too slow and can’t handle me moving and changing things so voila!

That’s My Girl – Fifth Harmony

YAS!!!!  My girls!  So much fierceness and attitude and I love it!  These chicks are rejuvenating girl groups and making us understand why they were ever popular in the first place!  While this wouldn’t haven been my next choice for a single, it still packs a punch and have a sultry, groovy beat to it.  Plus its got girl power written all over it, and the fans are loving it.  Its already got over 17 million views in less than a week!!  These girls are killing it, the album is DOPE and I can’t wait for more videos!  For now Ill stick to staring at the hunks in ‘Work From Home

Starboy – The Weekend ft. Daft Punk

Before we even start to talk music, DID YOU SEE HIS HAIRCUT!  I mean thank you baby jesus.  Because woo, that mop on top of his head needed to go 20 years before the dinosaurs were extinct.  Damn am I ever glad to see it go.  But at least with the loss of his terrible locks, his beautiful angelic voice stayed the same!   There is no video yet, but you can listen to the full track on Spotify!  There is no missing the very distinct sound of Daft Punk on this one either and the two blend together so well! Im down for this tune and if his next album is anything like his last than well be grooving to even more bangers from this very talented man!  He is definitely a ma fucking STARBOY!

Anywhere – Dillon Francis

Not my favorite on the list, but I’m a big fan of Will Heard!  Especially his help on some Rudimental tracks. It’s got a catchy beat and I’m sure you would be tapping your foot or bopping along to it. But what I do love are the lyrics for this tune. They’re kinda cute and I am waiting for my boo to say this to me !  Well more like take me somewhere 😉

Amen – Hunter Hayes

My boy HUNTER!  He’s finally back and releasing some new music!  I love this kid and hope he heads on a tour that comes to Canada real soon. But as for this song, it’s alright. I’ll be singing along to all of his tracks regardless but I’m not one for all the church talk. It’s upbeat which I love with Hunter but I’m happy with his choice for the single which you’ll find below!

Youngblood – Hunter Hayes

The second of three on the list for Hunter!  I did say he was one of my fav! Out of the three I would put this at the bottom. Feel like it’s lacking something. But I’m feeling the the whole Youngblood title cause it’s keeping me young!  Not his best, but a way more rock n roll song than country and I love that he’s experimenting with some new sounds. But I’m ok if he doesn’t and sticks with the upbeat country roots 🙂

Yesterday’s Song – Hunter Hayes

THE NEW SINGLE! And I love it! Missed having new Hunter songs to sing in the shower and on my way to work!  This song is fun, upbeat and makes me want to shake my booty to it at the bar. Is it just me or does anyone else find Hunter very cute!?  That’s all. I love the new songs and can’t wait for whats obviously going to be a new album!

Sabrina Carpenter – All We Have Is Love

Ya ya. I know she a Disney star in the making but to be fair I really liked her latest single “On Purpose” so sue me. I’m a sucker for the stars tha Disney creates wether they can sing or act or not. While this song isn’t that great, I’m still a fan and curious to see where her full album is going. I think there are many awkward breaks and it doesn’t flow as great as some of her other. But I like the back beat so that’s something.

Artists Of Then, Now & Forever – Forever Country

There is just no going wrong with this song and video. It’s sounds and looks terrific with all these incredibly established artists!  I can’t even pick out a favorite cause they all are!!  And sure everyone will say that it’s missing some very important people but it’s quite the endeavor and I think they did a fantastic job. Dolly Parton sounds amazing at the end and well there is just so much love to go around to everyone on here.  And Miranda and Blake are in it!  Still miss them together, just saying   Anywoo, country at its finest and it’s wonderful!

Jojo – FAB ft. Remy Ma

I featured Jojo last week and I still feel her new tunes. I think they are catchy, fresh and fun. She’s got lots of time to make up and she’s off to a great start!  This girl deserves some more attention and I hope it comes her way. Her album is sure to be fire!

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