New Music Fridays (Sept 16)

Im not as excited about the new music this week as I was last, but never the less there are still some great hits and videos in this mix!  Last week I placed the order in random, but this week Ive decided to put them in the order that I like the most to least!  So without further ado…

My Way – Calvin Harris

This is yet another banger from chart topping Mr. Harris. I am very proud to share first names with this man cause he pumps out tune after tune! This beachy tune tops my list no questions!! Much like all of his other songs, Ill be dancing the weekend away to this one! Plus I love all the questions about whether this is about Taylor Swift or not! I am a sucker for drama and gossip! Regardless, this tune is fire!

Better – Meghan Trainor ft. Yo Gotti

It wasn’t my favourite after first listen, but its certainly growing on me!  And Im a sucker for M Train, so naturally she comes up high on the list.  This new Grammy winner certainly isn’t slowing down by any means!  The song, while not the best on the new album ‘Thank You’ will for sure chart decently.  Not sure about the Yo Gotti verse doe.  Its alright I guess, but not sure its that necessary.  But the video itself is tough.  The relationship speaks volumes and hardship of letting those you love go.  Not to mention how you can love someone so much, even though they cause you so much pain and hardship.  All in all, I’m still a fan of the song!

Blow Your Mind (Mwah) – Dua Lipa

This girl is on fire.  Best to jump on this bandwagon now, cause Im sure shell be blowing up before we know it.  While unknown to the Billboard charts, she gaining quite the success and following over in the UK.  Her recent single ‘Hotter Than Hell‘ will have you dancing along, much like this one does.  Stay tuned for her upcoming album because its sure to be quite the pop masterpiece!

Say You Wont Let Go – James Arthur

If his name sounds familiar than I wouldn’t be surprised.  James Arthur was the winner of Season 9 of The Voice (UK) and had a huge hit when he covered Shontelle’s hit ‘Impossible‘ and used it as his first single. Or you may know him from his wonderful cover of Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball‘.  Now after taking some time off, Say You Wont Let Go acts as his new single.  The slow and hopeful romantic song is something that I will def be singing along too in the car on a sad and gloomy day.  But his voice is so unique and interesting that I love the song no matter what!

Mad Love – Jojo

Jojo is making her way back into the world of pop music and I am so happy about it!  Its been way too long, and Im ready for her to be one of the biggest and brightest stars!  We all remember how much potential this girl had 10 YEARS AGO!!!  Can you believe that ‘Leave (Get Out)‘ and ‘Too Little Too Late‘ were that long ago!!!  And I’m sure if you listen to those songs you’ll know all the words!  Well regardless, this sultry new tune is definitely sparking a comeback!  Her new album with the same name is set to release in a month and I hope that she can find just as much success and she used to have! But I’m def a fan of this song!

Meteorite – Years & Years

Unfortunately this is the only video available, but I’m pretty are the full song is up on Spotify!  As you can probably tell, I love my British peeps, and these guys are no different.  Their first album was chalk full of hits and Im a huge of fan of the mix of electronica in their sound.  This song is fantastic and another great addition to the Bridget Jones Baby soundtrack (next to Ellie Gouldings ‘Still Falling For You‘ – which I LOVE so much).  But this is sure to run up the charts alongside Ellie, and I can’t wait to hear more from these guys!

Recovering – Celine Dion

I am more tempted to just let my boyfriend write this one because he loves Celine so so much!  Her new french album is spectacular (apparently….sorry Im anglaphone, but it sounds quite nice!) and I’m assuming that this is the beginning of a new english album!  The song isn’t her best, but a very powerful one for someone who is going through what she is at the moment.  I am shocked that she is even releasing music, and on tour, so my hat goes off to this strong woman.  But the song is beautiful and Im sure she got my more heartbreaking ballads coming our way. Plus she is one of the few who truly has an incredible voice that will be unforgettable.

Company – Tinashe

Im really hit and miss with Tinashe.  I think this one is more of a miss, unlike her last, ‘Superlove‘ which I am grooving too!  But this song has potential and its very Tinashe fashion so I’m sure her fans will add to their playlists anyways.  This girl has so much potential and we certainly need more women busting up the R&B scene!

Hurts – Emeli Sande

Its always tough to tell what a song is like when only listening to a live version of it.  You never get the full effect of the instrumentation and the power behind the studio version.  While the song is powerful and Emeli is a remarkable singer, there is something about ‘Hurts’ that just doesn’t pack the same punch as ‘Next To Me’ did.  But maybe with some more airplay, Im sure I’ll be singing along.  After all her voice is quite flawless.

Sweet Poison – Dragonette

As with the others, Ill post a full video once one is uploaded.  Shoutout to Dragonette who was recently in Ottawa for Glowfair!  This dance tune isn’t my favourite and just feels lack lustre to me.  Its missing something and ultimately just isn’t my favourite.  But its not that bad a single, but comparing to some of their older stuff I’m a little disappointed I guess.  So maybe future tunes will have more in store for me.  Stay updated.

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