New Music Friday (Sept 9)

I legit can not deal right now! What an amazing day to make my first blog post! Such a great way to kick off Things for Kings! With all brand new music this week!

My favourite thing about Friday isn’t that its the lead into the wild weekend, and means drinking, partying and dancing, but rather all the new music that gets released on this glorious day!! The list for this week is ridiculous and I’m so excited about all the new tunes Ill get to groove too! Bless!

Its too early to have my faves so Ill just list them randomly! (Ill post the videos (audio, lyric, video) as soon as they are released! For now you’ll just have to look some up for yourself!

Perfect Illusion – Lady Gaga

What better than to start with the most hyped of the day! Lady Gags finally released her new single to follow The Hunting Grounds soundtrack piece ‘Till It Happens To You’, and 3 years since her solo single ‘G.U.Y’! And even better is that this means her next solo album is on its way!!!

Perfect Illusion, while not my favourite on this list is definitely one that will have her little monsters happy as clams!  Her single has been so anxiously awaited that her fans will be in love regardless.  I cant say this is my fav track of hers, but nonetheless its still god!  I guess you could say it just wasnt love… (ha ha).

The Greatest – Sia ft. Kendrick Lamar

Before I even get into this masterpiece, I urge you to listen to the audio version of this song, as it has the feature verse from Kendrick which the video is lacking , unfortunately.

What can I even say!  THE SONG!  THE VIDEO!  They are utterly fantastic!  I am so happy that Sia is starting to perform her own music because she is such a star.  Her voice, artistry, and vision is so amazing.  This video is such an incredible piece of work and no one could have given a better tribute to those affected by the Pulse night club shooting earlier this summer.  Such a tragic event, but this video gave it such beautiful representation!  Applause for Sia.

This song is also a banger so theres that!  Definitely feeling the greatest after listening to this thats for sure!  Thanks to the new jam Sia!  I love it!!

Deja Vu – Post Malone ft. Justin Bieber

Not the official video, but has the official audio!

If the biebs keeps up with all these features and collabs, Im gonna die.  Like I am planing my funeral now cause I just cant.  They are all just superior!  Typically I’m not one to listen to Post Malone, but him and the biebs sure do make a great team!  This slowed down, breezy tracks flows so well and I’m all for it!  I do want it Justin and you are driving me crazy!!

Ain’t My Fault – Zara Larsson

This newcomer is on fire!  Zara throwing out tracks like Lush Life and Never Forget You with MNEK, she is really finding her groove here in North America and I am so happy about it!  This girl is so fierce and deserves all of our attention!  Ill be the first to say that this tune took a few listens to get into it but damn I’m in now!  This is an absolute BANGER!  Plus this might as well just serve as the anthem to my life right now! I promise big things are to come from this girl and we will no doubt be seeing a lot more of her!

Future Looks Good – One Republic

You cant really go wrong with One Republic.  Ryan Tedder is one of the greatest and he doesnt just settle when it comes to his own group!  They make terrific music together and Im always happy to see their new stuff come out!  Wherever I Go & Kids were terrific singles from the upcoming album, and Im feeling this one just at much!  This Coldplay/Kygo sounding piece is totally my vibe!  Plus the title kind of speaks to me as I continue my hunt for proper career (even though thats so overrated).  Either way gift your ears with these guys and you wont be disappointed!

My Favorite Part – Mac Miller ft. Ariana Grande

FIRST:  ARIANA IS GOING ON TOUR!!!  And you can bet Ill be at her show in either TO or MTL!

If you knew me you’d know that any and all things Ariana Grande excite me!  I love this chick to death and I think she truly is an angel from above.  Her vocals on this track are just flawless as they are always!  This slicked back track is perfect for the weekend chill/hangover sundays.  Mellow out and just groove along with these two lovebirds!  This song will by My Everything (pun intended) for the next little while so bye!

Influence – Tove Lo ft. Wiz Khalifa

The minute Cool Girl was released I was jamming.  And now I’ve got just another track to put on that list!  Influence is another hit from this pop queen!  This girl knows how to make an infectious beat that can get stuck in your head for days!  This def has an influence on me to keep listening!

Fade – Kanye West

I know this was released at the MTV VMAs, but the video was released on Youtube just the other day, so I added it to the list!  Im not even sure that I can hear the music while watching Teyana Taylor strut around.  That body, and her moves just mesmerize me and Im not even into women!  But the beautiful lady aside, the beat on this track is one that gets into your bones and makes you forget how much you hate Kanye.  The fact that he is married to Kim K (my fav) makes it harder for me to dislike him.  But I’m for this tune, sort of, but more so the video!  So sign me up for whatever gym Teyana is going to, so I can get ripped like her!

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